Aussie Pride? Judge For Yourself…

79 thoughts on “Aussie Pride? Judge For Yourself…

  1. Is there any particular reason why this wanker’s vocabulary seems to consist almost entirely of the words “Aussie”, “Pride”, “Fuck” and “Blood” and a few ethnic slurs?

  2. My family has been here since the early days, populated Tasmania with many others, deeply ingrained in the history of this modern nation.

    If people like me, the thicker national blood, had more of a say than these swearing, me ute driving, ‘southern cross tattooin’ national pride bullshit brigade chucklefucks, then I would gladly have them banned from the internet and have them sent away from anyone they can offend.

    Though, this could be a problem because we’ll always need unintelligent skilled labour to build the fences to keep their rat-tailed, smoking kids away from our houses…

  3. Why has his face and name been blacked out? I thought they would be proud of their views and want to won them, and for the nation to know what low life scum they are.

    • Yeah, what’s the point of being a “proud Aussie” if they’re too cowardly/ashamed/pussy to show their faces? Bit ironic, innit?

      • These screenshots were provided to us by someone who obtained them from a private profile. Because they aren’t publicly accessible, we have blacked out the faces and names of those whose profiles are private.

  4. You can only own pistols if you are member of a Pistol Club or in Security, with high level restrictions.

    So the pistols in the photos are either plastic or the person who has the pistols are breaking the law in keeping pistols without a licence.

  5. It makes me quite sad to know my name ‘Skip’ can be related to such bullshit as FBS. Luckily for me their little group will never amount to anything more than seeing who can make the most spelling and grammatical errors in a single post.

  6. So how does threatening a bunny with a knife display ‘Aussie pride”? Is that an ‘Aussie value’, threatening animals with violence…? I must have missed that memo.

  7. The only thing the bogan is successful at is misspelling and breeding. I wish I could be a full blood too! Then I could talk in a nasal drawl and have the reading, spelling and vocabulary skills of a five year old. Crack open another Bundy Rum, you classless morons. Your own stupidity renders you farcical.

  8. Sealy,
    Guys like him like to act tough and macho but as someone who has worked with both the MSF and Red Cross, I assure you that real toughness is a completely different breed. They basically use “Aussie Pride” and overly macho posturing as a kind of cover for the virulent hatred that they hold. His nationality and ethnicity have very little to do with his attitude and neither of them is anything more than a smoke-screen. If he was born in Afghanistan instead of Australia, the only thing that would change are the groups he targets, not his attitudes.

    • LMAO… so “killing bunnies” is macho? *rolls eyes* I can’t believe that they are liking themselves to the Nazis. As horrible as their regime may have been at least they have the brains. Although it’s probably a good thing that they’re quite brainless.

      • Of course. This guy’s an ALPHA MALE. Look at that fit body and cool-as-cucumber attitude. And the tattoo. Way out, man. And he can threaten *gasp* RABBITS!! Now THAT’S a real man. 😉

  9. @yok – u may disagree with these racist idiots, but by referring to “your thick” blood etc u buy into same ideology n principles, why shld
    “People like u” have more say!!!! Just cause YOU THINK U r right doesn’t give u any greater authority than these idiots, nor should u have more say, learn bout human rights my friend, you’re thinking can be turned against u oh so easily

  10. Aside from threatening bunnies, there is an overt misogyny expressed in other posts. He hates and threatens women too. What a MACHO man!

  11. I actually hope this guy gets hit by a bus and dies. I hope those firearms are registered, but being a bogan and not knowing how to read probably means they aren’t.

    Oh, and nice muffin top with the aussie pride tat .. that would look great from behind.


  12. But ‘PT’, he wasn’t born in Afghanistan, he was born in Australia, he’s Australian (even if some of his manner of showing his pride in that go awry), and people like you are feverishly working toward the time when we’ll all be immersed in some awful amalgam of every hellhole one earth like that aren’t you?!

    Leftists deny there is anything for Australians to be proud of or about, they actually deny (except when it comes time to lay blame for “stealing” the land!) that there even is an Australian people to have any pride whatsoever!
    So, you then lose any right to cry foul when the Australian’s pride comes to the surface in the wrong ways.

    Australians once had pride, genuine pride.
    We never had to really go on about that though.
    It just was.
    We were confidently who and what we are, and our hearts beat with pride.

    That is, from many sides, assailed today.

    It’s time for Australians, not merely “Aussies”, to rediscover, reaffirm, and proclaim, their pride!

    • It seems that you are the one who has lost their pride, as you are the one who does all the complaining about how this country looks and acts.

    • Of course we all know that you are very proud of Full-Blooded Skip.
      Also if we were always so full of pride in who we were in the past, why until recently were we always calling ouselves ‘British’ and not ‘Australians’? I have read a lot of old newspapers in some of the research I have been doing and it seems that many would rather identify themselves with ‘Mother England’ than being Australians.

    • I have no problem with anyone describing their pride for anything. If the above screen shots were just of people swearing about how much they’re proud to be Australian, I would be complaining right alongside you Scott.

      But they’re not. They’re off sick fucks threatening animals and worshipping Hitler and Nazism.

      Is that what good Australians are to you, Scott? I want a clear answer one way or another: Are you proud of the people in the above screen shots sharing a nationality with us? Do you like that they say “Aussie Pride” then start worshipping Nazism, without seeing the contradiction between the two (You do see the contradiction, don’t you?

      Just so we’re all clear of your opinion-who make better Australians: lefties that you despise so much, or sick fucks who like to torture animals, worship Nazism, and judge people on the colour of their skin?

      Hell, how do you even define a “Full blood skip” anyway?

      • for the people who dont know,there is a difference between neo nazis,white power,and the australian pride movement.simpletons try to group them all together to vindicate the fact that they have turned there back on there own race to go and work for other nationalities because they feel they have “won” the apraisel of there friends and other bone heads who are to gutless to work for there own glad there is still a few proud australians around that are willing to state that there australian and not wanna be russians or italians,just because there chasing a quick buck or a quick root.AUSTRALIAN PRIDE! DONT LIKE IT THEN THATS YOUR PROBLEM

        • harold,
          I am all for Aussie pride as long as at least correct English is used in pride communications, simply because despite being a “wanna be russian or italian …etc (insert all UN nations)” I only understand English. 😦 FML!

          My employer is American I think & I am not even getting a quick buck, So I guess according to your theories I am rooted 😦

          I won’t even bother with the macro economics & employment etc but hey I hope at least you have a job working for an Aussie.. which is brilliant, compared to sponging off my american employed tax dollars 😉

          Please keep working for the said Aussie & for that I will salute ya,… for the rest of it..??? I probably wouldn’t bother.

  13. I’m not a leftist, you twat. And congratulations on completely missing the point for the…um…ninety third time in a row. The Irish have a phrase for people like you – feckin eejit.

  14. Leftist, liberal, puppet of the power elite, asshole, whatever terms fits really…for anyone who so keenly supports the racial obliteration and social dissolution of Australia!
    The point?
    You’re daring to mention a point?

    The POINT IS that Australians are Australians and that massive amounts of foreign races and cultures are being brought in to make us lose our nation and future, and that all decent Australians resent and oppose that, THAT’S THE POINT!

    All other side points along the way are tertiary in comparison to THE point!

    I didn’t miss your point either, you left leaning, gullible, blank minded twat!

    If you’re going to call me a fucking idiot, then do so, DON’T pretend you’re in a scene from Father Ted!

    • Hey Scott,
      How’s it goin? 🙂
      Are you avoiding me on the other posts? haven’t seen you address the “issues” and reply. 😐

      Your rants are increasingly becoming senile, we’re concerned for your wellbeing just because my otherwise could be better spent tax money will be spent on fixing you and then more of the tax money will be spent on you as Centrelink payments. 😦

    • Scotty you are a fucking idiot and a good at one at that.

      Clap, Clap

      By the way how was the beer and Kebab last Friday, brought to Australia from overseas counties?

  15. No, “anti bogan”, I never lost my pride.
    See, fools and buggers like you never pay full attention to wording.
    I spoke about Australians losing their pride, not about losing our pride.

    Bastards like you have nothing but disdain for Australians, you spit upon and assault the pride of Australians every turn you can.

    The Australian’s pride may have taken a battering, may be covered in mire, but it still burns, fierce, passionate, and free.

    • You see, Scott, some people are actually intelligent, talented and delightful enough to not have to rely on things they were born with to derive pride and self-esteem. For most people, things like achievements, abilities and a good personality are enough to be proud of oneself about.

      Alas, alack, those who have done nothing to be proud of must rely on their sex, nationality and skin colour to feel good about themselves.

      Whoopy-farken-doo. Congratulations for the momentous achievement of *not* having choked to death on your own saliva in the middle of the night to have made it this far into your thirties.

    • Um no..

      So Australian pride is racisim, sexisim and discrimination?

      I don’t get how people like you came to find this site……how???

    • i see people throwing round words like idiot and the like,but i agree with what scot is saying in the aspect of people with nothing but disdain for would have to be a complete “IDIOT” to move to a country and hate the people,or there way of life.let alone that there proud of the country they were born in.and you people call these blokes idiots hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

      • harold,
        The moment you say you agree with Scott, I’m gonna throw a ‘BIG ROUND WORD!’ at you; just because most people including myself on this blog know a lot about Scott & who he is. And the rest of your post has been addressed many a times on this blog and been proved not to be true. 😀

  16. Okay Scott, I won’t pretend I’m in a scene from whatever. But the fact remains that you are a feckin eejit who missed the point. Twat. 🙂

  17. Check out the muffin-top with the “Aussie Pride” tattoo. Fat bogan is fat. Fucking ungrateful scum will probably suck off the public health system and receive help from migrant doctors and nurses.

  18. They appear scary due to their empty posturing.
    People like this rely on their strength in numbers, individually they are nothing but little boys.
    If a few of them have to face the consequences of their actions, perhaps through the wrath of an employer, then they will have to walk a block or two in the real world- individually.
    The self-proclaimed leaders of these groups (sad chunts that spend all their free time in dedication to their minor infamy), will soon find their numbers dwindling.
    Their groups eventually divide & fall & their legacy does little to inspire many people except for loners that can’t help but look at ethnic minorities & the inherent belonging that they have amongst each other & feel alone & jealous
    – hello SCOTT

    • well obviously you have never been bashed or had your friends bashed by these so called minorities,or your girlfriends raped just because they were seems to me sharky you really dont have a clue what your talking about in regards to these matters.maybe your individual opinion would be better spent kissing your employers behind so you can earn some more browny points on your way to that big promotion youll probably never see

      • harold,

        Have you been bashed or had your friends bashed by these so called minorities,or your girlfriends raped just because they were australian(sic)?

        Care to share your stories? so if they are as true and common as you want us to believe, may be TAB could organise a ‘so called minority’ bashing & raping at Fed Square. (I’m not for raping but will participate in the bashing)

      • I agree 100% also if you go back 20 years herion and matchetes were nowhere to be seen, now we have shari law, burqas and the whole country divided, sadly multi-culturisim does not and probably never will work, that is why God ( or whatever your idea of God is ) put us on different parts of the Earth to start with, I am not saying we shouldn’t share cultures but we can’t live together, there is too much diversity and culture difference for it to work properly, all it cause is racism from all partys.

      • .

        James Stewart
        Add as Friend
        none of ya bizness at dole bludger
        Went to Gorokan High School

        Education and Work


        dole bludger
        none of ya bizness · Sydney, Australia
        unemployed currently
        Forklift Driver/Labourer
        looking for work

        High School

        Gorokan High School
        Class of 1995
        st patricks collage sutherland
        Class of 1995

        Basic Information
        Sex Male
        Contact Information

        You fail James.

  19. What the hell is happening with the rabbit? Aside from that fairly weird aspect, it really really pains me to see the English language ruined like the above. I am by no means a genius, not by a long shot, but you would really think these people could make a little more effort in learning to spell the English language, a big part of the heritage they bang on about. I mean they seem to say in one of the signs they have that “we speak English here”, perhaps a few English lessons would not go wrong.
    Do these people have jobs? Do they contribute to this society in any meaningful way? Do they think that anyone else is going to take them seriously by these sorts of weird pictures and completely rubbish spelling. Maybe this is an age thing and I am missing the point.

  20. Ok….

    His face is blacked out because he is a fucking pussy…..

    Dare he show his face and perhaps risk being recognised for his ridiculous fucking bullshit

    You can hide behind your screen and hold a bunny wabbit and a knife at the same time……man you are hard…

    I would be scared to meet… you….an FBS, being only SECOND generation Australian and all….

    You stick fear into my non-FBS heart……

  21. “Pride, according to me, is for something that you achieve by your own merit, Something you personally achieve. Not something you automatically acquire by a sheer genetic accident of birth. You wouldn’t be proud of the fact that you are five foot seven would you? or that you have a predisposition for colon cancer? No. Then why would you be proud of being American or Italian or whatever? Hey if you are happy about it, fine, put that on your car. ‘Happy to be American’. Not Pride. Pride goeth before a fall.” – George Carlin.

  22. Scott likes the word “Pride” and uses it in all his rants, me think that he’s confused about the meaning.

    here’s a quick definition –

    pride is an inward directed emotion that exemplifies either a high sense of one’s personal status.

    Racism -Racism is the belief that the genetic factors which constitute race, ethnicity, or nationality are a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that ethnic differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

    Go home, have a lie down and study champ.

  23. I am always confounded by the affiliation of “Proud Aussies” and the Nazi movement. I guess they forget about the ANZAC troops who gave thier lives fighting against the Nazis. It just doesn’t seem very patriotic to support the enemy of our nation.

    • bout time someone was actually smart enough to relize that,make sure ya pass it round the rest of the bone heads in ya phone

  24. Some of those images where shocking, and a little scary, it’s not the Muslim’s we need to look out for, it’s the mentally ill(I hope, maybe just really dumb and maladjusted) with guns!

  25. I honestly think the police & RSPCA should be notified of these idiots, they are a potential danger to humans & animals in society.

    ….or has it already been done???

    Looks to me all 184 friends of FBS are nutjobs worth been closely monitored by relevant authorities for the greater good of society.😐

  26. If you think FBS is bad check out groups like “The southern Knights” or ” Aussie Aerians” or ” KKK” ( yes they are in Australia). then go and check out some of the Muslim groups like “The Brotherhood” or “Lebenese Tigers” there are fanatical and racial groups everywhere if you don’t agree with them that’s fine but to wish them dead our worse is just as bad as they are, besides most of the people in these groups are there because they love thier country and there fellow countrymen and then you have the fanatical religious groups they are the ones who should be feared the most as the will die for their faith, you may not agree with what I have just posted but that’s ok because I live in Australia the land of free speech (to a degree lol) and I am BLOODY PROUD of it.

  27. fuck every1 thats has a problem with fbs,scs,n any other aussie pride group out AUSSIE PRIDE LOUD N PROUD N IF U DONT LIKE IT GET ON YOUR FLOATING DOOR BOARDS AND FUCK OFF FOREVER PROUD FOREVER AUSTRALIAN

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