Telling a racist where to go


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March 20th, 2014

Last night I was headed out of the city on a packed route 57 tram, along with the usual Wednesday night crowd of people headed for the night market held at the Queen Victoria Market. Among them were a number of people chattering away in a foreign language, when a tattoo covered troglodyte said under his breath to his scraggy looking girlfriend:

You’re in Australia: Speak English!

Such a classic line!


Our tram had been stopped outside the Queen Victoria Market to drop off passengers, and I was sitting in the seat behind him, so I told him to watch what the hell he was saying. He got up out of his seat to have a go at me, spewing forth the usual bile that racists do when confronted, and asking me if I wanted to talk it outside. I just stayed in my seat, while he had his sleazy lady friend backing him up from their original seat, when some random woman down the other end of the tram told him to shut up and piss off.

Our tram driver, who was a middle aged woman, eventually got onto the PA system and told the guy to either quiet down or get off the tram – he reacted to that by punching the perspex door leading to the driver’s cab, and asking me another time if I wanted to take it outside – again, I didn’t respond!

Eventually the clod realised he had been outgunned, as he and his companion left the tram, before punching the side of the tram near where I was sitting, and then spewing some more racist bile venom to the crowd assembled at the tram stop.

At this point I remembered I had my camera in my bag, and the tram had opening windows, so as the tram departed I videoed his reaction.

He then ran after the tram, faster than he ever had in his life, but couldn’t make it far – giving up in the middle of the Victoria and Elizabeth Street intersection.


Afterwards a half dozen passengers came up to me and asked if I was okay, and that I did a good job standing up to the racist boor. As well as that, I was glad to have a random woman call out and provide backup in the heat of the moment – when a big guy is throwing their weight around, understandably most people are afraid for themselves first.


Another line the bigot used was:

If I went to Russia then I would speak Russian

For a start, I doubt this guy has ever been to Russia, and if he did, I doubt he and his life partner would have learned Russian – I visited said country back in 2012 and only learnt four Russian words:

  • Да (“da”) – Yes
  • Нет (“nyet”) – No
  • Спасибо (“spa-see-ba”) – Thank-You
  • пиво (“pee-vah”) – Beer

Another footnote

Putting yourself into harms way by telling fat racists where to go probably isn’t the safest thing to do – a safer alternative is to abuse them from an open tram window once they leave the vehicle, because they can’t do anything back to you!

An update

The tram driver also made a police report, which Yarra Trams is following up:

And another update

By lunchtime The Age had put together a piece on the topic – Yarra Trams investigates alleged racial abuse.

Read the original here.

And some of the racist comments are real doozies.

The things we carry: Meet Luke Kneale.

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Meet Luke Kneale. He lives in Melbourne and works at Full Moon Tattoo in Prahran. He shared some thoughts with me today. I am disgusted. Please share this around.






Covering yourself with tatts doesn't stop the hate oozing out

Covering yourself with tatts doesn’t stop the hate oozing out


Australia slides further into the early 20th Century.

Far From The Big Smoke

The Age (Melbourne) reported this article earlier today.

Taxi Drivers bar Aboriginal actors

When will this country break away from this kind of ridiculous mindset? I want to provide comment, but I’m too aghast, too infuriated, too frustrated by this land. Racism here is directed both passively and aggressively at any one who appears a little different. Yet people still refuse to accept that it is WE who ARE DOING IT. Oh no, it’s not Australians born and raised here that are driving cabs, it’s those ‘furriners’. Do we not hear ourselves? It was Australians at Cronulla. It’s Australians on public transport abusing Indians, Asians, Arabic people. It’s Australians abusing my highly intelligent Australian friend because surely she couldn’t actually be reading the Financial Review. After all, she’s of Asian descent and, God help her,  a woman.

And this is just the blatant racism. The passive racism is worse. It’s…

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Late-night commuters unite against racist and hateful rant on Melbourne train

  • From: Herald Sun
  • April 12, 2013 12:00AM

FURIOUS passengers united to take a stand against racism on a Melbourne train as a woman exploded in a hateful rant on Wednesday night.

In a show of force against the vile diatribe, in which she called an African man a “black —-“, one of two commuters who had been shoved by the thug publicly denounced her racist taunts.

“This is not the Australia that she represents. None of this s— should be remembered after this,” the man said aloud to the other passengers.

In a touching sign of solidarity, a blond man told the woman, “If this is your country, then I don’t want to live here”, before shaking the hand of the other commuter.

Andrea, one of several people filming the scene, said she boarded the Craigieburn line train at Flinders St at 9.50pm and heard the woman begin to yell.

In the footage, the woman can be heard saying: “My grandfather was a sergeant in the Second World War.

“This is what us original Aussies fought for, to keep you black —– out.”

Andrea said the African man put his hand on the woman’s shoulder, to which she responded: “Get off me, you f—— black p—-.”

Several passengers then converged on the woman, telling her to shut up.

Seemingly shocked by the backlash, the woman said: “I’m being called a racist b—- in my own country.”

Andrea said she was impressed by the composure of the African man, the blond man and the man who confronted the woman after they copped the brunt of the poisonous outburst.

“It was impressive to see people stand up to her, rather than just sit back, as in similar incidents that have hit the media.”

The woman confronts passengers on the train.

Racism on Melbourne public transport achieved global notoriety after a man, egged on by several others, screeched violent threats at a French woman on a city-bound bus from Frankston in November.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Belinda Batty said Protective Services officers escorted the 37-year-old South Melbourne woman off the train at North Melbourne station and interviewed her.

Her companion, a 44-year-old Meadow Heights man, was searched and given a drug diversion notice after he was found to have illegal substances.

Public Transport Users Association president Tony Morton said while it was admirable strangers had stood up to defend others against racism, the incident further highlighted the need for staff, such as PSOs, to patrol trains as well as station platforms.


Read more

Asian tourists abused on public transport

‘Anyone who says racism is dying is well and truly mistaken’: ABC News presenter Jeremy Fernandez alleges racial abuse on Sydney bus

Make an example of dumb racists

Two men who yelled racial abuse at a French woman on a bus to Frankston.

November 21, 2012 7:00PM

RACISM is a problem Australia needs to eradicate if we are to have any real and worthy sense of national pride, writes Joe Hildebrand.


ONE of the less pleasant aspects of hosting a show called Dumb, Drunk and Racist is that every time someone exhibits any of those characteristics it is immediately brought to my attention. After a while this can give you a fairly depressing world view.

Sadly, a video now doing the rounds which shows a vile and incomprehensible display of ugliness on a Melbourne bus has scored off the charts in all three categories.

If you’re reading this you have probably already seen it but in short the video shows at least two men variously screaming at a woman to “speak English or die” and threatening to “fillet these c—-s” with a fishing knife. One of the men later smashes a window near where the woman is sitting. Her crime had been to sing a song in French.

This is the sort of behaviour that we witnessed while making the show and that I struggled to explain to just about every media outlet in the country when they tried to insist that Australia didn’t have a racist problem.

I do not believe racism is institutionalised in Australia, nor that it is endemic at all levels of society and nor that it is quietly and sinisterly inherent in the human condition.

In fact I recently argued as much in a speech to the Diversity Council – a tough crowd to convince of that.

However just because something foul is only perpetrated by a minority does not mean that we should accept it or dismiss it. Only a minority of people murder or rape but nobody suggests we should tolerate that.

The truly troubling thing that in this case the analogy is no stretch. One of the thugs is caught on camera threatening to kill the woman and run a knife through her.

The incident took place on a bus route to Frankston, a bayside suburb not far from where I grew up in Dandenong. While Dandenong is possibly the most ethnically diverse place in Australia, Frankston has more of a bogan waspish quality. Both suburbs contain large socio-economically depressed areas and have a high rate of violent crime.

This means that at a guess some will seek to explain this kind of behaviour in terms of poverty or disadvantage. This insults decent poor people everywhere. Besides, I grew up on a sole parent’s pension just a few kilometres away and I didn’t end up threatening to kill women on buses.

Likewise no doubt some – perhaps the eventual defendants themselves – will blame their behaviour on the booze and/or drugs they appear to be affected by. If we’re going to swallow this argument then God help us as a civilisation.

If we’re going to tell ourselves we’re all just a few drinks away from turning into violent abusive thugs then we might as well pack up the whole operation and crawl back to the swamp.

Because that is really what’s on display here: Human beings are simply animals, it’s just that some of us have evolved further down the line than others.

When you look into the dumbly furious faces of the abusers in that video they carry no more thought or humanity than the black eyes of a reptile.

In truth these people are not even people, not by any definition we should care to employ. They are not human in either of the senses that word means. They are subhuman, they are dumb beasts.

Ironically this is the sort of blunt categorisation that would appeal to such dull creatures, who are so low-functioning they are incapable of processing any thought that goes beyond base physical appearances or the sound of one’s voice. The only difference is that this is a categorisation based purely on reason and rationality.

Perhaps the most disturbing part about any of this is that one of the men was pushing a stroller, meaning that he is at best in the regular company of children and at worst has reproduced. Pity the child, until it too becomes a monster.

These men must be found, and if Victoria Police are the remotest bit sincere when they say they take this behaviour seriously then they will leave no stone unturned until they find the one these insects live under.

Then they should be imprisoned for 20 years – maybe 25. We could invent something new called “exemplary sentencing”. Their jail term should be so heavy and so absolute that it scares the living shit out of other racist lowlifes so moronic that it’s the only message they could possibly understand. Hell, they should even release a few bank robbers if they have to to make room for this kind of scum – their brand of violence is far more toxic.

Then, just to be on the safe side, upon release they should be permanently sterilised and perhaps – just for the hell of it – chemically castrated as well, just to make sure there is no chance on God’s earth that they can ever infect a child with their subhuman regressive genes.

If these types of animals want to talk about preserving racial purity, that’s fine by me. Let’s talk about preserving the purity of the human race, and that can only be achieved by removing these primordial throwbacks from it.

It is not an insurmountable problem and it may not even be a problem any worse than other countries but it is one we need to eradicate if we are to have any real and worthy sense of national pride.



Caught on camera: racist Australians abuse girl & smash bus window

Crazy White Boys Go To Jail


Posted on December 12, 2012 by @ndy

Briefly, some Fourth Reich Fighting Men have gone to jail:

Young men jailed for ‘deplorable’ race-hate bashing
Andrea Petrie
The Age
December 12, 2012

Two young Victorian men responsible for what a judge has described as a “deplorable”, “brutal” and “unprovoked” race-hate bashing, have been jailed.In sentencing Shannon Hudson to 10 years and six months’ jail on Wednesday, and his co-accused Wayne O’Brien to four years and six months jail, Supreme Court Justice Betty King said more needed to be done to determine why there were so many angry and unhappy young people in society, particularly males.

Both men, aged 21, pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury to the 21-year-old Vietnamese international student on the night of June 27 this year.

The pair and another friend, who cannot be identified because he was only 17, were on their way to Hudson’s Ascot Vale home after a day of drinking in the city, when they noticed the student walking on the opposite side of Rothwell Street listening to music on his iPhone.

He was on his way home from his part-time job at 7-Eleven.

The court heard that one of the three ran across the road and the others followed and began punching and kicking their victim without provocation.

They taunted him and yelled things including “you f…ing Gook” and “lie down you dog, you yellow dog” as the man begged for his life.

The student made several attempts to escape from his attackers as he screamed and begged for mercy, but each time was returned to the ground and the bashing continued.

“He was terrified and believed he was going to be beaten to death,” the judge said.

He tried to escape into the garden bed but was grabbed by the legs and dragged across the fence and out into the street. He also tried holding on to a small brick fence over which he had been pushed, but such was the force used that the fence itself gave way.

The judge said the trio continued to “rain blows upon him”, before he managed at one point to get up and run away. But they gave chase and continued to punch and kick him in the head, face and the body.

The student was also stabbed multiple times.

“In a particularly chilling episode of violence, you Mr Hudson picked up one of the bricks that was lying loose on the ground,” Justice King said.

While O’Brien tried to talk him out of doing anything with it, Hudson “lifted the brick up over your head with both of your hands and then brought it down on the top of [the victim’s] head with such force that the brick itself broke in half.”

The court heard Hudson’s co-accused tried to get him to go inside his home, about 15 metres away, but Hudson told him: “No, I’m not finished, there’s more bricks.”

But the student, who was in-and-out of consciousness, was eventually left in a pool of his own blood in the gutter.

Nearby residents heard his screams for help and called triple-0. Police and paramedics arrived at the scene soon after.

When police knocked on Hudson’s front door, he and O’Brien denied any knowledge of the incident.

They were arrested just after 6am the following morning and O’Brien made full admissions.

“You talked about the victim being assaulted and ‘copping’ at least 60, 70 more hits before the bricking. You described Mr Hudson hitting [the student] over the head with a brick as being like a sledgehammer and you said the assault would have lasted about 10 minutes during which you just felt anger,” the judge said.

O’Brien had shaved his head the week prior to the attack, and had only recently started hanging out with a group of people who called themselves the Crazy White Boys, or Skinheads, the court heard.

“We’re skinheads and we don’t like Asian people … don’t like Jews, don’t like Negroes, you know what I mean,” O’Brien told police.

Hudson, however, gave a “no comment” interview.

Their victim suffered critical, life-threatening injuries that required facial reconstruction and plastic surgery. He lost several teeth, suffered broken bones, puncture wounds and multiple cuts and bruises and still cannot chew or speak properly because of his injuries.

“You are both incredibly fortunate that he did not die. The beating that he was given by you was remorseless, violent and sustained,” Justice King said.

“It was an unprovoked attack on a young man walking home from his part-time employment doing nothing more than listening to music.

“He did not say or do one thing to provoke any of you, except to be there. This is appalling behaviour; the community expects, and rightly so, that the punishment for an offence of this nature will be appropriate – or as the courts often refer to it “condign” meaning punishment appropriate to the seriousness and circumstances of the offending.”

She said the increasing anger being displayed by young members of our community was “hard to fathom”.

“In some ways you have more available to you than any young people before you have ever had, but you fail to be satisfied with it. There are information, entertainment, educational opportunities, and many other matters available to young people,” she said.

“Even though I accept you do not come from advantaged backgrounds, neither of your backgrounds are so bereft of affection or support from your families, adopted or otherwise, that there was absolutely no opportunities available for either of you.

“Neither of you seem to have taken advantage of any of the countless opportunities or assistance that have been offered to you over the years through different support organisations, you have unfortunately focused more upon your anger and resentments than upon your opportunities.

“Whilst all sorts of psychiatric names and conditions are attached to all of this anger and rage, at some stage our society needs to work out why there are so many angry and unhappy young people, particularly males,” she said.

“The anger is almost invariably accompanied by vast quantities of alcohol and some form of illegal drugs, as was the case for each of you, and as it appears to have been in all of your previous matters Mr Hudson.

“The consequences of all of this anger and rage is appalling violence being inflicted upon innocent members of our community, who just happen to be nearby, or [upon] equally enraged and alcohol-affected young men.”

While O’Brien had no prior convictions, Justice King noted that Hudson had many, in addition to a long history of drug and alcohol abuse.

“This is, at the very least, the ninth person in our community that you have assaulted in some form or another and usually with all of them suffering what I would describe as significant injuries,” she said to Hudson.

“Although I do not have the details, there are eight separate incidents for which you have appeared in court charged with recklessly causing injury or intentionally causing injury, each of them relating to a different person.

“Additionally, there are three charges of armed robbery and at least one other of robbery in which I have no knowledge of the details of what you did to those people that you robbed. All of this you have done between the ages of 16 and 20. It is an horrific record for someone of your age and it has culminated in this violent, dreadful assault.”

She said the community’s protection of Hudson was a significant factor she had to take into account in sentencing, before ordering him to serve a minimum of eight years’ jail.

Hudson appeared shocked and taken aback by the sentence handed down, and looked over at his co-accused sitting alongside him in the dock.

O’Brien, who did not acknowledge his accomplice, was ordered to serve a minimum of two years and six months’ jail.

Their co-accused has already been sentenced for his role in the attack.

Their victim was present at the pair’s sentence but declined to comment on the result.


Neo-Nazis jailed for attack on Vietnamese student
December 12, 2012
Two members of a Melbourne Neo-Nazi group have been sentenced to jail for a brutal attack on a Vietnamese student.

Minh Duong was walking home from his job in Ascot Vale in June when he was set upon by Shannon Hudson, 21 and Wayne O’Brien, 20, both of Ascot Vale.

Mr Duong was kicked and punched repeatedly before being stabbed and having a brick dropped on his head.

A number of nearby residents heard his screams and called the police.

Mr Duong was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

Justice Betty King described the attack as brutal, saying it was sparked by the men’s racist beliefs.

The men pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury.

Hudson was sentenced to 10-and-a-half years in jail, while O’Brien was given a four-and-a-half-year sentence.


More later.

More slackbastard

How one Melbourne municipality tackles racism

We encounter a considerable number of bogots from Victoria. Not hard to understand since population-wise, Victoria is the second-largest Australian state.

However here’s one area in Melbourne who plans to actively tackle racism after one in fourteen residents revealed in a survey that they were racist.