Nope, Not Racist At All: The Week In Review

We get so many emails these days that we don’t need to troll festering hate groups on Facebook. 10-15 emails a day full of screenshots is enough to keep us feeling ill at the amount of shit-eaters who are so full of hatred and sheer stupidity.

Feel free to email us at any time at . Here is a collection of screenshots forwarded to us over the past week or so.


“heil hitler (sic)/no surrender, no retreat…” (from Melbourne)

Not much to add to this, obviously. He does seem to be the complete package though…:

* homophobe;

* Aussie pride white nationalist;

* Fuck Off We’re Full representative;

* neo-nazi;

* racist;

* English language enforcer with terrible English skills;

* violent tendencies;

* desire to bomb/kill non-whites.

Love from Melbourne.

Fuck Off Foreigners, We’re Full

Okay, I know it’s constantly used as the argument against ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’, but everyone came to Australia on a boat from somewhere else. Hell, even the Aboriginals came here from elsewhere 40,000+ years ago. So foreigners are from elsewhere hey? What about those born here of parents who are from elsewhere? What about those born here pre-1950s of parents from elsewhere that went on and procreated several generations?

Can’t racists understand that this is all grey matter? Surely they can’t believe that those are white are the only people who can possibly call themselves real Australians. If face value alone counts for anything then why do some racists feel so strongly about being against animal cruelty? What good have animals contributed to our country other than looking cute and being entirely dependent on other humans? We should kill them all or send them overseas or something so we can spend our money on looking after our homeless, etc [enter empty brainless racist rhetoric here].

Note: We don’t advocate killing animals. We love them and respect their right to be here. A Saint Bernard has the same rights as a chihuahua.

Fit In or Fuck Off

  1. *Sticker posted on a car produced in Japan.

The Aussie ‘way of life’ has long been proclaimed as including the following: playing sport, watching sport, eating meat, speaking English, drinking, going to the beach and being a ‘larrikin’.

lar ri kin |ˈlarikin|

noun Austral.

a boisterous, often badly behaved young man.

  1. •a person with apparent disregard for convention; a maverick : [as adj. ] the larrikin trade union leader.

Last time I checked, sport was played all over the world, as was eating meat, as was drinking, as was enjoying the sun and the water. English is spoken by all 2nd generation migrants and most 1st generation migrants in Australia.

Cheers for your public display of intolerance at the expense of devaluing your car and making people aware of your insecurity and low self esteem.