One Big Fat Failure

Watch the failure here!

The ‘Melbourne Action Against Immigration and Islam’ group had high hopes for their planned ‘mass’ rally against immigration and Islam. Even though they only had around 70 members, they went ahead and tried to organise it. The figures spoke volumes:

* 130 said they were coming
* 140 said they were maybe coming
* 564 said they were not coming
* 693 ignored the event invitation altogether

And guess how many turned up? Less than 10.

Not even the leadership qualities displayed by Darrin and Clint from the APP could muster more than double digits. Of course, we should have known this beforehand… Remember the last rally they organised?

Message to the racists – you might feel like Australia is united behind your intolerant cause, but you’re very much alone. And you look very very stupid.

19 thoughts on “One Big Fat Failure

  1. Naturally Darrin would be involved in that.
    Bet it annoys them to no end that even the Same Sex Marriage Rally in Ballarat got more to show up then them!

  2. Dazzling Dazz actually got about 12 to his Martin Place lurk and his disciples were roundly abused by several passers-by when they attempted to hand out leaflets.

    But this latest epoic fail is priceless. Just a reminder too that many of those who indicated Maybe Attending were actually anti-racists.

    Poor little Glenny must have his budgies in a twist now.

  3. Pathetic effort from the kids. Shame the police sent them packing off to the pub. Damn Chloe is likely to have spent most of the afternoon getting ogled by societies worst.

    Anyway, it must have really shit them that the opposing team both got in, and managed to get a shitload more to turn up.

    The dismal failure is an indication of the quality of the kinds of people that are involved in the anti-immigration cause. Armchair critics that refuse to get out of the comfort zone, and get involved in actual cultural activity.

    Can’t peel yourself away from your BBQ, red meat and the need to have company that speaks only one language? Epic fail clowns.

  4. It’s gonna take a little while for John Jiggaboo to think of a “witty” response to this blog. This apparent “majority” of the population that support this racist cause are obviously just preoccupied with much more serious issues like trying to find that half full can of VB they swore they left behind the couch.

  5. I did not see this day as a failure. We the APP got a lot of support from passers by & only one protester who was all of maybe 15 years old & far from educated. She also seemed as if she hadn’t been any where near water for a while let alone soap. Our visions will be seen soon enough by all Australians White, Black, yellow, Green, Purple or blue the colour of your skin does not determine if your Australian. ARE YOU AUSTRALIAN?

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