Razer-sharp – Helen Razer nails the bigots

Helen Razer is a well-known writer and newspaper columnist.

Like so many of us she has Muslim friends, mostly women, who were targeted and harassed by hateful bigots. So she wrote a response.

We loved her powerful response to the tide of Islamophobia that is both encouraged by and threatens to overwhelm social media.

And we remind people that there is an enormous gap between critiques of all religions and vicious, ignorant and violent attacks on the adherents of minority faiths. We also note that attacks on Islam by bigots are usually gendered attacks by the same cowardly morons who would figure as perpetrators of misogynist attacks on women generally.



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SBS guide to dealing with anti-Muslim arguments

Battlefield Derp – the ADL’s war against women

As the ADL League (yet another mini-group in the fail franchise) raises its bullet heads above the parapet and peers myopically around…

Seeing as the ADL ‘s only contact with women is either via porn sites or the bit when their mothers ask them every ten years or so when they are going to leave home like normal men do, we are constantly surprised at the amount of attention  they give to discussing women, their clothing and their genitals.

Jealous fellas?

This wriggling collection of maggots like posting pictures of women they are scared of – which means by the end of the year there should be around 4 billion pics up

However as you can see from the screenshots below it is not the sort of interest that should be encouraged.

In fact people have been known to attract interest of a different sort from law enforcement and the courts when carrying on like this pack of yapping hyenas.

adlmisogyny1 adlmisogyny2

You will note that “Billy Ray” is a fake profile who harbours a secret desire to be a woman.

As for Danny McGilton who appears to actually have spawned kids (or is raising the milkman’s) despite the alarming impairments he displays, his lousy spelling is only exceeded by his porn-mediated brain farts.

ADL? Fail fail fail

Willy Wanker and the T shirt Factory

#JointDestroyer     #tanya_plibersek      #aus_politics  


It is not often that a Deputy Opposition Leader’s name appears on a scurrilous T shirt with the defamatory implication that she is allegedly  free with her sexual favours.




So who is Will Dallas Brooks?

The surname also belongs to a distinguished former British soldier and long-serving governor of Victoria who happens to be the grandfather of TV presenter and journalist Jennifer Byrne. Byrne’s mother Jeanette was his only child.

No mention of  any Willies on the bio or in newspaper records.

It won’t be the first time we’ve seen surnames of people which resemble those of the famous. No doubt if you have a famous monicker it doesn’t harm you when looking for a job.

Here’s his website if you really want to read it. He declares

Polliter.com was created not out of need, but necessity. It is the lone voice of free Conservative speech left to Australians.

Yeah yeah yeah…

Tim Wilson on steroids.

Willy dislikes lots of things – the SMH, conservative News Corpse columnist Peter van Onselen, Fairfax journalist Elizabeth Farrelly, the ABC, asylum seekers and the Facebook page Destroy the Joint – by extension feminists women who have and express an opinion in general.

Strangely enough when we visited Polliter only the main page was visible. The links led nowhere.

Something like Willy himself.

Error 404
 Sat Jun 14 13:55:56 2014

Looks like the pages have been down for some time

All else we managed to find was a link to this article in Quadrant, the musty old mag edited by very conservative historian Keith Windschuttle, which serves as a sort of home for the bewildered for very conservative old white blokes.

The Quadrant contributors in animated discussion

Destroy the Joint managed to dig up a brief bit of Willy’s self-puffery which reads

Brooks is an independent consultant in hospital management, healthcare reform and clinical care. He worked extensively with Professor Chris O’Brien on developing the world’s first comprehensive cancer data repository, and has advised State and Federal governments on improving public healthcare systems and increasing accountability in medicine.

Let me guess – a minor pen-pusher in the Department of Health (one of them) applying some helium to his resumé. If that.

Ho hum

Sexual predator Beau Miller – “I don’t see what the big deal is about rape”

#JointDestroyer      #clementine_ford   #YesAllWomen

From Tumblr via Clementine Ford

OK we don’t usually feature Americans but this douche-bag deserves total contempt




Remember what happened to this (fictional) turd?



Maybe these rules should be tattooed onto this loser



Facebook supports misogynist killers – and their cheerleaders

#JointDestroyer   #stillgray  #CCriadoPerez  #timjsimmons   #guardian   #YesAllWomen

From the Department of Why are we not surprised

Destroy the Joint is not surprised either



Scores of people on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in  The Guardian, complained.




Some of the responses in The Guardian

…”The page itself may have been created specifically to provoke”…

I’m sure it was and the person responsible is obviously a complete tosser.


Why won’t facebook listen to it’s users and enforce it’s Rights And Responsibilities code? It shouldn’t take a newspapers involvement to bring about the removal of the page.
This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. Seems as if their conscience is only pricked when bad publicity comes calling.

How many hate pages are still up on Facebook despite thousands of reports?

I reported it as well.
Might have to post to the page, including a photo of a nipple. That might get FB to act.

Facebook has a weirdly warped concept of “Community Standards”. One wonders what loony “community” they reference.

The First Amendment does not apply to Facebook having to give a platform to people. The person who claimed it did is either lying or very stupid.

Someone needs to tell Facebook that. Do they think that anti-social entities like racists, bigots and killers and their supporters are more likely to click on their shonky sponsors’ ads?

What the fuck is Facebook’s problem? How can it possibly defend hosting a tribute page to a murdering psychopath? I’m all for defending free speech. But when it becomes a platform for bigotry, and rabid sexist bilge it is no longer a champion it is a symptom of the murderous social malaise besetting America.

I’m glad its taken the page down but the fact it did so under protest I find revolting. Especially when it will delete a pic of a woman breastfeeding with gusto.

Facebook has very disturbing issues it needs to address. Get some therapy.

One wonders indeed at the intelligence and mental health of people at Facebook.

The fact that one individual could target women is terrible, but I would not jump to the conclusion because of E Rodgers that misogynistic thinking is now the norm in western culture. However what is truly terrifying is Facebook’s continuing failure to remove sites glorifying violence against women. What does this say about our society? …They haven’t even got the decency to have a proper customer complaints department and show complete arrogant contempt for their users. .. Apparently there is still a site showing a young girl being gang raped which they refuse to take down. What really goes through their minds? Why have we allowed internet based corporations to operate outside normal boundaries? The press, TV, cinema and Advertising outlets all have to operate within codes so why do we think that the internet is different? There is no effective age restriction either;all this is available to children.This is not freedom of speech but oppression, terror and incitement of hatred. It needs an international government response.

Rape sites which can be seen by children – that’s Facebook for you

Tony Abbott stops for a “sleazy, slimy” wink

From The Guardian


Here’s the actual footage

Bob Ellis blogs about it here

And overheard in the Liberal Party room – “Will no one rid us of this turbulent (ex-)priest”

Some people never learn




Sex line grandmother ‘Gloria’ labels PM Tony Abbott’s wink ‘sleazy’ and ‘slimy’


The Antibogan asked its fans for some memes and here they are
Australia’s got wink memes!

Brian Woods PUP candidate – “Domestic violence is solely a woman’s choice”

Clive Palmer take note!…

Source (paywall)










Here’s Brian Woods’ profile page on the PUP website, and his e mail address.

His Facebook page seems to have gone.

Here’s the reaction of one blogger to the Twitter we posted.


Woods was the Palmer United Party (PUP) candidate for Chisholm in last year’s Federal election.

We trust that Clive won’t be standing him again.

It stops with me

The Australian Independent Media Network

bullyracism              sexual harrassment

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

When I heard Chief of Army, David Morrison, utter these words about incidents of sexual harassment in the Australian Armed Forces, I stood up and cheered.  These are words that truly resonated with me and that we must all heed.  It is time for everyone to take personal responsibility, not for the economic reasons being thrown at us, but for a far greater cause – that of humanity.

I listened to Anne Summers give the Human Rights and Social Justice lecture at Newcastle University in 2012 where she shone a light on the political bullying of our first female Prime Minister.  We have all heard the clips, read the quotes, and seen the posters, but are you aware that, for many months, cartoonist and conman Larry Pickering bombarded not just Julia but every member of…

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Game, set, match, sexism?

Attacking From The Left

For a second, just imagine that one of the highest ranked male tennis players in the world, be it Nadal, Federer, Murray, Djokovic or any of the others, had just won a marathon five setter. Now imagine them taking part in the obligatory post game interview with a commentator who starred in the game for decades, and no doubt knows it inside out. Now imagine the first question they get asked is “so who would you most like to date?” or “So how is married life treating you?”. Having a difficult time imagining the last step in that sequence ever eventuating? That’s because it’s incredibly unlikely at best.

These are the sexist double standards that female tennis players and athletes in general have to put up with. The latest case of this was at the Australian Open in the past few days. Having just won her way through to the…

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