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The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

When I heard Chief of Army, David Morrison, utter these words about incidents of sexual harassment in the Australian Armed Forces, I stood up and cheered.  These are words that truly resonated with me and that we must all heed.  It is time for everyone to take personal responsibility, not for the economic reasons being thrown at us, but for a far greater cause – that of humanity.

I listened to Anne Summers give the Human Rights and Social Justice lecture at Newcastle University in 2012 where she shone a light on the political bullying of our first female Prime Minister.  We have all heard the clips, read the quotes, and seen the posters, but are you aware that, for many months, cartoonist and conman Larry Pickering bombarded not just Julia but every member of…

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Happy Birthday Julia Gillard – Here’s Some Bogan Trash

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#auspol #ausmedia @juliagillard

Are you ready, dear readers? This is what the Tony Abbott/Rupert Murdoch/Alan Jones led politics of today have created, justified and fostered in the Australian public. This is what the scum of society fap over in the absence of real love and joy. This is a slap in the face to a politician who, love her or hate her managed to implement incredible progressive change that serves all of humanity while clinging to power within a hung parliament.

Happy birthday Julia Gillard. Despite the emotive power of this post, hopefully you will be warmed knowing that those that despise you are no more than the bottom feeders of a society which is built on fear. Those with half a brain appreciate much of what you have done and stood for.

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Myth-busting Islamophobic lies and hoaxes

Our esteemed colleagues at the OHPI ( Online Hate Prevention Institute) have exposed yet another attempt by the usual sorry band of haters to circulate a scurrilous piece of propaganda.

In this instance the lies were reposted by someone in the Philippines but we have seen them extensively circulated on Australian hate sites., the hoax-breaking US site details the sad history. You will note that every Prime Minister from John Howard onward has been falsely attributed with this hoax.

A later version falsely attributes yet another version of the rant to former PM Julia Gillard.

Note that all the hybrid hoaxes contain additional US material from the US far ratbag right

Hoax-slayer is an Australian site which also uncovers such scams. Here is its exposé on the same fake e mail

Other hoaxes loved by the haters

Muslim “child bride” hoax

The bogots have a particular love for this one. They keep posting it everywhere even though it has been comprehensively debunked.

One wonders at the mentality of those haters who get off on imagined child abuse.

Then there’s the fake allowances supposedly paid to refugees and asylum seekers.

Those and the others can be found on our blog pages as the ignorant hate-filled bigots just keep on keeping on…

Vibewire: Enter at Your Own Risk: Misogyny, Politics and the Australian Boys’ Club

Above Image Credit:

July 2, 2013
By Marie Bellino

When I grow up I want to be a pop star. If a pretty young girl uttered these words, few would question her career choice, as it’s perfectly acceptable to pursue an occupation that capitalises on her physical beauty.

Conversely, if another girl proclaimed: When I grow up I want to be the Prime Minister, her statement would probably provoke looks of bemusement or mockery, considering ‘saviour’ Rudd’s return as leader of the Labor party.

It is only in recent history that an Australian woman has assumed this role of great national importance, but it is an unenviable spotlight to be in since it invites its fair share of controversy and disdain. As a journalist wryly observed in the UK Guardian, the “slaying” expected by women who dare occupy high office in Australia, is comparable to the impending doom of a “recently-deflowered teenage girl at an abandoned summer camp in a horror movie.”

There’s no escaping the unflinching criticism directed at women who take on influential positions traditionally held by members of the exclusive ‘boys’ club.’ Recent events in politics and the Australian Defence Force highlight the imbalance of power that threatens to derail women’s continued progress in Australian society.

Australia was once synonymous with Crocodile Dundee, Sunday barbies and a fiery Kiwi thespian we like to claim as our own, until that speech; an unexpected, explosive commentary on misogyny in Australian politics, delivered by none other than Prime Minister of the time, Julia Gillard.

The impassioned speech attracted thunderous applause from women around the globe, as Gillard challenged Tony Abbott and his party’s attitude towards women and disrespect for her leadership role. She recalled an interviewer’s question about the under-representation of women in institutions of power, to which Abbott replied: “what if men are by physiology or temperament, more adapted to exercise authority or to issue command?” His comments suggested gender equality in leadership positions was of no consequence, and by extension, underhandedly questioned Gillard’s suitability for the top job.

Image Credit: Troy Constable Photography

Every time Abbott undermined Gillard’s authority as a woman, the nation experienced a dangerous flashback to the 1950’s, when women’s rights were suppressed by dominant patriarchal values, and work life was largely an extension of their role in the domestic sphere. Mid twentieth century mores have no place in 2013 politics, yet degrading, female archetypes are still a part of everyday vocabulary. Who can forget Gillard’s disgust when Abbott stood next to signs outside Parliament that characterised her as a “witch” and “man’s bitch?” His sentiments were bolstered by outspoken talkback host, Alan Jones, who has been given a substantial platform to espouse misogynistic ideals, once implying Gillard needed to be silenced by “putting her into a chaff bag and hoisting her into the Tasman Sea.” But there was no greater blow than Jones’ personal attack at a Liberal party function, when he attributed Gillard’s father’s passing to “shame” over his daughter’s questionable leadership. Abbott later played tag team with Jones, echoing his stinging remarks in Parliament.

Julia was the butt of many a Liberal party joke during her leadership; the most juvenile being an LNP donor’s unsavoury ‘mock’ menu for a party fundraiser, which crudely likened her body to a “Kentucky fried quail.” Whether or not Liberal MPs were aware of the menu, the restaurateur’s description of the incident as a “light-hearted” joke intended for him and his son reveals the inherent sexism in Australian society, which reduces intelligent, capable women to mere bodies exposed to harsh judgment and ridicule. Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as the blatant objectification of women continues in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The effect on victims of this gross violation is no laughing matter.

Women in the Australian Defence Force Image Credit: MATEUS_27:24&25

The recent scandal involving the circulation of emails containing degrading, explicit images of female ADF members and others, along with offensive commentary, has rocked the foundations of the institution. According to Chief of Army Lieutenant-General David Morrison, the seriousness of the incident surpasses the 2011 ADFA “Skype scandal.” Three officers have been suspended, while more than 100 other personnel appear to have had some connection to the incident. What makes it particularly problematic besides the sheer number of people involved, including high ranking leaders, is the conniving way the details were disseminated. Lewd material was not only distributed across Defence computer systems, but also over the internet for millions of people to view and scrutinise, thereby exacerbating the humiliation. The act sends the message that women don’t belong in the army, and objectification is acceptable.

The dark side of machismo has long cast a shadow over the male dominated ADF. Dr Ben Wadham, a former infantry soldier, received death threats after leaking denigrating comments on the RAR buddies Facebook page, which described all women as “filthy, lying whores.” Similar pages created by members of the Australian army have emerged. Despite the obscene behaviour of the culprits, these beliefs are not formed in a vacuum. Identifying their employer and posting photos of themselves in official uniform connotes pride in their actions, alluding to the normalisation of misogynistic beliefs in army life. Wadham affirms sexism is a major characteristic of the culture, revealing details of a 1990’s book published out of the ADFA known as the Lexicon of Cadet Language, which included roughly 200 derogatory terms for women. Although initiatives have been implemented to address inequality in the Force since the publication was released, recent events demand a more systematic approach to stamp out misogynistic views entrenched in army culture.

A deep-seated patriarchal belief that women play the supporting role, rather than the protagonist in the public domain is at the heart of the gender power imbalance. According to the 2012 Australian Census of Women in Leadership, Australia has the lowest percentage of women in top executive positions compared to countries with a similar corporate structure like New Zealand and the United States. Dr Jennifer Whelan, Research Fellow at the Melbourne Business School, attributes the slow progress to a common view that “gender diversity and inclusion” is not a “crucial bottom line endeavour.” Women’s voices are often drowned out by the supposed authority of their male counterparts.

Destroy the Joint, an anti-sexism organisation, garnered attention for their commentary on Gillard and Morrison’s exposure of the culture of misogyny in politics and the ADF. They maintain that Gillard was “mocked and trivialised” in Australia, while Morrison was “hailed a hero.” The great divide between two leaders’ essentially congruent messages about gender inequality reiterates the rational man/emotional woman dichotomy, which attributes women’s words and actions to feeling, rather than logic and intellect, thereby questioning their validity. The dismissal of her concerns as emotional rhetoric suggests it takes a man in a leadership position to render it a legitimate issue.

Misogyny will continue to infiltrate social institutions as long as we turn a blind eye to it. As Morrison asserts, “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” Despite the controversy that marred her leadership, Julia Gillard’s fierce conviction and drive as PM will facilitate the empowerment of aspiring female politicians to come. The leaders of this country have a responsibility to take a stand against misogynistic values and practices as she did, raising the level of respect for women and supporting their integral place in the public domain. On a micro level, families and educational institutions have the ability to instill confidence in young women, thereby teaching them self-worth.

Goddess Graduates is an initiative that empowers female university graduates entering the workplace. It aims to shift restrictive thought patterns and foster trust in their abilities, which its founder, Lisa Camille Robertson, identifies as a major inhibiting factor for women pursuing leadership positions. The workshop will be taught throughout 11 universities in NSW and include a mentorship program, equipping women with the resources required to achieve their career goals.

It is high time we started focusing on the quality of the contribution we make to society, rather than the combination of chromosomes that partly constitute our DNA. Equality is crucial to the prosperity and health of the nation. It is every woman’s right to aim high without fearing her safety or dignity will be jeopardised. The glass ceiling only exists if we allow it to. It is time to destroy it.


King Dick?

Ash's Machiavellian Bloggery

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York;

So. Three years on. Tony Abbott has singlehandedly changed the mood of this nation. Where once we thought us a fair and compassionate nation, Abbott has turned it seems 58% of the nation into thinking that refugees are illegal. To highlight this further, the coalition recently announced some totally bullshit announcement designed to please their current support base, the small but loud and bitter number of xenophobes that you find in any nation.

Not once has the media ever really tried to question Abbott’s policy. Oh they may have quietly mentioned the view of Indonesia, but it was always presented in a way that that somehow is not an issue and after all Howard did it in the before times.

It was in this environment, this bitter watchlist making environment, talk back hating environment, media…

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Col Hinton Incites Assassination of Prime Minister of Australia

Remember this guy?

Well he’s at it again. In this latest issue, see Col Hinton:

* Inciting an assassination on the Prime Minister;

* Showing off his gun and shitty car;

* Letting his kid play with firearms;

* Leaving a foul taste in the mouths of South East Asian women.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 6.07.18 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 6.06.49 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 6.06.21 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 6.06.59 AMScreen Shot 2013-05-10 at 6.06.32 AMScreen Shot 2013-05-10 at 6.06.11 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 6.05.40 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 6.05.12 AM

An Australian Facebook User Called the Prime Minister a ‘Slut’ to Her Face | Motherboard

By Brian Merchant

Drew Boyer is a young man, just 19 years old. He went to Wanneroo Senior High School in Perth, Australia. And he just called Australia’s prime minister a “slut” to her face. But the Australian media hasn’t made much noise about Drew Boyer, because he did it on Facebook.Prime Minister Julia Gillard recently took part in an event billed as the first of its kind: a live Q+A on Facebook where citizens were offered a direct line the country’s top official. Seems like a trendy, progressive way to connect with young, plugged-in voters; sort of like Obama’s much-discussed Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. Unfortunately, it also soon acquainted the Gillard administration with another novel aspect of social media platforms: they unleash the trolls, allowing the repressed assholes of the world to speak their mind with no fear of public recrimination.So as soon as Gillard had logged on to the hour-long event, which was intended to focus on the prime minister’s education policy, the filth started flowing. SkyNews details what happened:

A Facebook question and answer session with Prime Minister Julia Gillard on education turned sexist and nasty, with her office forced to remove offensive comments. Ms Gillard took to the social networking site on Monday to talk about her education policies. But the discourse turned ugly, with one man calling the prime minister a slut. Another man asked how her father was. John Gillard died last month.

‘Get my dinner ready’ posted another man, while one asked if her ‘pubes’ were as ‘radiant, shiny and glorious’ as his own. A number of other Facebook users labelled her the worst prime minister and criticised her voice, with one saying her voice and demeanour were like nails on a blackboard.

In a town hall or a real-life Q+A with Gillard, none of these people would have had the gall to say a word of the above. In fact, in any other forum, many of those comments would qualify as straight-up sexual harassment. Yet the semi-anonymity of the internet, the inherent sense of distance and disconnect from other real live organ-filled people, and the unreality engendered by staring alone into the reflective abyss of the laptop screen had, for a bunch of dirtbags, once again turned the act of responding to actual events into a fantastical video game. An ugly, juvenile, and sexist video game; the sort played on Facebook by millions of idiots every day.

The interesting thing here is that these users weren’t even cloaked in actual anonymity. These were people with verified Facebook profiles with photos up front and center, willing to call the prime minister a SSSSSSLLLLLUUUUUUUTTTTTT.

The guy who wrote that, for instance, is our 19 year-old manboy Drew Boyer, who uses the alias UglyStonerr.

And this is essentially what Drew Boyer did: he called the Prime Minister of Australia a “slut” to her face. She was sitting right there, after all, on her computer, in real-time, as Mr. Boyer typed his inflammatory comment. The digital words sprang into being as quickly as real ones, in the same amount of time. His name and identifying icon were right there on the screen. It’s quite possible that, in this case, it was clearer who made the comment than it would have been had Mr. Boyer shouted such a statement from a crowded debate hall. So I repeat: Drew Boyer called Prime Minister Julia Gillard a ‘slut’ to her face.

But consider this: If Boyer had indeed been sitting at a town hall meeting where Gillard was speaking, if he stood up and yelled “SSSSSLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUTTTT,” he would have made the national news cycle. Easy. Australia would know the name of Drew Boyer. But barring the cameras and the bellowing, this was precisely the same thing: The same number of people, or more, were online for the Facebook Q+A as would attend a live debate event, give or take. Gillard, her aides, and the audience registered Boyer’s message just as clearly. A concise, sexist insult delivered directly to the Prime Minister, for all to see. So why is the media cutting Mr. Boyer and his ilk so much slack, when such actions would be roundly decried by punditry across the land if they were spoken aloud instead of tapped out on a keyboard? Why are we so slow to apply the same social standards to the digital spaces we’re increasingly occupying and communicating across?

The media, and many older folks in general, tend to look upon Facebook and Twitter and YouTube as either objects of curiosity or juvenile toys, and therefore take less seriously the messages scrawled out there. The younger, for their part, have grown accustomed to treating these platforms as an almost alternate plane of reality, where they can get away with saying stuff they typically wouldn’t in real life. Both are bullshit. These may be (relatively) newly shaped conduits for transmitting your ideas, but you’re still responsible for those ideas. Especially if you choose to share them publicly, in a chat room with the elected leader of your country.

Because, come on man, it’s as public as anything. As public as the fact that according to his own Facebook page, we know that Mr. Boyer prefers to use the free lubricant included in Four Seasons brand condoms and is against gay marriage.

So what is the phenomenon that makes Boyer feel comfortable making insulting sexist remarks about Ms. Gillard, while she’s sitting right there, reading them? He’s surely aware that all this information is easily transmitted. Judging by his profile, he’s used Facebook extensively. He knows how this works. So perhaps he’s simply not registering the significance of remarks made on Facebook. It’s not like he said them on TV or something. Those words just somehow seem less real on the internet, and he knows nobody is going to criticize his sexist views over some dumb comment he made on Facebook. The medium changes the message — except that it doesn’t.

There has to come a point when will we grant the space more gravity, when we absorb intuitively the fact that people who make such offensive comments should be help accountable for them. The point will come when we begin to treat these platforms with the scrutiny we do with other more formalized modes of communication, when we calibrate the strange blend of casual transmission and permanent record-keeping that defines social media.

But I guess it’s possible some people will always see Facebook and Twitter and whatever comes next as screw-around houses and nonsense receptacles, where our bad impulses and unseemly ideas can be deleted the next morning or six months or six years from now when we have that job interview. Maybe they’ll never actually absorb the new-found accountability social media demands of our comments. That Facebook doesn’t offer immunity to the composers of misogynistic or otherwise offensive remarks. The Drew Boyers of the world may simply never consider the fact that his future would-be employers might Google his name and find this article.


An Australian Facebook User Called the Prime Minister a ‘Slut’ to Her Face | Motherboard.

Here’s Drew

Here's Drew. Very average outside very ugly inside.

Here’s Drew. Very average outside very ugly inside.

(and here are the worst of the comments on Brian’s article. )


Serial Internet pest, self-appointed moral compass and defamatory troll Peter Tolmie kicks off,  followed by Whingin’ Chris Smalley.


The Moral Defamers are joined by Alison Laing. Hummy then gives us an incoherent rant about fluoride (??) and a fake joins in with a cut-and-paste from every dreary far right piece of drivel out there.


Constitutional “experts” Fred and Brian kick off, interrupted by yet another Moral Crusader in the person of Brian Palmer.

Hey fellas, you are starting to sound jealous with all this obsession about people’s private lives.

Then again no one is too impressed by someone whose education consist of  “Mafia Wars”.


Ewan Lambert, whose main activity is playing Facebook-based games,  joins the moralists.  And marching on centre stage is Peter Tolmie’s intimate friend Ivan “Waste Transfer” Tipp, yet another serial Internet troll.

We’ll be sure not to have any dealings with Eric Hallforde and Viking Concrete either


Ivan also goes under the name of Ivan Havel. We can hear the great Czech humanitarian, poet and statesman Václav Havel spinning in his grave at the thought of having his surname hijacked by this far right fail.

Too many spills off the Harley can bring on brain damage Ivan.

Mark Berney and Dean Pollock continue the defamation and the best description of  the contribution of the Family Snitch to the standard of political debate in this country can be summarised by the cartoon.


We don’t think anyone will f$#k Craig either.

And here’s a pic of Ivan and Peter so you can avoid them when shopping.

Elderly Internet besties Ivan Tipp and Peter Tolmie. All trolls all the time.

Elderly Internet besties Ivan Tipp and Peter Tolmie. All trolls all the time.