Gay Marriage Infringes on James Darby’s Rights

Apparently Ms Naidoo infringes on this jerk’s rights by stating that marriage should be about equality, and that over 60% of Australians support gay marriage. That apparently prevents him from ‘encouraging’ his ‘offspring’ from being straight.

I can’t imagine anything worse than being encouraged by this braindead fuck to make a choice about who to love.





Two More Epic Fails On The Way…

Get your diaries ready, as our two favourite racist entities try to organise a bunch of braindead fucks together to publicly display their intolerance. You’d think it would be easy, right? But it seems that although there are thousands of racists in Australia, most of them are spineless dopes who prefer to play keyboard warriors online.

How do we know these two events will be epic failures? Well, firstly – take a look at the (combined) numbers:

76 attending
143 ‘maybe’s
946 not attending
805 ignored the invitation altogether

And of those combined 76 participants, we can look at previous examples of events like these, and how the real number of attendees will look more like a quarter of that.

We look forward to reading about how these fools are embarrassed in public, again.