Asian woman racially vilified on Gold Coast tram and told “speak (expletive) English” in video



ANDREW POTTS, Gold Coast Bulletin
October 29, 2016 1:00am

A WOMAN has been filmed racially abusing an Asian passenger on the Gold Coast light rail and screaming at her to “speak (expletive) English”.

The disturbing vision was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday and shows a blonde woman screaming at a nearby passenger.

A woman filmed racially abusing an Asian woman on the Gold Coast Light Rail. SCREEN GRABS FROM YOUTUBE

A woman filmed racially abusing an Asian woman on the Gold Coast Light Rail. SCREEN GRABS FROM YOUTUBE

“See. Australian, thank you. You need to (expletive) speak English, mate,” the woman said.

The Asian woman responded saying, “I do”.

The older woman hit back saying, “(expletive) speak it …. you’re (expletive) in Australia, speak English”.

The woman who was the target of racial abuse from a caucasian woman on the Gold Coast Light Rail. SCREEN GRABS FROM YOUTUBE

The woman who was the target of racial abuse from a caucasian woman on the Gold Coast Light Rail. SCREEN GRABS FROM YOUTUBE

While she was yelling, several passengers on the tram can be heard telling her to stop.

The video, which runs for a little more than a minute, was filmed at night while the tram was stopped at a station.

It appears to have been filmed by a group of students from Merrimac State High and has been watched more than 60 times.

The woman’s actions have been condemned by tram operator, GoldLinQ.

The woman was booed and shouted down by fellow tram passengers.

The woman was booed and shouted down by fellow tram passengers. SCREEN GRABS FROM YOUTUBE

A GoldLinQ spokesman urged passengers who were on the light rail at the time to come forward.

“It’s disappointing when we see this type of behaviour within the community and we encourage people to contact QPS or a member of our staff for assistance,” he said.

“Tram passengers can use the emergency help points located at each tram door and at stations when staff are not in the immediate area.”

It is unclear when the incident took place and it has not been reported to either GoldLinQ or the police.

GoldLinQ have since passed the video on to the Queensland Police Service for investigation.

Gold Coast district Superintendent Craig Hanlon condemned the attack and said it would “certainly” be investigated.

“We mostly definitely will be looking into this,” he said.

“I believe in an inclusive and holistic society in which people respect each other and this does not meet community standards so police will certainly be investigated.

Superintendent Craig Hanlon said the abuse featured in the video was unacceptable. Picture Glenn Hampson

Superintendent Craig Hanlon said the abuse featured in the video was unacceptable. Picture Glenn Hampson

“People should be able to move safely through to their destination without having to be subject to this kind of behaviour.”

Surfers Paradise police station officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Jim Munckton urged witnesses of the incident to come forward.

“I have reviewed the footage and it would appear on the information provided that this incident has not been reported to police,” he said.

Senior Sergeant Jim Munckton urged witnesses to come forward.

Senior Sergeant Jim Munckton urged witnesses to come forward.

“Should any person wish to report the matter they can contact Policelink 131444 or contact their local police station.”

It is the latest incident of racial abuse on public transport in Australia in the past two years.

In April last year a Muslim woman was verbally attacked on a Sydney train while in December another Sydney woman was abused for speaking to her mother in Spanish.

In September last year NSW police arrested a Sydney woman for hurling racial abuse at an Asian woman on a bus.


Asian tourists abused on public transport

A man was captured on film abusing a middle-aged couple of Asian appearance on a Sydney bus, in another instance of racial abuse aboard public transport.

Another instance of racist abuse has reportedly been recorded on a Sydney bus.

A Caucasian man was captured on film abusing a middle-aged couple of Asian appearance, swearing at them and ranting about the Japanese bombing of Australia during World War II.

At one point the Asian man began apologising but it did not placate his abuser, who continued yelling, Fairfax Media reported.

The incident occured on the 470 bus from Circular Quay to Lilyfield in Sydney on Sunday evening.

A 30-year-old office worker of Chinese descent, Heidi, said she and another passenger told the man to get off the bus but were ignored. She then began filming the incident.

Heidi, who asked the Herald that her surname not be recorded, said no other passengers said anything.

“We didn’t receive any support from the other passengers,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Some told us to sit back down and be quiet and everyone just looked really blase.

No one did anything about it. In fact, two girls sitting next to me thought it was funny and burst into laughter.”

This is the latest in a string of videos to be posted, showing racial abuse on public transport.

Last year an attack on a French woman who was singing in French made headlines.

Two people abused the woman and made threats of violence against her.

Earlier this year, ABC Newsreader Jeremy Fernandez was racially abused on a Sydney bus in the presence of his daughter.


And there’s more

‘What if that happened to my mother?’: Man who stood up to bus racism told to accept abuse

April 2, 2013 – 1:52PM
Rachel Olding

Rachel Olding


Racist bus rant backlash

A second witness to a racist attack on a Sydney bus has come forward to say he was also targeted in the anti-Asian rant, and told by fellow passengers not to challenge his abuser.

Meanwhile the woman who used social media to publicise the attack has become the victim of further abuse online.

Yong Wang, a Chinese-Australian man, said he stood up on the 470 bus to Lilyfield on Easter Saturday to defend a middle-aged man and woman of Korean appearance who were being racially abused by a Caucasian man.

Racist rant … a screengrab of the video posted on YouTube.

Yet the man then turned on Mr Wang.

“He started to accuse the Korean lady in the video [for] not being able to speak English,” he said. “The lady’s son started to apologise and explain she is a tourist. Then he got worse.”

Another woman, who came forward yesterday and only wanted to be known as Heidi, backed Mr Wang’s intervention but said they didn’t receive any support from the other passengers, who either looked away, told them to sit down or laughed.

Mr Wang said people had told him not to argue with the man as he appeared drunk.

“I felt that I had to stand up when he called the lady disgusting because I just thought ‘what if that happened to my mother when she was visiting Australia?’,” Mr Wang said.

In the latter part of the rant, which Heidi caught on film, the Caucasian man yells at the Asian tourists about the Japanese bombing of Australia during World War II and calls them “f—ing bastards”.

Before the camera started rolling, the man yelled racist taunts such as, “Do you f—ing speak English?”, “Japanese c—s” and “why did you come to Australia?”, predominantly at the woman, said Heidi, a 30-year-old office worker of Chinese descent.

Since posting the video on YouTube and urging people to share it if it “upsets you”, Heidi has been subject to abuse and the YouTube page has been bombarded with racist, sexist and abusive comments.

Most of the 350 comments on the video attack the victims of the rant or those who stood up for them.

City Central police are contacting witnesses to ask if they would like to make a formal statement which would initiate an investigation into the incident.

A State Transit spokesman said CCTV footage and assistance would be provided to police if required.

Bus drivers can try to intervene to ask a passenger to leave a bus if an incident of anti-social behaviour occurs but they have no power to force a passenger off.

They can contact a supervisor via radio and organise for police to meet the bus, a spokesman said.

A leading racism researcher, Kevin Dunn, said the majority of bystanders will do nothing to intervene in a racist attack, usually because they don’t know what they should do.

He said witnesses could say something to the offender, film the incident or report it to an authority.

“In circumstances where people do speak up, the affirming effect on the victim can almost be so positive that it cancels out the effects of the racism,” he said.

The incident is the latest in a string of racist rants on public transport to be filmed or shared on social media.

In February, ABC newsreader Jeremy Fernandez tweeted about being called a “black c—” who should “go back to his country” by a female passenger on a Sydney bus. He was told by the bus driver to move seats but refused to.

In November last year, footage of a racist attack on a French woman on a Melbourne bus went viral after she was called a dog by male passengers, threatened with having her breasts cut off and told to “speak English or die”.

Riana Marie Deacon and Her Thoughts on Asians. Whoops, ASAINS.

Problems with this:

1. It’s ASIAN dammit. Why do stupid racist twats insist on spelling it ‘ASAIN?’

2. Um, ‘hmong’? Pretty specific…

3. Rice is grown in Australia, and dim sims are fried in Australia.

4. Heroes are cool. Australians do Kung Fu too.

5. There are currently no breeds of dog that have shoe lace eyes.

6. Telling someone to ‘cook up frog legs’ sounds like an insult for a French person, not an ASAIN.

7. I don’t know where to go cocksucking anal fucking idiots. Does anyone know where they can go to cocksucking anal fucking idiots?

Congratulations Riana Marie Deacon. Your comment has been immortalised forever.

Good Old Aussie Respect for Women: ‘Root or Boot?’

You really can’t win, being a woman in Australia.

If you’re ugly, you’re called ugly.

If you’re sexually conservative, you’re called a frigid feminist.

If you’re sexually active, you’re a slut.

If you cover up with a hijab or a burqa, you’re an ugly terrorist.

If you have non-Anglo origins, you’re trash.

If you get around with hardly any clothes on, your fair game for unwanted attention.

Hats off to all the men in this country that actually treat women with respect and DON’T engage in this BULLSHIT.

White Supremacist Argues Multiculturalism

Came across this gem of a loser. Check out his woeful rant.

‘Australians are British…so no-one with a different skin colour, apart from Aboriginals, are Australian.’

From the Australian Government citizenship website:

Australian citizenship is an important step in your migration story. Becoming an Australian citizen means that you are making an ongoing commitment to Australia and all that this country stands for. It is also the beginning of your formal membership of the Australian community. It is the step that will enable you to say ‘I am Australian’.
Australian citizenship is a privilege that offers enormous rewards. By becoming an Australian citizen, you are joining a unique national community. Our country has been built on the combined contributions of our Indigenous people and those who came later from all over the world. We celebrate this diversity and at the same time, strive for a unified and harmonious nation.
The strength of the Australian community means that we work together to solve problems and to make Australia the great country that it is. We have a stable system of government and Australians respect the authority and laws of the government. Our stability, our culture and our laws have been shaped by our history. By joining the Australian community, you will inherit this history and you will be in a position to contribute to it.
Australia was born on the backs of convict settlers from Britain, but that was over 220 years ago.

‘People simply do not have the right to come to OUR country…’

Actually, yes they do.

‘If people are paying taxes in this country and working (though they often aren’t!), then they have taken a job from an Australian… if they are raising their children here it is at the expense of Australian children…if they love ecah (sic) other, they are hating us.’

Where to start? So much ignorance.

Implying that some white Australians are only unemployed because non-white Australians are employed is possibly the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Imagine being granted employment not based on education or work experience, but because of your ethnicity..!

“Hi there, congratulations on being a white Australian. Here is your medical degree. Enjoy your life as a doctor.”

Part of the reason that successive governments have raised the immigration intake is to satisfy the skills shortages experienced in many facets of our economy. Ignoring people with skills and experience because of their ethnicity would be to the detriment of Australia.

Children attending schools in highly multicultural areas have exposure to a wide range of cultures and have the capacity that many adults don’t have to form cross-cultural friendships based on mutual interests and respect. Multicultural education is adopted by each state and has the full support of communities.

Suggesting that loving one’s family lessens an individual’s ability to love another is ludicrous. Love is universal and knows no bounds. Children born into loveless families are statistically inclined to perpetuate abuse onto their own future families. Alternatively, children born into tolerant, respectful loving families that teach the values treating all people with compassion are statistically socially healthy and more inclined to be motivated in education.

‘White, British, Anglo-Saxons and Celts founded and built this nation. It’s that obvious and simple. No-one else did.’

Perhaps many of the customs and traditions that we see in society today have strong British influences, but that is where it ends. Australia was built on the backs of migrants as well as white European settlers. The Gold Rushes and The Snowy Mountains Scheme are two examples.

‘Stating how “multi-cultural” Melbourne and Sydney are now only proves how wrong things are.’

Subjectivity is never a strong point in debate, Scott.

Nobody is asking anyone to leave their cities. There will be no defeat, there will be no uprising. There will be no retreat. These are all narrow-minded ramblings from an insecure bogan. We are being asked to share what we have with people from other countries, and to do that does not suggest that we need to lose any of what we have. We still have our pristine beaches, our freedom of democracy and speech, our entertainment and sporting influences, our BBQs and bikinis, our beer and State of Origin. We still have the right to choose our child’s education and we still have the right to practice our own religion. We have access to financial assistance and access to healthcare. We still have the right to come and go as we please and we have the right to love whoever we want. Where have our freedoms been eroded? When has our way of life been attacked?

You’re a racist scumbag, Scott. You are truly a dense bogan and the irony is that your ‘friends’ list consists of nothing but Asian models you will never have the luxury of being with.

Ching Chong Dong Song!

Melissa has no problems with anybody at all. But then she goes on to tell us how she’s got problems with some people. Irony? Mel, you’re getting your nails done. You’re paying for the nail attendance. You aren’t paying for conversation. Some nail salons might offer conversation as an extra charge, some give it to you for free. But I personally find it boring when a hairdresser tries to small talk me about my day and what I do for a living etc. It’s just shallow time-passing. So I have no problem if the person attending to my appearance is happily chatting to somebody they work with – a happy nail therapist is a good nail therapist, right?

Luke then takes out his frustration at being a check out chick by paying out the accents of the very people he is serving. I wonder if Coles head office is aware that Luke doesn’t like serving Asians. Would they be interested in knowing?


Finally Michael appears and expresses the frustration that comes from having to ride public transport and line up in dole queues by outlining his anger at people who aren’t speaking to him speaking another language. His inadequacy obviously extends to the idea that anybody talking near him is obviously talking about him.

What these three dead shits need to realise is that while there are a handful of our population who can’t speak English well, these people are generally new arrivals/1st generation migrants. All second generation migrants can speak English, as they’ve gone through our school system which installs ESL (English as a Second Language) programs as compulsory for NESB (Non English Speaking Background) students.