16 thoughts on “Nazis & Supremacists

  1. You are globalists, traitors to patriotic Australians. Go check out what muslim men are doing all over the world, murdering, torturing, raping, pedophilia, do the research, you go to muslim countries, muslim men will rape, torture, and kill you within 24 hours, because you are a westerner. I seek to protect my fellow Australian men, women, and children, you should be helping me.

    • Really? If anyone goes to a Muslims country they are guaranteed to be killed iwthin 24 hours. How come all my friends returned safely from Dubai, Indonesia, and Malaysia then? Naturally you’ll have evidence that every single person who travels to any islamic country is murdered within 24 hours, right?

      Nope, you’re making shit up again. So strange you didn’t get elected.

      Teresa-your party is the APP, correct? Why the hell should I support that party? The same party that wants all non-white migrants to be “encouraged” to leave (It’s in their constitution, if you didn’t know), essentially saying many of my famiyl, friends, and even my own wife are not welcome in this country. Why on earth would I support them?

      Hell, why do you support them? If you are the same APP member I saw trying, and failing, to convince the APP facebook page to not talk about the evil Jews, and the zionist overlords-why are you supporting a party which has a deeply anti-semtici undercurrent when you clearly have an issue with it?

    • You are so out of touch with society, seriously. Ofcourse some ass like you refers straight to Muslims. How about you stop and look at all the horrible thinks white men do. They rape, they murder, they torture, they are pedophiles. Yes not all of them but they are out there. Its the same with everyone, there is always someone who is bad, don’t condemn a whole religion.

    • APP members are like Nazis in that:

      -They don’t like Jews
      -They don’t like non-white people
      -They don’t particularly like religion
      -They do like Hitler
      -They like people who kill children of their political enemies

      Wow-five connections to Hitler in one go. And I didn’t even have to use vague defintions of evil, or talk about testicles or lack thereof.

    • And your a racist, dont be ignorant. They are not evil. I know plenty of Muslims and not one has a bad bone in their body. They are kind and lovely people. Don’t condemn a whole religion or race of people because they bad people are always the minority, more likely than not the majority hate the minorities and don’t agree with them. This is what is happening with Islam. The few extremists are detested by others of their own religion.

  2. I saw that Teresa Van Lieshout got about 170 votes at the last Senate election in WA. She had earlier been endorsed to run as a PUP candidate, but was dis-endorsed after Clive met her.
    I think she may be suffering from a paranoid illness, don’t engage with her, would be my advice,

  3. I think you are all being a bit harsh on “teresavanlieshout” and not taking the posters concerns seriously. Agreed, that the stupid & emotional comment on being killed within 24 hours….was hilarious & silly. Having said that, I would, however, have to say there is some “method to the madness” which was skillfully obscured by JM, Scott Jay and the classic comment from Space Chimp which is essential “I don’t really understand the argument!! please stall for time!!” From my perspective I think teresavanlieshout has some valid comments, based on statistics etc. Happy to discuss. Don’t be afraid I don’t bite!! 🙂

  4. So, in your small bigoted and small “white world” n Anglo Saxon umpteenth generation has ever committed :
    murdering, torturing, raping, paedophilia.
    My what a small dark poor place you exist in.

    • Couldn’t agree more, too many people are stuck in their little white worlds. They need to open their eyes because one day they may just get run over by reality and that won’t be pretty for anyone.

  5. Well, when we humans finally control those stupid things between our thighs we might stop being survivalistic. That’s all we have done for 12000 years. Breed, Breed, Breed, Kill, Breed Breed, Kill, when 1st nature and then the modern money making scheme of feeding human trash failed to sustain our breeding, so we killed.
    WW1&WW2 were about economics and Imperialism. We went from the Ottomans to the British Housed European Monarchs and then to the Yanks, who incidentally collapsed the world economies for the last 150 years to achieve control of world manufacturing and therefore wealth. 85% of the worlds Manufacturing was in the hands of only the big 4 from 1860 it was England, France, America, Germany. By 1900 it was America, Germany, England, France. That’s why the commo French crawled up Englands backside, England crawled up America’s backside. The English, German, ?????? Monarchs realised after WW1 that shitty little England wasn’t going to finance, fight or win another war for them, so they started Globilisation.
    So keep bonking, we now have 7.2 billion people multiplying by a minimum of 2 every year, 75 million unemployed, 45 million refugees aand the world economies again collapsed by the stinking Yanks who are mostly European scum, so what next.

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