The APP Fail Again

The photos below were taken of the Australian Protectionist Pathetics’ most recent public ‘rally’ against immigration and asylum seekers. Led by Balmain resident neanderthal Nicholas time-to-get-the-lube-out Folkes, the rally attracted less than 10 attendees across the course of the day, despite having Facebook group coverage and advertisement on Darrin Hodges’ Protectionist website.

It seems they can’t get enough of failing. (Click below to see other examples of their extreme unpopularity). The rally was held on the fringe of Sydney Uni, and there were three police officers flanking them. Shortly after these pictures were taken, another police vehicle arrived and requested that they move on.

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22 thoughts on “The APP Fail Again

  1. Such a fearsome crowd. Must have been too early in the day to get backed up by their neo-nazi mates.

    Hmmm… Where’s Scott P?

  2. It’s offical…

    Nick Folkes is a wanker.

    Must be the only action he’s getting since he got caned by John Laws.

  3. They held it in front of a Uni? Seriously? Maybe it’s just mine but I find Univerities to be a very multicultural and pretty accepting place, these idiots would’ve been lucky finding 10 people sympathetic to their stupid protest or whatever it was this time.

  4. Sydney Uni on a Sunday is like the Gobi desert in winter. And of course that lot would be the yaks.

    Lots of yacking, zero effect. What group are they again?


      • Would this be the publicity in which he is known as the union of a pig farmer and a pig or the publicity in which he is described as the result of a horrible accident at a turd manufacturing plant?

  5. Still can’t fathom the logic of this ‘protest’. The rendevous point is odd at best, inferring they didn’t really expect anyone to rock up.

    But at the Uni? On a Sunday? Who were they protesting at?

    Failed inception, failed execution, failed effort.

    These guys would fail at failing!

  6. Wait-was this the University rally against the Labour party that the APP cancelled early, or the Asylum seeker protest outside villawood (which is what the comment by Diane is referring to)?

    Neither had a lot of people, though.

  7. I can’t find anything about this on the APP website or the AI forum. Looks like even they’re too embarrassed about this one.

    • Even Sydney Indymedia were too bored to report it. Actually the Pathetics spend a considerable amount of time in parts of Sydney where the locals wouldn’t vote for them in a fit.

      Maybe they secretly yearn for a latte every now and again as a change from flat lemonade and stale bickies, or perhaps as their autumn years bleakly descend they want to recast themselves as lovable village eccentrics, but their tiny support base of idiots are woefully short of villages so they go into the inner city seeking somewhere to run nationalist bathtub races (in white bathtubs of course) or sell woven tapestries commemorating Galtaceri V the whole of the Bundesliga or whatever.

  8. I think the APP need to stop worrying about other people’s misfortunes, and these ‘aard’ (Aardvarks?) they keep worrying about, and just get some actual focus. They’re like Diarrhea, spraying shit everywhere but where they need to spray it.

  9. Come on Darrin admit the truth aren’t you engaging in crimnal behaviour, by writing comments that are clearly racist, are hate crime and are against the law of Racial Discrimination Act 1975?

  10. Darrin paying these scums to protest? Didn’t cost Darrin much out of his Centrelink Payment?

  11. Haha! Has TAB had that ‘time to get the lube out’ screenshot up its sleeve for a while? What a pisser! Nick is a racist tool with a mad wank addiction. Don’t get me started in Darrin.

    Don’t they get that no one wants to turn out and support this? It’d be good if we could know when these protests are happening so we could show up and out voice them

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