A Fag’s Right to Get Married?

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Who would have thought? Overt Aussie patriotism coupled with homophobia. And outsmarted by an 8 year old:

“It’s not our choice who we fall in love with. It’s who we are.”

– Eve, 8.

But despite Eve’s wise words, and support of love over politics, Aiden heartily believes that she is somehow ‘burdened’ by ‘social dilemmas’ such as a ‘fag’s right to get married’. There are two people here, an eight year old girl, and a homophobe. One speaks about the power of love and equality, and one speaks about ‘fags’, ‘sick thoughts’ and ‘mental health’. So who is really burdened by social dilemmas? Hmm.

Aiden joins an exclusive club of homophobes who believe that homosexuality is a choice, and not instinctive. Yet fails to see how his love for females and not males was instinctive.

To quote a wise little girl: “If they love each other, they should be allowed to have a party to celebrate.”

Late Mail:

Well, it seems that once again, homophobia and racism/religious intolerance go hand in hand. Here’s Aiden again on the public blog ‘Slackbastard‘ being completely owned by @ndy:

Aussie Pride? Judge For Yourself…