ADF Plant Operator Harasses Young Aussie Girl; Calls For Civilian Deaths

Remember this guy?

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Shannon Austin, shit kicker who once kicked shit for the Australian Defence Force has been trolling. His comments below speak for themselves, but what we haven’t shown is the posts where he posted private details of young Australian teenagers and threatened to contact their employers. You can see those posts here, as Facebook would have no doubt felt it appropriate to leave them and not delete them. He has a history of making threats so it seems as though he hasn’t changed much.

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So the guy has form. Oh well. At least he has turned over a new leaf. He used to be a massive homophobe.

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Former ADF Mechanic Finds Joy in Discriminating and Threatening on the Internet

Here’s former ADF mechanic/earthmover, Shannon Austin. He spends a great deal of his life ignoring his children and posting hate-filled rants about Muslims and Aboriginals on the Internet. He has an extensive history of stalking, creating fake profiles, threatening and abusing both men and women who stand up to him.

And yes, the ADF part is accurate.

(Here’s an email he sent to us in response to this post. Make of it what you will.)

Facebook Threats of Violence and Destruction

NSW Poolice are a funny bunch, aren’t they? They certainly take Facebook comments seriously when they come from a bloke calling himself ‘Khaled’…

But this came through to our blog earlier this morning from a user calling himself ‘timmy mcveigh’, using the email (no surrender; and 1488 is a Nazi reference)…

Of course, you might be wondering – what kind of dipshit makes up an email address like that. Well here he is:

And if NSW Police are interested, there’s been death threats and bomb threats happening on Facebook on a DAILY basis. And a lot of these comments still remain publicly accessible, in open Facebook groups and pages. It really makes you wonder about ethnic profiling and what good it does.

Let’s be perfectly clear about this – if a terrorist had wanted to cause mayhem in Sydney, how hard would it be for him to get on a crowded peak-hour train? No heavy security at any train stations I know of. How hard would it be to walk across the Harbour Bridge or inside the Sydney Opera House wearing a bomb? No heavy security there.  Anti Terrorism measures are PURE BULLSHIT. If somebody had wanted to do something, they would have done it by now. Big Brother doesn’t sit everywhere.

If we really want to eliminate terrorism, we need to stop giving extremists a reason to exist. Embrace human rights, and the right for all human beings to practice their faith while living in adherence to each country’s laws, and mutual respect is born.

Live and let live.

But take a look at what the Kleagle was up to soon after leaving school…

Chris Smith, like so many here, has criminal charges to his name. Email us for his parole officer’s phone number if you wish.

(Another Australian Defence Force representative)

But wait…

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