Shoot Them Wog C*nts – Because They Start Shit


Shoot all wog cunts. Because all of them ‘start shit’. What ‘shit’? Is there any specificity in this claim? Or just a call for genocide?

Thank you for this irrelevant mindfuck Aaron Ballhause (of Southern Cross Soldier association).

Good Old Aussie Respect for Women: ‘Root or Boot?’

You really can’t win, being a woman in Australia.

If you’re ugly, you’re called ugly.

If you’re sexually conservative, you’re called a frigid feminist.

If you’re sexually active, you’re a slut.

If you cover up with a hijab or a burqa, you’re an ugly terrorist.

If you have non-Anglo origins, you’re trash.

If you get around with hardly any clothes on, your fair game for unwanted attention.

Hats off to all the men in this country that actually treat women with respect and DON’T engage in this BULLSHIT.

Australia, where the game of ‘spot the racist’ gets easier every day.

Australia, where the game of ‘spot the Aussie racist’ gets harder easier every day.

So… how can an Aussie be spotted or picked out from a crowd, anyway?

So, wait… the idea behind this ‘game’ is that just by looking, and just based on any kind of physical appearance… if you have any kind of Asian, Middle Eastern, or southern European heritage, these morons will assume you’re not ‘Aussie’???

No, Belinda.  Most people have better things to do with their time than step out the door and start counting every person they pass – because the likelihood is, the vast majority of them will be AUSTRALIAN.

But wait, there’s more stupidity…

I wonder if Sera Isa Guidette plays this game with her customers as well?

“Im[sic] not racist but…”

That’s funny, at last count I thought there were about 22 million or so Australians kicking about?

Note: If you can’t stretch your brain to even construct a sentence, justf find a way to say something short with “fuck” in it.

It doesn’t seem like Toby Straatman has too much respect for his (apparent) role in the Australian Defence Force…

Alan ‘Felcher’ Tilbrook takes it that one step further and decides that in his fucked up world view, anyone with a certain eye type, anyone dark skinned (does that include Aboriginal people, Alan?), anyone who wears a religious head dress, or is Jewish (how on earth can you tell that by looking at someone?!) or indeed any descendant of our neighbouring New Zealand has to “fuck off back too[sic] were[sic] they came from”.  (Even if they are Australian.)

Quite the poster boy for his multi-national employer, eh?

So, surely this page has to be some kind of sick joke, right?  Isn’t that what they always claim?  It was just for a laugh, don’t be so uptight, etc, etc…

Speaking of sick jokes., and just to sum up the level of brain rot that is festering in groups like this, a message from the page administrator…

Hint: Finding it hard to read any of the text in the screen grabs?

Click on the image and it will open in full.

What Is a ‘Go Home’? And Where Can I Get One?

Oh damn this is so confusing.

Either Joshiie is talking about a guy called Arab who has a ‘go home’ – whatever that is… Or he is talking about how Arab IS a ‘go home’.

Apostrophes are so damn challenging when there’s more than use for them.

Thank goodness there are people like Justin Honeywill though. There’s nothing like spreading the message of interracial love. Yes Justin, having sex with non-white people is just as satisfying. Good on you for being so open about it.

Your (sic) Talkin (sic) to Sum (sic) One that Reps (sic) the White Power KKK


(Inside the mind of a refugee, fleeing a country deep in turmoil for fear of being murdered, tortured or persecuted):

“Hmm.. I really want to take over Australia. I wonder how I’ll do it… A ha! I know! I’ll get on a leaky boat with none of my possessions, and hope that it doesn’t sink on its three week journey to Australia. Then, when I get there, I’ll get thrown into a detention centre for a few years. After I finally get out, I’ll have to build my life from the ground up – with minimal education and no work experience in Australia. Once I’ve got enough money and resources together, (provided I’m still young and enthusiastic, and wanting to take over the country), I’ll walk up to Parliament and demand that they give me the top job. Ah yes… A failsafe plan. Those Aussies won’t know what hit them! Ha!”


One Nation Moron in Denial

This guy got owned at slackbastard



“…and yes we all make statements we later regret.”





Let’s Bash Wogs For Australia Day

Ah Andrew. Bondi… A rich, beachside suburb. Hard working people, including Greeks and Italians driving BMWs. We understand your jealousy.

But what you said about Indians… Well, it doesn’t quite add up! Are you suggesting that Aussies like yourself don’t rape women? And that Aussies like you don’t kill each other? What country are you living in?? It seems your Catholic education at MMCC has failed to instil any humane values. Should we blame Catholicism for the way you turned out? Or can we just blame you?