Facebook Threats of Violence and Destruction

NSW Poolice are a funny bunch, aren’t they? They certainly take Facebook comments seriously when they come from a bloke calling himself ‘Khaled’…

But this came through to our blog earlier this morning from a user calling himself ‘timmy mcveigh’, using the email ns1488@mail.com (no surrender; and 1488 is a Nazi reference)…

Of course, you might be wondering – what kind of dipshit makes up an email address like that. Well here he is:

And if NSW Police are interested, there’s been death threats and bomb threats happening on Facebook on a DAILY basis. And a lot of these comments still remain publicly accessible, in open Facebook groups and pages. It really makes you wonder about ethnic profiling and what good it does.

Let’s be perfectly clear about this – if a terrorist had wanted to cause mayhem in Sydney, how hard would it be for him to get on a crowded peak-hour train? No heavy security at any train stations I know of. How hard would it be to walk across the Harbour Bridge or inside the Sydney Opera House wearing a bomb? No heavy security there.  Anti Terrorism measures are PURE BULLSHIT. If somebody had wanted to do something, they would have done it by now. Big Brother doesn’t sit everywhere.

If we really want to eliminate terrorism, we need to stop giving extremists a reason to exist. Embrace human rights, and the right for all human beings to practice their faith while living in adherence to each country’s laws, and mutual respect is born.

Live and let live.

But take a look at what the Kleagle was up to soon after leaving school…

Chris Smith, like so many here, has criminal charges to his name. Email us for his parole officer’s phone number if you wish.

(Another Australian Defence Force representative)

But wait…

paul toohey record

36 thoughts on “Facebook Threats of Violence and Destruction

      • Fair enuff. Members of what?

        I’d be inclined to report these comments if I had a link to the pages they came from; but as it stands, I’m not inclined to take a screenshot of this page and tell them ‘someone here says that someone said something somewhere on facebook’.

        I absolutely agree that these people should be held accountable for inciting violence, and I hope someone has reported them to the police.

        • These screenshots have been collected by many people over the course of the past 4-5 years. Sometimes a Google search of the poster in question reveals some of their publicly accessible comments on Facebook.

  1. Ha insanity wolf! If I had to choose a meme for the Aussie internet cops it’d be technologically impaired duck. It’s like they have no interest whatsoever in prosecuting the people who make these racist, violent threats on the net.

    Mr Zakaria is probably the most unlucky bogan around the interwebz. Still.. here’s hoping the internet cops figure out this facebook game and actually start pressing some more charges.

  2. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. The statement about protecting Australia was offensive, My father went to war to protect Australia (from people like these) , Right wing facists.

  3. That’s the first time I’ve seen one of these types reference the Geneva Conventions, and they’re against it for some reason (despite the fact that it applies to them just as much and if they were treated inhumanely would scream bloody murder). And did I see a Winston Churchill allusion? The ones with the mildly (albeit twisted) decent education scare me much more than the dumbshits.

  4. It is frightening the comments some of these morons are posting! Facebook (aka Bragbook) – makes you wonder what Mark Zukerberg would think, knowing he has developed a platform that is used to incite hatred and violence – as much as it is used by those that are not mentally deficient and who use it to “catch up with friends and family”. Then again, if the movie is correct, Bragbook was developed out of spite too!!!! I hope karma does exist, and these idiots will somehow “learn” their lesson.

    • you know why? because people talk shit on the internet. 24/7 … I’d be willing to place my life savings on a bet that 99% of these idiots dont do a racist thing in real life.

      • Trolly are you talking shit when you are “willing to place my life savings on a bet that 99% of these idiots dont do a racist thing in real life”? But hold on isn’t Facebook real life? So I guess 99% of these idiots you know are doing racist things in real life, which are against the law especially Terror and Hatred Laws.

  5. “If we really want to eliminate terrorism, we need to stop giving extremists a reason to exist. Embrace human rights, and the right for all human beings to practice their faith while living in adherence to each country’s laws, and mutual respect is born”

    • The overwhelming majority of Muslims living in Australia are practicing their religion without being dictated by Sharia Law.

      A few hundred thousand Muslims, living in a Western country, abiding by democratic laws and values.

      And you say it can’t happen.

      We know who the scaredy cats are.

      • A few years ago, I organised an early morning bridge walk with the males of our extended family. We rarely get together and I really wanted to initiate some male bonding to bridge the generation gaps that are so prevalent in society today. The youngest was my 4 year old nephew and the eldest my late father. (Before anyone says anything about Islam and sexism, please note I invited the females but they were not interested.)

        We had planned to pray the early morning prayer at Surry Hills Mosque, drive to the south end of the Harbour Bridge, walk across the bridge, have breakfast under the pylons, next to Luna Park, walk back across, drive home before our families wake up. We are all very attached to Australia and Sydney, in particular, so the Harbour Bridge means a lot to us.

        Of course, given the climate of fear since 9/11 I suspected someone may get suspicious seeing about 10 arab looking men with beards turn up at a mosque then travel to a landmark before sunrise. Hence, I emailed the police and the port authority to get permission and to forewarn them in case someone did report us. They were appreciative of the heads up and told us they would notify the guards on the bridge so they knew what to expect.

        The weather was miserably cold and windy and there was some light rain but we had a fantastic time. I took photos and my favourite one is of my 65 year old Father and 16 year old nephew walking along ahead of us deep in conversation about life – beautiful to watch and something that is no longer possible for my nephew.

        Walking across the bridge, we reached the first security guard and were greeted with “Assalamu Alaikum brothers. Cold, isn’t it? Have a good walk.”

        What’s the point of my wistful, corny story? The point is that we not only abide by the laws, we respect and uphold them. I know a couple of Muslims who are senior members of the police force who are extremely passionate about upholding the law and they set a great example for the community.

        Needless to say, there are some Muslims who don’t respect the law but that just proves we are human. Like any other group of people, we have good and bad. Also, like any other group of people, the vast majority of us want to do the right thing.

  6. If you’ve ever wondered why inbreeding is wrong, look no further than the sewers of Facebook.

    Keep on fighting the good fight, TAB/MMU. And thanks for coming back. 🙂

  7. I think a lot of this anger and hatred is whipped up by the media, and particularly political commentary. I did a blog last week om this, here is the link http://bit.ly/noxxeu
    This hatred is born out of ignorance, and the sooner we stop people on both sides preaching hatred to the ignorant, the sooner we will become a civil society.
    Great work guys

  8. I know this is quite a small part of the post, but I really, really enjoy how that photo from the “F*ck the Australian Federal Police” group depicts a NSW police car. If you’re going to hate them you could at least put up pictures of the right vehicles. Or, if it is in fact all police you have an issue with, change the name of the group.

  9. I have pointed out several of these nazi clowns to the AFP, I have yet to receive an update. I have called to find out what is happening with the investigation, I was told that I would NOT be updated.

    Apparently, if you make the time to give hard evidence to the AFP, do not expect any feedback or progress report.

    Hopefully there is some action being undertaken behind the scenes and some Nazi fucktards will have their doors kicked in soon.


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