Woman charged over Bondi train racist rant

A woman filmed allegedly racially abusing and threatening passengers on a Bondi-bound train while nursing a child has been tracked down by police and charged.

Rebecca Blessington, 28, has been charged with using offensive language after video emerged of a woman in a racist tirade against Asian passengers.

The footage, which was filmed by another passenger at 8.30am on Tuesday April 8, allegedly shows the Merrylands West woman racially taunt fellow passengers while bouncing the child on her knee.
At one stage she gets to her feet and stands over a woman saying “I’ll hurt you” and “don’t underestimate me” while carrying the child in her arms.

“Youse (sic) aren’t citizens. You come in here and take our country ya —–. You know it too. And guess what mate — there’s a war comin’. A war between us and youse (sic),” she says.

The video was filmed during the morning peak hour between Town Hall and Bondi Junction.

Rebecca Blessington, 28, will face court over an alleged racist rant on a Sydney train. (supplied)

During the tirade, the woman claims to be of Aboriginal descent and calls the women “scum”.

“You know the ones that were here first? The black fellas, the Kooris, which I am. This is our country mate.”

Officers visited Blessington’s home this morning and she is set to appear at Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney on May 9, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Source: Daily Telegraph
Author: Matthew Henry. Approving editor: Jack Hawke.



Save the Refugees Rally – Bondi Beach 8.5.10

Went to the rally this morning. A couple of hundred turned out in support of refugees, and opposing the Government’s decisions to not only ‘indefinitely’ suspend the processing of asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan but also the decision to reopen the ‘hellhole’ that is Curtin detention centre – a place described as ‘worse than Woomera’.

It was a great atmosphere, and with a few hundred people in attendance by the end, there was no police presence whatsoever. That in itself, speaks volumes, considering they’re there in numbers whenever the racist bogans get together and organise their massive rallies. You know, the ones where 10 – 15 people turn up…

Protesters were organised into a large ‘life-ring’, and were asked to wear red and yellow to symbolise the lifesaver. The lifesaver does not discriminate, he/she saves those who are in need. The lifesaver acts with compassion. The lifesaver is a recognised symbol of this country, and many lifesavers work as volunteers, adding the value of selflessness to the character.

The next few photos are from http://bramijegan.wordpress.com/

This rally was organised and supported by several organisations, most notably Amnesty International Australia and GetUp. It followed on from the Refugee Action Council’s rally last week, where similar amounts of people were in attendance:

Now, in order to provide a visual demonstration of how the xenophobes figure they’ve got the majority on their side, one only needs to take a look at their attempts at organising peaceful protests against the rights of refugees:

Oh… And in case you were wondering… There have been some counter protests organised to muffle the loud whines of these 10 – 15 racist bogans. Here is what one of them looked like: (On the way to confront the APP at the Villawood Detention Centre)…

Let’s Bash Wogs For Australia Day

Ah Andrew. Bondi… A rich, beachside suburb. Hard working people, including Greeks and Italians driving BMWs. We understand your jealousy.

But what you said about Indians… Well, it doesn’t quite add up! Are you suggesting that Aussies like yourself don’t rape women? And that Aussies like you don’t kill each other? What country are you living in?? It seems your Catholic education at MMCC has failed to instil any humane values. Should we blame Catholicism for the way you turned out? Or can we just blame you?