Why Do They Call Us Racist?? Waaaaah!

Um, we call you racists because…:
(Note: If you were wondering why so often we categorise racism with Islamaphobia, you only need to read a few of these to understand why).

Let’s Bash Wogs For Australia Day

Ah Andrew. Bondi… A rich, beachside suburb. Hard working people, including Greeks and Italians driving BMWs. We understand your jealousy.

But what you said about Indians… Well, it doesn’t quite add up! Are you suggesting that Aussies like yourself don’t rape women? And that Aussies like you don’t kill each other? What country are you living in?? It seems your Catholic education at MMCC has failed to instil any humane values. Should we blame Catholicism for the way you turned out? Or can we just blame you?