Hitler: Australia’s Preferred Prime Minister

Despite mass media often denying that there are KKK and neo-Nazi remnants in Australia, we constantly find very public evidence of it.

And it seems that the kind of people shown above generally don’t like Kevin Rudd because of his immigration policies. John Howard accepted more immigrants per year into Australia than ‘Krudd’, but this fun fact is widely ignored.

Funny how these people find that accepting immigrants into our society is more detrimental than violently abusing, threatening and killing people based on their country of origin.

Below are just a handful of some of the members of the (above) group):

Let’s Bash Wogs For Australia Day

Ah Andrew. Bondi… A rich, beachside suburb. Hard working people, including Greeks and Italians driving BMWs. We understand your jealousy.

But what you said about Indians… Well, it doesn’t quite add up! Are you suggesting that Aussies like yourself don’t rape women? And that Aussies like you don’t kill each other? What country are you living in?? It seems your Catholic education at MMCC has failed to instil any humane values. Should we blame Catholicism for the way you turned out? Or can we just blame you?