Richard and John: Two More Racist, Braindead Aussies

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John Atherton joins the elite club of those featured more than once on our website. See more of him here:



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7 thoughts on “Richard and John: Two More Racist, Braindead Aussies

  1. Aside from the other nastier nonsense in that first comment a couple of tangential points stand out for me :

    1) Did Captain Cook declare the ‘Terra nullius’ doctrine? No he didn’t. See :

    “The first test of terra nullius in Australia occurred with the decision of R v Tommy (Monitor, 28 November 1827), which indicated that the native inhabitants were only subject to English law where the incident concerned both natives and settlers. The rationale was that Aboriginal tribal groups already operated under their own legal systems. This position was further reinforced by the decisions of R v Boatman or Jackass and Bulleyes (Sydney Gazette, 25 February 1832) and R v Ballard (Sydney Gazette, 23 April 1829). In 1835 Governor Bourke implemented the doctrine of terra nullius by proclaiming that Indigenous Australians could not sell or assign land, nor could an individual person or group acquire it, other than through distribution by the Crown”

    Incidental history trivia – on the first voyage where Cook “discovered” Australia (only parts of the east coast, the Indigenous Aussies, Indonesians-Macassars, just possibly Portugese, Spanish maybe Chinese, Dutch and even another Brit William Dampier had already beaten him to it.) he was only a Lieutenant NOT aCaptain – his promotion and fame came on the HMS Endeavour‘s return home.

    2) Public transport is unpleasantly overcrowded therefore migrants = bad? Huh? How about option two -they need to add more train, bus, tram etc and add more & larger carriages. Also, yeesh, clearly he’s not heard of or seen how crowded Japanese, Indian and other trains can get! (Apparently, if memory serves, they have designated pushers to jam as many people as possible into some Japanese train services!)

    3) Sardines smell bad? Dunno ’bout that. Sardines on toasts is a personal favourite and while distinctive i wouldn’t call fish an unpleasant aroma exactly. Your Kilometers May Vary naturally! Furthermore, I can assure Dick Sundstrom that we all smell pretty bad after enough hot and hard yakka. Yesterday, after doing outdoor garderning work on a hot, humid day, I’m sure I positively reeked as I was really dusty and sweaty – and I’m an Aussie of British heritage who, yes, uses deodourant and washes and all the rest personal hygiene~wise. It isn’t always possible for people to shower at or immediately after work or smell like roses all the time. If the worst thing in life you have to endure is the odd ride in a crowded bus / train / whatever with people who smell a bit whiffy, well, count yourself very sheltered and lucky! Remember those whiffy people – migrants or not – may well have worked physically harder and in worse conditions than you..

    • FWIW, James Cook was an explorer whose views for the times were quite humanitarian and he generally tried to avoid conflict and deal peacefully with the indigenous people’s he encountered. Cook was killed in the Hawaiian islands in 1779. The First Fleet only arrived in 1788. Terra nullius, again, was proclaimed in 1835. I doubt Cook would have approved of it or of Dick Sundstrom’s ignorant views.

      I’m also certain that Sundstroms grasp of US history and theology is equally abyssmally inaccurate even assuming the “abos” Jesus was talking to were the Judean natives to which Jesus belonged as opposed to the Indigneous Australians who at that time were totally unknown to the northern hemisphereans!

  2. Ah well, while I’m on with it, a (very) little Cherokee history via wikipedia :

    “In 1721, the Cherokee ceded lands in South Carolina. In 1730, at Nikwasi, a former Mississippian culture site, a Scots adventurer, Sir Alexander Cumming, crowned Moytoy of Tellico as “Emperor” of the Cherokee. Moytoy agreed to recognize King George II of Great Britain as the Cherokee protector. Cumming arranged to take seven prominent Cherokee, including Attakullakulla, to London, England. The Cherokee delegation signed the Treaty of Whitehall with the British. Moytoy’s son, Amo-sgasite (Dreadful Water) attempted to succeed him as “Emperor” in 1741, but the Cherokees elected their own leader, Cunne Shote (Standing Turkey) of Chota.[23] Political power among the Cherokee remained decentralized and towns acted autonomously. In 1735 the Cherokee were estimated to have sixty-four towns and villages, and 6,000 fighting men. In 1738 and 1739 smallpox epidemics broke out among the Cherokee, who had no natural immunity. Nearly half their population died within a year. Hundreds of other Cherokee committed suicide due to their losses and disfigurement from the disease. … (Snip) … In 1771–1772, North Carolinian settlers squatted on Cherokee lands in Tennessee, forming the Watauga Association.[25] Daniel Boone and his party tried to settle in Kentucky, but the Shawnee, Delaware, Mingo, and some Cherokee attacked a scouting and forage party that included Boone’s son. The American Indians used this territory as a hunting ground; it had hardly been inhabited for years. The conflict sparked the beginning of what was known as Dunmore’s War (1773–1774). ..”

    So “..swapped most of their land for coloured beads ..” predictably the historical reality of that is NONE and Dick Sundstrom literally doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. No surprise natch.

  3. Just wanting to clarify something here: so whatever “fuck offs” are they are plural ( a collective noun perhaps) and they were once full, but not now.

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