Late Mail on the APP Failure:

Darrin Hodges is tooting the rally as a success! He quotes ’80 counter-protesters’, although we aren’t quite sure who he is referring to here. Anti-racists protesting the racism of the APP? Or APP protesting the scary asylum seekers…

Nonetheless, the pictures don’t lie. Less than 15, not including anti-racist hecklers.

Hodges, (pictured from the back of course). Note the flop in the background holding the same recycled placard from the APP’s last misadventure rally. Note also the lovechild of Pauline Hanson and Julie Bishop standing with her arms tightly folded, fired up from pure xenophobic rage.

“‘They could not shut us down – they could not silence us.”

That’s like trying to turn down a stereo that isn’t plugged in.

6 thoughts on “Late Mail on the APP Failure:

  1. Dazza scored about 1.5 seconds on SBS, the counter-demonstration was deemed far more interesting.

    If it was on the ABC I must have blinked and missed.

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