Who Is Keeping Our Culture Alive?

The rant is unintelligent enough, but this once again begs the question: how does immigration ruin Australian culture? How do non-white people prevent us from going to the beach, eating meat pies, watching the cricket, drinking beer, wearing bikinis or having BBQs?

When are these people going to realise that not only is our culture nearly completely made up of the cultural contributions of immigrants, but that our culture isn’t even remotely threatened when a non-white refuses a beer, or wears a scarf on their head, or doesn’t eat meat?

Take a look at this idiot. Nobody has stopped him from growing a bikie beard, wearing a woman-beater singlet, growing a beer belly and wearing hobo gloves. He’s pretty comfortable, yet whinging like a fucking sissy.

Muslims Whinging About Aussie Tradition

Hey Amanda, I have something to say. Your stupidity burns my senses. But your underhandedness at making up a story in order to promote hatred is just abhorrent.

You went to town and just happened to see Muslims ‘windgin’ (sic) about Australian tradition? How did you know they were Muslims? And you were close enough to hear them? Yet you’re not ready to include just what they were saying.

And then you want to whinge about them ‘bringing there (sic) violence, wars’, when these Muslims you see are simply standing there in a shopping centre, not starting any violence or wars.

You then go on to whinge about these Muslims being allowed to walk into a bank fully clothed. How do you usually enter a bank? And if you’re referring to a burqa in a bank, have you ever seen a Muslim wearing a burqa in a bank? And have you ever been in an Australian bank where a female Muslim has robbed it while wearing a burqa?

“i (sic) honestly think that if a musilm (sic) child is allowed to wear there (sic) gear in a class room (sic) because its (sic) there (sic) tradition (sic) well what about ours (sic) its (sic) a tradition for us to wear a hat in side (sic).”

Amanda: Muslim girls don’t even think about wearing the hijab or the burqa until they hit puberty. If you want to wear a hat inside, go nuts. Nobody’s stopping you.

Learn some English, and develop some compassion and decency.


I’m Not Heartless, But Fuck Off!

Selina! How can you support people fleeing inhumanity and going to a country that supports the UN Convention on Asylum Seekers but then want them to fuck off? You think that Australia has no obligation to ‘treat them better’? Do you think that the Australian Government should just murder their families, lock them up, torture them, rape them, make them victims in their own society and disallow them from leaving the country via the means that you and I are used to? How could asylum seekers possibly expect better treatment here than the places they’re escaping from when there are ‘heartless’ Australians like you that don’t want them here simply because you don’t like playing ‘spot the Aussie’.

We’re going to go ahead and assume that you live in a highly Anglo community anyway, and that if you Google the demographics of your suburb, you’ll find that the game will most likely be ‘spot the non-white Aussie’.

This is not ‘your country’, Selina. You just happen to live here. This country belongs to all of the people living here, not just racists like you who decide that appearance alone should dictate whether or not a person can stay here.

Australian Flag Represents Other Country

The Australian flag debate was recently re-opened by Ray Martin and the ‘60 Minutes’ current affairs television show. Ray and his team of producers received piles of hate mail and death threats. What happened to freedom of speech? Most of the people writing these letters of hate mail and death threats were the kind of people who advocated freedom of speech in order to vilify people based on their race/religion/culture. Double standards?

Read the transcript of the story that went to air:

Vera is very angered that the Australian flag should acknowledge our cultural diversity and our Indigenous heritage – this outrages her completely. “…they want out flag to represent other countries…”. Well, Vera, that’s not what flag-change advocates want at all. They want a flag that represents the true picture of modern Australia, and a flag that allows us to stand as our own independent country. One in four Australians were born overseas. One in two Australians has foreign roots.

Take a look at Vera’s last name – hardly an Aussie name – or is it? Either way, Vera is unable to recognise that the Union Jack represents another country, and that the Southern Cross is something shared by half of the world. In fact, the Southern Cross appears on the following flags:

New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Presidential Standard of Brazil
Queen’s Personal New Zealand Flag
East New Britain
New Ireland Province
Simbu Papua New Guinea Province
Western Province
West New Britain
Magallanes Region, Chile
Tierra del Fuego
South Atlantic Islands
Olympic flag of Australasia
Flag of the Ross Dependency

That doesn’t include state flags. Hardly exclusive.

And as for having another country owning a quarter of our flag with their national flag – doesn’t this seem silly to anyone else?

They Took Our Jobs!

Matt is unemployed “…leav[ing] a fuckload of ‘us’ unemployed…”, yet willing to call all immigrants ‘freeloading cunts’. Hold on Matt, if you’re unemployed, aren’t you freeloading from somewhere? Family? Friends? Centrelink? Did immigrants really take your job? Really?

Enter Jack Patriot Adl for a quick circle-jerk about how immigration is illegal.

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi oi oi!