Swinburne Uni racist dropkick attacks Aussie star

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Jessica Mauboy courtesy ABC

Singer, actor and songwriter Jessica Mauboy is one of Australia’s most popular, recognisable and well-loved stars. She is a multiple award winner and a great role-model for young women, particularly young Indigenous women. Only 24 years old, she has crammed more achievement into her short life than most people three times her age.

However there are always failures who are so inadequate and talent-less themselves they are only too willing to attack  those who have succeeded. And if they can set up a racist page on Facebook to do so under the cover of anonymity then they will.


This moron not only set up a Facebook page (to which we won’t link) but edited Jessica Mauboy’s Wikipedia page.


However this was to be its downfall because from the edits we were able to track it to Swinburne University of Technology.

And an alert moderator at Wikipedia has removed the edits.

But it gets worse. When the page was reported to Facebook, this was the reply.


So as you can see despite the previous Labor Government and its Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus having put Facebook under notice, Facebook is still obtusely lazy, thoughtless and unethical as it continues to accept racism of the worst sort on its site.

We are hoping that Dropkick will be asked to remove itself from Swinburne after having dragged its good name through the mud. Perhaps that will enable a more deserving student to take its place.

Racists do not belong anywhere

What you can do

1. Contact the Vice-Chancellor at Swinburne University of Technology Professor Anthony Cahalan


2. Report the offending group and any other pages which attack Indigenous Australians

21 thoughts on “Swinburne Uni racist dropkick attacks Aussie star

  1. So, people accuse Aborigines of being lazy and then call an established Aboriginal woman with a career a petrol sniffer. How lovely.

  2. I have reported racist and vile facebook posts but they have done zilch about any of them but had the cheek to ban me for 12 hours a post in which I responded to a racist post by writing ‘No need to be racist’. I’ve read so much vile stuff that surely violated facebook rules but they do nothing.

  3. Mob decide if someone is mob. It’s none of your business and your opinion on it is irrelevant. Her mob say she’s one of them, end of story.

  4. Mob decide who is mob. Her mob have accepted her as one of them. Your opinion is offensive and irrelevant. It’s a form of racism that is tied to genocide.

  5. I see the usual bigots appeared to hang shit on indigenous people when the story was about the wanker changing information to offensive and stereo type blanket insults, as usual they miss the point and proceed to highlight their own inadequateness and comprehension of an issue. Regardless of the young performers racial make up changing something to depict her as a petrol sniffing goon drinking loser is neither accurate or warranted. Fucking tiresome and shows the complete disconnect from reality they assume is normal.

  6. Lets have a look at this shocking gunpoint gang rape

    Most gang rapes in this country are done by white losers like me.

    I should be in prison.

    • Any evidence that aborigines are genetically more likely to commit crimes, separate from all social factors, no more foreign? Or more “prove me wrong”?

      I can’t wait to meet your new sock puppet, when are they popping up?

  7. Stupefying that the racist slobs think it a good idea to appear here to defend and further promote their outdated, outmoded, extreme minority viewpoints! In the process cementing their status as complete tools with no idea.
    In a way, funny. In another, deeply disturbing.
    Either way – they are adherents of a dying generation of supremacist gutter bile. On the way out… Bye!

  8. Hi no more foreign. How’s the gender change working out for you?

    Any evidence that Nova Peris is Sri Lankan? Or another case of “she looks Indian…therefore she’s not aboriginal”?

  9. So what you’re saying is: the concept of a “white Australian” doesn’t actually exist. I mean, you’re not Aussie, you’re Irish right?

  10. I guess im having lunch at swinburne food court until I can bait them, I have no time for disgusting people, they are beyond educating, lateral violence is just as bad as physical violence, they will learn the lesson the hard way, cant reason with evil scum, but cant let them get away with it, glad I went to latrobe

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