I Hate All Gooks

This gem was taken from a Facebook page touting ‘Aussie Pride’. Just another redneck bogan who thinks that being proud of something that never took any skill or effort, such as being born in Australia somehow goes hand in hand with hating those who weren’t so ‘lucky’.

26 thoughts on “I Hate All Gooks

  1. Brandon is quite an achiever, like the rest of his dumb racist brethren having won two merit certificates from Healesville High School last year, probably for remembering to bring his pencil case.

    And he has a MySpace page as well! What a hero!


    • ‘Gook’ is a racist epithet for Asian people, particularly Filipinos and Vietnamese people. It’s use these days is probably mostly due to the Vietnam War and culture surrounding it, as the US troops called the VC and NVA soldiers ‘gooks’ constantly.

      • It had mercifully disappeared from the argot of the racist morons when they found new targets, but has recently re-surfaced.

        Not only are the Scapegoats of the Month been targets (Indians, Africans and Muslims) but there has been renewed vilification of South East Asians.

    • it is said to originate from Korean ‘guk’ meaning ‘country’. The word is a part of the word for Korea itself ‘Hanguk’.

  2. As much as one may be driven to want to use them, in response to certain behaviour…I do not endorse the use of such epithets…for it only, sadly, serves to assist the agenda of liberals such as yourselves.

    You wish to talk about “vilification” Josh? Well, firstly, all of those people in such large numbers should not be in our country toeven be “vilified”…but maybe you should actually look into India, Africa, the Muslim World, and South-East Asia…to see what real, nasty, murderous “vilification” looks like.

    • Do you want us, the good guys, to be the shining lighthouse of civilization in today’s modern world? Or do you want us to go backwards like those regional countries that you mention?
      It’s not OK to bully someone just because everybody else is doing it

      • So Scott’s stand against racist language isn’t because it’s racist, but because it “plays into the hands of liberals”. What idiots like Scott fail to realise is the intellectual depravity of the “look at how they behave” argument. “But the Muslim world isn’t taking lots of immigrants! And if I was in the Middle East I’d have to dress the same as they do, so they must dress like us when they’re over here. And in India or Africa there’s real vilification, so we’re fine!”

        No, fuckwit, Australia shouldn’t be looking at third world countries to gauge our own standards of behaviour – which is what you’re suggesting. But if you’re going with that line of argument – next time you go overseas stop speaking English, immediately, and start speaking whatever language is used that country. Shouldn’t be too difficult for you – you already shred the language every time you post something on this site.

  3. Scott’s right.
    You can look at the three million Bengalis who starved to death in World War Two under British Occupation, and the destruction of Africa due to western colonialisation and imperialism, and the Jews who moved to Israel because of the Holocaust, and the new Holocaust the west is attempting against the Muslims in the Middle East, and the consequences of the Vietnam War, i.e. the Khmer Rouge and a more paranoid, violent North Vietnam… to see what real, nasty, murderous “vilification” looks like.

    I’ll give you a hint, real, nasty, muderous “vilification” looks a little like this (CAUTION: VERY NSFW!)

    Now kindly fuck off, Scott, really. Adults are talking here, and really, having a whiny little child like you around is only cute for so long. Go away and masturbate to a picture of Pauline Hanson.

  4. I am an adult, err, “Goose”, and everything you referred to there is either WILDLY misconstrued, or an outright lie!
    What, praytell, are you, ahem, “adults” talking about, by the way?

    The British did not cause the deaths of any three million Bengalis…and India has seen MASS death, throughout it’s history, it’s almost meaningless to them, and they’ve STILL got a billion people!!!
    Western/European/Colonial powers (you’ll have to be more specific whom) mostly improved Africa, and without Westerners Africa always slumps back to the state we found it in.
    Assumed sympathy for the Jews has entirely dried up. The Holocaust? Are you aware of the trouble that Jews were causing in Europe for centuries? And are still causing now?
    Stop right there as well…because there are Muslims anywhere else in the Middle East outside of Arabia ONLY because of the holocausts they inflicted there after their invasions of them!
    Are you blaming the actions of the Khmer Rouge etc on the West?
    Funny how non-Whites are never actually to blame for what they do.
    What happened there is because those peoples are often very cruel. It IS somewhat to blame on the “West”, only in a limited manner of speaking, for Communism is the cause of the Vietnam War and Cambodia’s killing fields, and Communism is a creation of the devious Jewish mind.

    It’s interesting that you mention Pauline Hanson, because in a tutorial yesterday we were discussing the media’s treatment of her! The callous bias of the Left and the liberal media was so grotesquely shown by the liberal media’s treatment of Pauline Hanson, their true colours exposed. The filth, vulgarity, and poisonous vitriol, the insults, poured over her…by such allegedly “good” people…was just outrageous, truly outrageous.
    It was only ‘good’, in that it exposed the rank hypocrisy, the level of depravity, the spite, and the agenda, of the left, liberals, and multicultists!

    It’s so heavily ironic that you mention adults and children as well, for that is the only way that multicultists can be described…as bratty children, who hate their parents, but still take from them.
    In this case, you’re all the spoiled, bratty children…and you country, Australia, that you venomously hate and insult, yet TAKE from every instant of your lives, is your aggrieved and suffering parents!

  5. Hi Little Scotty!

    I like it when you stamp your foot and pout and then say “I’m an adult too!” It’s ever so cute!

    Before you go back to your finger painting I’m going to play your new game on this page because it looks like fun!

    This is the one where we put forward a series of unsubstantiated contradictions and pretend it’s an argument.

    So here’s my turn:

    “The British DID cause the deaths of any three million Bengalis…and India hasn’t seen MASS death, throughout it’s history, it means a lot to them, and they’ve got a billion people!!!”

    “Western/European/Colonial powers (you’ll have to be more specific whom) mostly destroyed Africa, and without Westerners Africa is beginning to actually get somewhere finally.”

    “Assumed sympathy for the Jews has entirely dried up. The Holocaust? Are you aware of the grief that Jews have suffered in Europe for centuries? And are still suffering now?”

    See how easy it is little Scotty – I just turn everything you say around and then claim that is THE TRUTH!

    The beauty of it is that I don’t need pesky things like evidence to stand in the way of a good story.

    Okay so you’ve had your fun at playing at being an adult now run along and don’t get finger paint on the walls or you won’t get your lollipop!

  6. Do you bother to notice that I respond to what people have said to me ‘Terror Australis’?
    Have liberals become so used to screeching insults in people’s faces at demos and ladelling out abuse to anyone who raises a voice in opposition, that they expect everyone to scurry away in fear?
    That they comfortably expect people to not respond to them?

    If someone says something to me, I’m GOING to answer it! I’m going to reply, and if need be I’m going to set it right.

    India (and China for that matter) HAS seen mass death, many times, through it’s history! Hun, Muslim, and Mongol invaders have massacred there on an incredibly frightful scale! Again as with China, it’s amazing that they’ve then gone back onto producing an enormous population. With all the problems that elicits.

    Tell me how you can pick Western influence out from any ‘advances’ in Africa now…
    Science, medicine, technology, even modes of dress and architecture. It’s impossible to try and pick apart Western influence and inspiration from Africa now.
    While you’re at it with Africa you’d better take a look at the affects of centuries (and often ongoing) predications upon Africa as well.

    The Jews are “suffering”? Where? Why? How? The Jews are RESPONSIBLE for a great bulk of the suffering in the world…please understand if I don’t shed a tear for the eternally ‘suffering’ Jew!

    I speak the Truth.
    The truth is rarely compatible with liberalism.

    You end on a similar insult/innuendo as that last goose did…obviously so I’ll respond in similar fashion as forced to here…and so another liberal will as likely take only my response as some kind of boasting about my adulthood.
    Do you think the machinations of the liberal mindset are a secret? That people don’t see the ploy?

    And the only terror at hand for Australis, if things go unchecked, is the many terrors impending upon enforced multiracialism/multi-cultralism here!

  7. Aaah Scott – I now see the error of my ways!

    You DO speak the truth and have convinced me because of your arguments.

    I particularly like the one about the Jews being responsible for the MAJORITY of the suffering on this planet. It’s so true it scares me!

    One day I’m sure they will cause the sun to go into super-nova and destroy the entire planet. At this moment I’m convinced that they are working on it.

    China and India HAVE seen mass death as a direct response to their backward ways – why just the other day I stumbled across irrefutable proof that the mass destruction of the battle of Somme was simply the Chinese killing the Indians in some field in France at the instigation of Jews!

    And as for Africa – don’t get me started!!! If years of European influence hasn’t assisted them greatly then I don’t know what has! On this note – just the other day I encountered a pedophile who was abused as a child by his uncle and I realised just how better off he was that his uncle actually cared and gave him the tools to progress well in life – but the ungrateful sod actually started blaming him for being screwed upand a pedophile himself – what an idiot!

    So I’ve seen the LIGHT and will ignore these multicultist liberals with their stupid rants about fairness and equality and justice for all and recognise the TRUTH in all its unsubstantiated glory!

  8. How so? Because he fastidiously toes the left-wing/liberal/multicult line adhered to and promulgated here?

    Please, enlighten me as to what he’s said that first of all qualifies as any kind of “argument”, and as to how it’s “streaks ahead”…

    For the nonsense he’s spouted is no viable argument (for, of course, there can be no actual argument’s made in favour of ‘multi-culturalism’), and it is only streaks ahead in plumbing the depths of inanity.

    Still, care to try and illustrate what you think these ‘arguments’ are, and how they’re ‘streaks ahead’?…

    • Because he/she’s highlighted the shortcomings of your ‘arguments’. You have still yet to show us how multiculturalism threatens the quality of life for white Australians. All you’ve done is spout the ‘supremacy’ of the British.

  9. Scott has been asked countless times to provide evidence on quite a few forums and has only once provided a link. It was to a crazily mis-informed conspiracy driven anti-multiculturalism “fact” sheet.

  10. I’m speaking the truth, there are no “shortcomings” to the truth.
    You’ve also just directly contradicted yourself because you bragged about THEIR stunning “argument”…NOT that they exposed any imagined shortcomings in mine!
    Drastically different proposition!

    Come on!

    You PUSH for ‘multi-culturalism’ to be enforced upon Australians!
    You take malicious delight in the pain this causes Australians!
    You rub your hands in rapturous glee at the anger of Australians at this being inflicted upon them and their country!
    You ruthlessly wish to see Australia divided and flooded with the masses of various races, cultures, and nations…you ruthlessly wish to see Australians made a disposessed minority within their own country!
    You KNOW very well how upset Australians are at the moves towards ‘multi-culturalism’ and you take it upon yourselves to attack any Australians who speak up in opposition to this!

    Are you SERIOUS???

    You actually snidely ask how ‘multi-culturalism’ threatens the quality of life of White Australians?

    First of all…Australians ARE White! I will be damned if I’m going to have us reduced now to being a hyphenated Australian in our OWN COUNTRY!
    We are NOT “White Australians”…we are Australians!
    Australians are White (and I’m not talking about the Aboriginals, that’s different), it goes without saying that an Australian is White!

    You brazenly ask how mass immigration, how ‘multi-culturalism’ threatens the quality of life for Australians?
    Where have you been the last five years???
    The Australian’s standard of living has dramatically dropped in recent times in direct correlation with, and due to, the import of MASSIVE numbers of foreigners!

    That’s the POINT of ‘multi-culturalism’! It is designed to radically lower the quality of life of Whites in their countries, it is designed to destroy Western society!

    You keep listing the ways in which Whites react to foreigners coming into their countries, and that should TELL YOU that something’s seriously WRONG!

    In MANY areas of Melbourne Whites/Australians are now a minority…or gone altogether!
    Melbourne’s public transport, health and education systems are CHOKED by massive numbers of foreigners!

    Foreign interests are buying up Australian businesses, property, and farms at an alarming rate!

    Violent crime is SKYROCKETING as violent peoples are brought in!

    EACH day on Melbourne’s buses and trains the White/Australian passengers on board are CRUSHED within crowds of Asians, Arabs, Indians, Africans etc…our ears BASHED by various forms of incoherent gibberish!
    In OUR city, in OUR country!
    If you don’t think this threatens the quality of life of Australians then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???

    There are MANY Melbourne schools in which White/Australian students are already a tiny minority…or non-existent!
    This is SHOCKING!!!!

    Australians are directly being threatened with being a minority within our own society within a VERY short time of we’re not careful!
    If you don’t think that losing control over your nation and society is a threat to your standard of living then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???

    Australians are being encroached upon in EVERY way…it’s both unpleasant AND often physically threatening.
    If you don’t think that Australians being made a minority within Australia shall threaten our quality of life then I DREAD to imagine what you think might!

    So-called ‘multi-culturalism’, which is code for multi-racialism, has SERIOUSLY threatened and/or severely lowered the quality of White people’s lives in EVERY country it has been instigated in! That IS the plan! To not only threaten our quality of life, but to aggressively attack it!

    Tell me how you think that ‘multi-culturalism’ DOESN’T threaten the Australian’s quality of life?????

    EVERY moment of every day that awful ‘multi-culturalism’ is engineered upon Australia threatens the quality of life of Australians!
    How could it not?
    That’s the POINT of it!
    Don’t feign ignorance of that when you’re part of the plan!

    We Australians strove hard for, and achieved, a VERY GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE!

    We’ve every right to continue to enjoy that, and to defend ourselves when it is threatened!

    • In that case, Scott, I sincerely apologise to the people of Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan for the earbashing I gave them while speaking that incoherent gibberish called English.

      There seems to be a good deal of jealousy behind your arguments Scott. Is it because you’re monolingual? Is it that you don’t have the ability to speak four different languages, which many non-whites do? Are you scared that they’re talking about you?

      You know what I call an earbashing? The fuck this fuck that fuck this fuck that that I have to listen to from some white Australians. It’s funny – but I’ve never heard a non-white swear profusely on the streets like that. I guess some people have manners, others don’t.

    • Yet the majority of Australians (yes, we believe Australians to be anyone living in Australia with citizenship) don’t feel strongly enough about these issues to give the parties willing to do something about it a single seat in parliament. One Nation, Australia First, The Australian Protectionist Party – all epic failures, pushed away by the entire voting public. And didn’t you come up with some warped statistic that over 90% of people living in Australia are white? Even though 1 in 4 Australians migrated here in this lifetime, and 1 in 2 Australians are descendants of migrants.

      So perhaps the problem is only in your mind? And you accept the vile hatred that is exposed by this website as freedom of speech and mere defense of the white Australian way of life?

      Dream on loser.

  11. I love how Scott just adds in words for you….. “You ruthlessly wish to see Australia divided and flooded with the masses of various races, cultures, and nations…you ruthlessly wish to see Australians made a disposessed minority within their own country!

    ruthless? flood? masses? dispossessed Australians?

    You just made those up to make your “argument” sound stonger.
    Poor little scotty.

    Oh, and do you realise that at least half of those porn stars you beat off to are bisexual?
    Isn’t that a nasty sin? Do you leave 2 page rants on their facebook pages?

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