Get the Southern Cross Off That Fucking Nazi Flag

Chris Nazi Merrett – the gift that keeps on giving.

Here is a photo posted to his publicly accessible Facebook profile (below). He shared it with another neo-Nazi by the name of ‘Wolfsherz’.

Get the fuck out of our country Chris. Australia says NO to Nazis.

More Chris Merrett:

Hard To Ignore the Irony of Racism

This is the ‘speak English’ debate in a nutshell. Nearly every halfwit trumpeting the ‘speak English or fuck off’ line can’t spell or construct a grammatically accurate sentence. This was one post that was just too hard to ignore. Get your red pens ready!

“(W)ell (I) know you cunts have her of meeee (sic) big kinc (sic) one yer (sic) thats (sic) me aha (sic) esh (sic) (.)”

First person to decode this gem and make head or tail of it gets a ride in a VY ute with a Southern Cross sticker on the back.