Two More Epic Fails On The Way…

Get your diaries ready, as our two favourite racist entities try to organise a bunch of braindead fucks together to publicly display their intolerance. You’d think it would be easy, right? But it seems that although there are thousands of racists in Australia, most of them are spineless dopes who prefer to play keyboard warriors online.

How do we know these two events will be epic failures? Well, firstly – take a look at the (combined) numbers:

76 attending
143 ‘maybe’s
946 not attending
805 ignored the invitation altogether

And of those combined 76 participants, we can look at previous examples of events like these, and how the real number of attendees will look more like a quarter of that.

We look forward to reading about how these fools are embarrassed in public, again.

13 thoughts on “Two More Epic Fails On The Way…

  1. Oh, that will be a massive success.

    In the UK it happens exactly the same way as it does here. The anti-fascist counter protesters massively outnumber the various Defence Leagues and the BNP, etc etc. This weekend the Welsh Defence League tried it on in Wales, and AGAIN, Cardiff and Swansea turned out huge numbers of anti-fascist protesters against a whimper of WDLers.

    A story covering the Welsh protests this weekend:
    And, lest I be accused of only citing sources with a CLEAR bias:
    Of the Guardian, Wales Online and the Beeb, none have provided clear tallies of the number of each group yet.


  2. That APP Rally is supposed to be happening right now. I love how misinformed these people are.

    Old people can’t afford to run a heater and will die? This is so ludicrous on so many levels, there are many other ways to stay warm: Blankets, fireplace.

    Home Insulation: Got nothing against that

    Anti-Biker laws: I’ll get to that in a sec

    Pirates have tried to enter Australia? When?

    Land Investment, Owning a warehouse slab of land has nothing to do with the housing crisis, have you seen how many vacant lots of land there are?

    Flag Changing: The Rudd Government has nothing to do with this, in fact Rudd stated that he’s against the idea. Not to mention the common myth about claiming that the ANZAC’s dying for the flag is not true.

    Smokers: the answer is simple DON’T SMOKE

    Islam: Hypocrites much? This is coming from the same guy who said that Australians have the right to associate with whomever they choose under the Biker law part.

    • Sad to say the rain gods were unkind to the APP,.

      Despite being fired up with righteous rage and all decked out in their fetching nAPPy T-shirts, for the handful of patriots the demo was not only an epic fail but fully played out in IMax.

      No doubt the sodden soldiers retired to the nearby pied-à-terre of Nicky “Balmain” Folkes to be sustained by flat lemonade, damp biscuits, readings from the Camp Saints (sic) and a rousing chorus of “oi oi oi”.

  3. The second one is my favourite;

    People dying in an Australian winter because they don’t have heating? Unless you’re camping in the snowies on your own this is pretty UNLIKELY, we’re not outer Siberia!

    The kids who died on home insulation cannot be blamed on Rudd or Garratt, that’s rubbish. One of those kids was an intellectually disabled young man who was working on his own, when he should have been supervised, in a roof on a sweltering hot 35+ degree day. The temperature in the roof would have been hitting 60 degrees, he died when he came down. Rudd wasn’t this man’s supervisor. It’s the cowboy operators who are to blame.

    Home ownership invasion – another load of bullshit. Asians aren’t buying up all the property, overfed, investor cancer, privileged whitey is buying all the land bozo.

    Smokers – cry me a river, I hope they tax the lot of them even more, if it means that I won’t have to be forced to stand in another lift with another chain smoker ever again.

    Oh and flag changing – the ANZACs all swore allegiance to the British flag dip-shit, so don’t try that anti-ANZAC guilt trip on the Republicans because it aint gonna fly, we’re smarter than all of you.

    • Of course they’ll never blame the cowboy operators, just like they didn’t blame the owner of a go-kart track where a Muslim woman died after riding on one.

    • It is not unreasonable for the KRudd government to wear some of the blame for the insulation installers deaths, their own internal documentation alerted them to the dangers before any fatalities occured. The old people dying in winter shows hoew intellectually bankrupt these morons are, just ripping off their ideas from “home” where old people do indeed die from the cold. As for piracy on the high seas, I’m more concerned about the IDF doing the same.

  4. Imagine if this happened at the APP rally. All the 30 confirmed bogans and 58 maybe attending bogans show up… and theres only one bottle of booze. That would be fun to watch!

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