More True Blue Respect For Women

Serial racist and neanderthal Danny flexes his flab and declares that women should be prepared to wait on hand and foot for him, read to do all of his washing, cleaning and cooking without dissent.

He belongs back in the 40’s.

31 thoughts on “More True Blue Respect For Women

  1. I presume Boyd is a marketing exec for Lynx. Or perhaps he’s just the perfect example of what sexist advertising and film and politicians and… etc, etc… do to a feeble mind.

    • WIFE as ist sould be in a dictionary. Washing Ironing Fucking Etc. So Pedestrienne, why not do something constructive and go cook your man feed, then give him head, a massage and then let him shag your best friend, or are you a lezzo.??????

      • Thanks for dropping by and confirming your stupidity. Pedestrienne is a lesbian, and proudly so. And she’s achieved more than you ever will without needing a man telling her what to do.

      • That can’t possibly be the real Danny Boyd! Silly troll, you failed to observe his writing style has a consistent lack of punctuation.

        Were I a lesbian, I am sure I’d be as happy with myself as I am now. I’m actually straight and living with my boyfriend. He works from home and I am a uni student, so often he cooks for me, or we cook together. We have this thing called equality. I will happily take the compliment about having achieved in my life. I am trying hard to contribute to society positvely, and to that aim I am studing to become a nurse.

        Danny, you’re an angry little dinosuar. Perhaps when you grow up and put away your anachronistic notions you can come play with the rest of us.

    • I notice you blank out Chris’s surname, so you can just concentrate on me. I love the lime light. So give it to me boys and girls. And remember, every man needs a good slave in the form of a biatch.

      • Yes, the article was about how your racism goes hand in hand with your homophobia. The article wasn’t about Chris, so we didn’t feel like we needed to throw him into the public sphere.

    • So Pedestrienne, your straight then?? How about a blow job?? Can you wear the nurse outfit, it makes me horny.

      • Oh Danny…Here’s wishing you good luck with your lonely life that you will no doubt be living for the entirety of your sad existance….for no normal woman would go near a poorly evolved neanderthal like you with a 10 foot poll!!

  2. Yes, its seems that this blog is attractive to minority groups, gays, lesbians and those who support the Islamification of Australia. In years to come, perhaps you fools will wake up and see the damage that is occuring before your eyes. And you can sit back and think about what you supported. It is really enjoyable looking at your group rubbish anybody that has genuine concerns about the future of this great country. Enough is enough, enough immigration, enough of Kevin Rudds open gate policies, enough people like your readers supporting migrants that want to destroy this country. And as a male chauvanist, if I think women should be servants to men, that is my business. And if Pedestrienne is a lesbian, that is good, if I were a woman I would be a lesbian too.

    • You’re a deadset fuckwit. Open gate policy? Howard allowed more asylum seekers into the country than Rudd has. And refugees make up less than 5% of Australia’s immigration total. And you totally ignore the people who come here from places like the UK and then overstay their Visas – these are the REAL illegals.
      As for Islamification, you’re a dope. Muslims have been in Australia for over a century and they currently make up 1.5% of our population.

      You’re a scared little boy.

      • Actually Muslims have been in Australia since before white settlement and there were several on the First Fleet.

  3. Hey, I just wanted to share this with you guys, I found it kind of interesting.

    I received this erratic forwarded email, concerned with the Halal Certification symbol and logo on certain food packaging.

    “This is a Muslim Association [sic] that collects money from the Australian Food Industry for this symbol so that Muslims will purchase the product. Yet we are told the Muslim population are only one and a half percent of Australia’s total!”

    After a bit of research, I discovered that the purpose of the logo is to let Muslim consumers know that the product complies with Muslim religious principles. These are the principles regarding safe consumption and the appropriate methods of slaughtering animals.

    This hardly seems offensive to our Australian way of life. But, according to this email it might just be supporting terrorism:

    “It was explained that by [sic] buying those marked products at least you are [sic] supporting a religion that is actively trying to destroy the [sic] Australian way of life. Or at the other extreme the money MAY be supporting terrorism.”

    Apparently, money is being paid to this “organisation” for the symbol. Where does the money go? To terrorists of course.

    “Our boys are fighting [sic] muslim terrorists, and you are [sic] surrepticiously helping their cause! This is a Muslim Association that collects money from the Australian Food Industry for this symbol so that Muslims will purchase the product.”

    • You can thank Alan Jones for that after he had a wingnut from the US on his programme who apparently thinks all Muslims should be “taken care of” [not a real quote, but a euphemistic paraphrasing]. There is a thread on MV about it.

    • I got this email too. I also spent a couple of minutes googling to find out what the symbol meant. Then I replied the information to the person who sent the email to me. Didn’t get a reply back. Hopefully it will be enough to let that person know not to send ignorant trash to my email ever again though.

    • it turns out that the email ahs been successful. Cadbury is still halal in Australia because of the export market, but will no longer bear the logo. Aparantly the certifier that my friend meets with cited all that after the phonecalls they had getting asking where the money was going, called him and asked him the same, then pulled the logo anyway.
      Bogans 1
      A just society 0

    • Yeah, that email is a charmer, Emily. I used to get stuff like that when I did office admin work, so I always chose to be obnoxious in response and link whoever sent it to me to Snopes or some other debunking website. It can be scary how willing people are not to question whatever lands in their inboxes – I know I have to make a concerted effort to view things critically.

    • Yep, guzzling beer, rooting ho’s, scratching our nuts and belting Lebs. Oh, and my old favourite, poofter bashing.

  4. Danny Roid

    So far we’ve seen from you


    Right little Nazi aren’t you.

    I also seem to recall a notorious picture of you and another man snuggled up together on a mercifully deleted Facebook page. It caused quite a stir. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if that’s your thing but it also makes you a hypocrite when you attack gay men.

    You’re also not all that attractive either, according to the Domestic Goddess, so this is why you’re making crude remarks to the women here.

    I’m happy to let the Antibogan have a copy of the picture.

    • I originally misread ‘anti-immigration’ as ‘anti-imagination’. Still seemed thoroughly appropriate!
      I also think I would pay to see that picture… 😉

    • I believe it’s a sacrastic reference to the fact that Boyd probably considers himself a true blue Aussie while espousing views that are not at all true blue and missing the irony entirely.

    • I make a distinction between two types of bogans. My brother is old style bogan – the harmless sort. He wears ac/dc t-shirts, has holes in his shorts, wears worn thongs, and loves nothing more than to stay at home eating pizza and watching DVds with the kids when he is home on the weekend from the same job in sales that he has had for 15 years.

      This modern bogan gets drunk and screams obscenities about all-things un-Australian or whatever. They have babies and buy a big screen tv with the baby bonus. For the complete list go to “Things Bogans Like” blog.

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