Richard and John: Two More Racist, Braindead Aussies

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John Atherton joins the elite club of those featured more than once on our website. See more of him here:



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(Unconfirmed Norris Electrical contact details)

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Aussie Pride? Judge For Yourself…

Your (sic) Talkin (sic) to Sum (sic) One that Reps (sic) the White Power KKK


(Inside the mind of a refugee, fleeing a country deep in turmoil for fear of being murdered, tortured or persecuted):

“Hmm.. I really want to take over Australia. I wonder how I’ll do it… A ha! I know! I’ll get on a leaky boat with none of my possessions, and hope that it doesn’t sink on its three week journey to Australia. Then, when I get there, I’ll get thrown into a detention centre for a few years. After I finally get out, I’ll have to build my life from the ground up – with minimal education and no work experience in Australia. Once I’ve got enough money and resources together, (provided I’m still young and enthusiastic, and wanting to take over the country), I’ll walk up to Parliament and demand that they give me the top job. Ah yes… A failsafe plan. Those Aussies won’t know what hit them! Ha!”


A Crash Test In Law

defame |diˈfām|
verb [ trans. ]

damage the good reputation of (someone); slander or libel


Now, let’s have a look at some public comments, made public by the people whose names appear next to each post:


Now, what we’ve done, is taken ALREADY PUBLIC comments, and PUBLISHED them. We take NO responsibility over what people choose to say in a public forum, with their names and pictures attached. But of course, here come the ‘law enforcers’. (LOL):


Time and time again, bogans. If you’re going to say something in the public forum, using your name and your picture, that’s your stupidity. If you’re going to breach the Racial Discrimination Act 1976, The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 and the Telecommunications Act 1997, then don’t get on your high moral horse and threaten legal action from your sweaty computer chairs.

Hard To Ignore the Irony of Racism

This is the ‘speak English’ debate in a nutshell. Nearly every halfwit trumpeting the ‘speak English or fuck off’ line can’t spell or construct a grammatically accurate sentence. This was one post that was just too hard to ignore. Get your red pens ready!

“(W)ell (I) know you cunts have her of meeee (sic) big kinc (sic) one yer (sic) thats (sic) me aha (sic) esh (sic) (.)”

First person to decode this gem and make head or tail of it gets a ride in a VY ute with a Southern Cross sticker on the back.

Ching Chong Dong Song!

Melissa has no problems with anybody at all. But then she goes on to tell us how she’s got problems with some people. Irony? Mel, you’re getting your nails done. You’re paying for the nail attendance. You aren’t paying for conversation. Some nail salons might offer conversation as an extra charge, some give it to you for free. But I personally find it boring when a hairdresser tries to small talk me about my day and what I do for a living etc. It’s just shallow time-passing. So I have no problem if the person attending to my appearance is happily chatting to somebody they work with – a happy nail therapist is a good nail therapist, right?

Luke then takes out his frustration at being a check out chick by paying out the accents of the very people he is serving. I wonder if Coles head office is aware that Luke doesn’t like serving Asians. Would they be interested in knowing?


Finally Michael appears and expresses the frustration that comes from having to ride public transport and line up in dole queues by outlining his anger at people who aren’t speaking to him speaking another language. His inadequacy obviously extends to the idea that anybody talking near him is obviously talking about him.

What these three dead shits need to realise is that while there are a handful of our population who can’t speak English well, these people are generally new arrivals/1st generation migrants. All second generation migrants can speak English, as they’ve gone through our school system which installs ESL (English as a Second Language) programs as compulsory for NESB (Non English Speaking Background) students.


Two More Epic Fails On The Way…

Get your diaries ready, as our two favourite racist entities try to organise a bunch of braindead fucks together to publicly display their intolerance. You’d think it would be easy, right? But it seems that although there are thousands of racists in Australia, most of them are spineless dopes who prefer to play keyboard warriors online.

How do we know these two events will be epic failures? Well, firstly – take a look at the (combined) numbers:

76 attending
143 ‘maybe’s
946 not attending
805 ignored the invitation altogether

And of those combined 76 participants, we can look at previous examples of events like these, and how the real number of attendees will look more like a quarter of that.

We look forward to reading about how these fools are embarrassed in public, again.

More True Blue Respect For Women

Serial racist and neanderthal Danny flexes his flab and declares that women should be prepared to wait on hand and foot for him, read to do all of his washing, cleaning and cooking without dissent.

He belongs back in the 40’s.