Another Big Fat Failure

Read about the failure here…

The Australian Protectionist Party had high hopes for their planned ‘mass’ rally against Australia’s policies on accepting asylum seekers. Sure, these asylum seekers make up less than 0.5% of overall immigration figures into Australia each year, but being the socially awkward racists that they are, they went ahead and tried to make a big deal out of it all in an attempt to further alienate those who have genuinely fled war-torn, disaster savaged dictatorships abroad.

The APP can’t even form enough members to legitimately form a federally registered political party, and that’s despite offering free membership for the past year and a half.

Let’s take a look at the figures for their intolerant gathering:
* 37 said they were coming
* 53 said they were maybe coming
* 287 said they were not coming
* 191 ignored the event invitation altogether

And guess how many turned up? Less than 15. And keep in mind the APP personally sent out the invitations… And the funniest part? About a third of the people pictured were anti-racists who turned up to laugh at the APP.

So, once again the leadership qualities displayed by Darrin and Nicholas from the APP could only muster around 13 people. Of course, we should have known this beforehand… Remember the last rally they organised? (see below for the same collection of fuckwits at a different venue.)

Message to the racists – you might feel like Australia is united behind your intolerant cause, but you’re very much alone. And once again you look very very stupid.

Of course, this failure comes on the back of another racist failure. Click here to see the failings of the failures who succeed in failing.

3 thoughts on “Another Big Fat Failure

    • Daddy now you know, why the family hate your guts and why you are living by yourself in a tent in a camping ground.

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