Hodges’ Denial

Darrin thinks that someone has behind all of his intolerant comments all of this time. It simply couldn’t be him, could it?

You decide:

The APP’s View on Aboriginal Australians

One Less – Too Bad So Sad

The Saga of the Sad Little White Clown

Late Mail on the APP Failure

Another Big Fat Failure

One Big Fat Failure

White Babies Are Worth More

Even if he does have an evil twin somewhere posting, pretending to be him, we still know he’s a bigoted racist. And if he’d simply contacted Facebook, they would have deleted the profile and all of its posts. I guess a bloke trying desperately to look humane doesn’t find that worth doing.

8 thoughts on “Hodges’ Denial

  1. That actually does suck if someone is out vilifying him (more so). It should be easy to check if the posts are from his account or not.

    I just did a search and couldn’t see more than one account with the same profile pic.

    Has anyone found any fake posts? Or verified any posts?

    Would be good to know which ones are real and which ones are fake.

    • Darrin chose not to reply when we asked him which comments of his were not him. The antibogans will happily take down comments that are contrived as long as he can adequately support his denial.
      We think he is happier pretending to be the victim, however, as we first caught wind of his denial over at his hate-group ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ as he was having a whinge about it and getting his fellow clowns to comment on his misfortune at achieving stardom over here.

  2. Poor ol Cheapie, he can’t even be original when he’s in denial. This whole situation-ripped off from Lex Luthor’s presidential race. Luthor killed a whole bunch of people, then blamed it all on an evil clone, and used his new clean reputation to become President.

    True, Cheapie is only claiming that someone is impersonating him on FB, but considering his pictures along far right skin head groups, it’s only a matter of time before he says he’s got an evil clone too. I personally can’t wait until we meet Bizarro Hodges

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