14 thoughts on “Racism

  1. Those that claim others are being racist/racism is a petty load of shite ! it makes one wonder it become a phrase that is used so often, it lost its real value in my eyes. and whoever uses it, are normally found out being the one’s who really are the person/s that are it!

      • Hi, love the site…but Scott J, i think that was uncalled for…everyone has a right to their opinion. I think sometimes by publishing the racist comments, you can promote them! (as much as you hate them), Hatred begets hatred and any attention is good attention for hatred..Please be careful with your comments, everyone 🙂
        I love this site and i love people who can express their dislike towards (intolerable) racism, but i’d like to see less falling to the “bogans'” level and more good constructive conversation on here. Thanks. Peace.

  2. Well these days it’s not about being racist anymore, it’s about looking after ourselves. Do you think that the UN is going to intervene in Syria after all the criticism they have got from Iraq and Afghanistan? No way, let them sort it out for themselves.

    Westerners are going to take a back seat, if the others are so smart and influential, then we will just look after our own countries, see how they fare. Most of the money we give in Aid etc ends up in the wrong hands anyway, so we might just start saying nah we are not going to help any other countries anymore.

    Immigration, nah we only take our own people from now on.

    England and the whole of Western Europe from France to Sweden is realizing the implications of multiculturalism.

    A man was deliberately and brutally murdered in England just the other day as we all know. We must realize that we have made a mistake with multiculturalism and act.

    • No mistakes at all with multiculturalism. A person was murdered in the UK. Not a new phenomenon.

      At the height of the Troubles in Northern Ireland

      The white Catholic IRA killed 2057 people

      The white Protestant Loyalists killed 1019 people.

      So what are you going to do chum – deport/execute all white Irish Christians?


  3. Northern Ireland is all you got? That’s Catholics for you, but besides that I think you will find that that conflict is being dealt with in a sensible fashion. I actually question those figures there also. When you say height of troubles, what time period are you talking?

  4. When you say at the height of troubles, what time period are you talking about? I question those figures. Ireland is all you have, something that has been dealt with largely. what about Rwanda, Saddam Hussein, other middle East and African conflicts.

    All whitey’s fault?

    Syria is going to be another Rwanda, but it’s true the criticism that the western world cops from intervening, can you blame them?

    These are in places distant from the western world, nothing to do with whitey.

    But yet whitey is blamed if we don’t intervene, blamed if they do.

    I gave up on the word “Racist” a long time ago.

    I go by the term frantic masturbater or enlightened, concerned white person these days.

  5. Well it’s not like the criticism wasn’t well earned. Iraq was an ill-informed disaster. Really, the only reason Syria won’t receive a HELPFUL intervention is because the Western nations have no vested interests there (yet). You are not an enlightened white person, you are an idiot.

    Trever, do you think that the country you live in today would be where it was in terms of its development (both culturally and economically) without multiculturalism?

  6. Feel free to correct me here, but:
    Racism is terrible, EVERYWHERE around the world, no matter where you are, no matter what you look like (black, brown, tanned, white, purple.
    Why do we define ourselves by colour and region? We shouldn’t. It only leads to violence…conflict such as those you have outlined and much much more.

    Conflict in Rwanda has been said to have started when white people of the Catholic church defined the difference between Hutus and Tutsis..
    Poverty was so great and with little education that tensions between the groups were present, especially throughout Juvénal Habyarimana (and his wife)’s reign. During his time, his party enforcers required people to chant and dance their love for him.
    He and the political extremist group Akazu whipped up racism to tipping point, encouraged and funded by the French government..
    Scratch a racist, you get what you want – a reaction. Conflict broke out in 1990 as the Rwandan Patriotic Front invaded, hoping to bring down the dictatorial leader and election fraud and his government. At last an agreement was made between the Rwandan Patriotic Front and the Hutu-led government. Habyarimana and the Akazu hated this agreement. tensions rose again. Finally, in 1994, when Habyarimana’s plane was shot down in an assassination attempt that worked, conflict broke out again. Those who loved their president (supposedly all Hutus, which was not the case in reality), sought revenge, blaming the Tutsis and RPF, but the RPF blamed other Hutus. Racism became a flame that engulfed so so many in a murderous spree, leaving up to 70% of the Tutsi population dead.
    It was a terrible tragedy that could have been prevented if they had learned to get along!!!
    I am glad tensions have died down, and hope that i do not spark any bitter memories, hurt or further racism in anyone.

    Rwanda is only one of many, many issues around the world. It is so so sad to see. Innocent people just trying to get out of poverty and make a better life for themselves and their families, coming to the West for help, only to be turned back. We have money, we have food, we have clothes and houses and ok, we’ve worked for it, but not as hard as most!! They just want a chance to work for it too.
    Lets all give everyone that – no matter what colour, creed or class!!!


  7. I’m sorry Mel… white people did not go on to shape the people of the African continent. The indigenous African shaped their country by themselves. If you what to admit that African’s were simply racist against there own kind…then I’d be open to that.

    • Racism brought about by the arbitrary annexation of lands and the deliberate erasure of traditional tribal homelands. Racism created and urged by colonial masters (the Dutch, the Belgians, the British, the Germans, the Portugese) in order to divide and consolidate the power of these colonial masters.

  8. Thomas

    July 25, 2015 at 7:11 am • Reply
    Stupid humans, there is a part of our brain that tells us that we are right even if we might be right. The part that gives us wisdom and is supposed to correct the other, does not fully develop until 25 years of age and is only as good as your lived experience, most people have no lived experience to make them any smarter then the S Bend in your Loo. 1900th Century Bogans with 21st Century technology given to us by a small minority.
    When we humans finally take sensible control of those stupid things between our thighs we might stop being survivalistic. That’s all we have done for 12000 years. Breed, Breed, Breed, Kill, Breed, Breed, Kill, when 1st nature and then the modern money making scheme of feeding human trash failed to sustain our breeding, we killed and we keep killing because we can’t stop breeding, stupidly.

    WW1&WW2 were about economics and Imperialism. We went from the Ottomans to the British Housed European Monarchs and then to the Yanks, who incidentally collapsed the world economies for the last 150 years to achieve control of world manufacturing and therefore wealth. 85% of the worlds Manufacturing was in the hands of only the big 4 from 1860 it was England, France, America, Germany. By 1900 it was America, Germany, England, France. That’s why the commo French crawled up Englands backside, England crawled up America’s backside. The English, German, ?????? Monarchs realised after WW1 that shitty little England wasn’t going to finance, fight or win another war for them, so they started Globilisation.
    So keep bonking, we now have 7.2 billion people multiplying by a minimum of 2 every year, 75 million unemployed, 45 million refugees and the world economies again collapsed by the stinking Yanks who are mostly brain dead breeding European scum, so what next.
    Look up Exponential Growth, Dopey’s. Buy a Gun, if others don’t try to get rid of you, your kids will. This Generation is the most violent on record. We mostly only breed to create Jobs for Nurses, Teachers, Doctors etc. so that someone will consume the Garbage we make out of what the rich dig up out of land that belongs or belonged to others. We are breeding cows (Women) and milking Cows (Men) to create consumers to aid the Industrial nightmare given to us by the rich to get even richer. Its a Pyramid game.

  9. There are forces in the world well beyond our ability to come to terms with.These have so much power that even though politicians , even honest ones who know they exist, realize it to be political and /or physical suicide to stand up against them.
    What the world needs is more of the Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela

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