32 thoughts on “Gay = Mental Illness… Apparently

  1. I always go to find these bozos on facebook, because usually they’re a bit thick and tend to have public profiles, where we can watching their drinking, pissing and rioting action first hand.

  2. And heaven forbid one of his children ‘become’ gay. The Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service and the Twenty20 LGBTI youth centre and services exists because of parents like this.

    The only person who has the mental illness is him.

  3. His fake profile picture is holding a gun with his thighs clutching a horse. Freud + Brokeback Mountain.

    Oh and didn’t you know? Fascists don’t have ordinary everyday wives like normal men. They are always “hot and attractive”. Which always sounds like the blurb from a porn movie about MILFs. Bet some of the “wives” are figments of their imagination.

      • When I was young, me and my mates used to love going to North Sydney Park and flog poofs that were sucking each others cocks in the public toilets. You should see what a head looks like when you hit it with a fence paling. Dirty, sick fucking homo’s should be publicly shot.

      • You wouldn’t even know how to get to North Sydney from where you live. Besides, they confiscated your bus pass.

  4. Who has been editing my posts? This is so annoying. I’ve had to wipe the peanut butter off my nutsack and push Fido away because I wanted to storm around the room in a foul rage.

    • Win? This isn’t a game you douchebag. Your posts were edited because I was sick of watching you try to defend your racism. It has gone on for too long and it’s pathetic.
      Anyways, we win. We can make you say anything we want. Always have been able to. You might as well leave now.

  5. anitbogan very weak excuse considering I was having a go at someones comments about gay bashing.Nothing was said about race…..I know people who came to this site, looked and left, one was pro but thought the site is run by “dickheads if they do that”.You direct people to your site yet put up grotty fake posts, how does anyone know what is real or not then ?

    by the way…it is illegal to attribute such things to someone…Ive recorded this including your admission.I dont need to pay a lawyer 😉 I’ve said nothing illegal, not one thing but you HAVE acted illegally and Im looking into you right now, I know a fair bit more about you than you would like 😀

    PS – Does anybody else think dog poo tastes better when it’s dry? I just can’t make my mind up.

    • Fire when ready. There’s three of us anyway.

      PS – I thought you’d have a little more understanding of the law, being married to a lawyer. Isn’t that what you claimed? Her advice is clearly worth peanuts.

    • Oh here we go, Baggy the bush lawyer…your own posts are potentially actionable under the Anti-Discrimination Act, since you don’t use your real name you have no proof that anything attributed to your screen name is in fact referring to you and as my learned friend Maiki-T has correctly observed, in the unlikely event the court could be bothered hearing your “case” a judge would laugh you out of court on the grounds of the “trivial” nature of your whinges – there is actually a section in the defamation laws of each state which states that.

      Look up “Albert Haddock”. Then go away. You are starting to bore us.

  6. I can assure you big_baggies, as a pre law student, that the law on this is certainly not as clear cut as you might think. slander is certainly not punishable in criminal law. civil cases may be brought in instances when harm was done to the reputation etc of a person concerned, but you would struggle to prove such a thing in this case, and if such circumstances extend to blogs etc is not yet well defined. also, no self respecting lawyer would waste their time with this.

    i feel i may have given this too much credit, given the blatantly pathetic and idle threats given, that read like the bleetings of a premature child. never the less, there it is.

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