It’s Not Racist to Hate Muslims: Islam is Not a Race…

Eh? Since when were all refugees and asylum seekers Muslim? I thought the majority were coming from Sri Lanka at the moment…

See now this is just confusing. When you criticise people for being generalist and denouncing to Muslims, you’re told that it’s actually not racist because Islam is a religion not a race. Yet time after time, we see Islam attributed to foreign countries as though it was impossible for Muslims to be born in Australia and/or white!

So often you’ll hear comments about religious tolerance in ‘their’ countries, and how women from ‘those’ countries are hairy and ugly. You’ll hear about people wanting Muslims to keep ‘their’ religion in ‘their’ country, and for Muslims to fuck off ‘home’. But then have a go at these bogans and what do you get?

“It’s not racist to hate Muslims because Islam is a religion, not a race.”

The irony is nearly always lost.

More True Blue Respect For Women

Serial racist and neanderthal Danny flexes his flab and declares that women should be prepared to wait on hand and foot for him, read to do all of his washing, cleaning and cooking without dissent.

He belongs back in the 40’s.