Yeah – Racist Jokes Are Hilarious. To the Subhuman…

What’s more embarrassing? A drunken Aboriginal person who hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol for 39,800 years until his country was invaded? Or a drunken non-Indigenous Australian who spends his time publishing racist jokes on a social networking website that is readable by intelligent people all over the world?

These guys seem to think that Aboriginal people are the only ones who suffer from drug and alcohol addictions.

25 thoughts on “Yeah – Racist Jokes Are Hilarious. To the Subhuman…

  1. Is it just me or are you also finding that when you tell your friends and colleagues about this sort of thing they are kind of in denial? I think most Australians are in denial about the problem of discrimination in Australia. It worries me even more when I hear Australian politicians starting to sound like the Australian version of the Tea Party movement which, funnily enough, came to prominence during the term of their first non-white president.

    • Funny you say that kabdoo, saw former Liberal Nick Minchin on TV the other day mentioning how he likes what the Tea Party have done to US politics! Scary, scary stuff.

      • I wonder what they’ll call the Australian version. Let’s face it, Maccas and shopping malls are everywhere, Costco just opened it’s behemoth. It’s only a matter of time before this becomes their latest export.

  2. some r pretty funny. alot of us dont give a shit any way.. a jokes a joke.. u shld hear our white jokes!

    • It’s awesome that you don’t let this kinda rubbish get to you, on the other hand though the fact that turkeys like Jake Kelly are actively thinking and putting this garbage up should be a bit disturbing for everyone,I wish people would just chill out and concentrate on keeping their own houses in order rather than dictating what is appropriate for anybody from a different ethnic or religious group to do Meh O_o

    • I’m an employed non-petrol sniffing Indigenous person and I give a shit. Don’t you dare speak for me or my family or my friends. I was left feeling shaken after seeing this list of disgraceful statuses, and the fact that you weren’t shows how little respect you have for yourself, and your culture.

    • Thanks mate,

      about time someone saw these for what they are…..Jokes, send a few of ya white jokes my way i love a good laugh, gets ruined sometimes by a few over-sensitive up tight people,

  3. Backward morons with no power. Who cares what little bits of trivial hate mongering crap they waste their pointless lives on? Not me or any of the people around me. The Murris are finally getting rich of their own land, soon political power will follow and that will be all for the lower middle class and working class fascists, they won’t be mouthing off to the boss.

  4. Expected, growing up in the Northern Territory this is all I heard yet no facts were ever brought up.

    Drug addiction, alcohol addiction is a real problem in this country but we rather make fun of it instead of action towards education and prevention.

  5. Q: Why do Sean Jakstas, Luke Stanicic, Kris Brown, Mark Flynn, Jake Kelly, Daniel Syme, Jason Absalom, Matthew Attard, Sebastian Tropea & Martyn Vandervalk always wear earplugs?
    A: To keep the brown stuff in.

    • Haha this is all funny, I know luke and he has an African wife… It’s funny because him and his mrs a has been attacked many of a time by.. Yep ya guessed it… Native Australians so umm think about that… We have no problem with the elders.

  6. Further on Sean Jakstas – some of the colourful ‘Likes’ on his profile,
    “When Muslim parents have to use the, “Open wide, here comes the air-plane!” technique, do they just smash it in their face and make explosive noises?”
    “The vagina is the best engine in the world. It can be started with one finger, It’s self-lubricating, It accepts any size piston, It even changes its own oil every four weeks. It’s a shame that the management system is so f*cking temperamental…”
    ” If you kiss me on my neck then you are asking for SEX”
    “Jesus loves everyone, except you, your (SIC) a cunt”
    And finally his most appropriate cause—–
    “The awkward moment when your mum walks in on you wanking.”

  7. The only jokes I seen in The Facebook screen print are the racists themselves.

    How many racists does it take to wallpaper a room?

    Many, but you have to slice them very thin.


    How many racists does it take to change a light bulb?

    None, as they don’t want to be enlighten to the truth.

  8. this website is disgusting! people like these are the reason everyone thinks Australians are racist! You people are an embarrassment to yourselves, your family and your country.

  9. I feel so sick , like i want to scream and shout and vomit at the same time . How could anyone defend these and yet people wrote them and liked them . I’m still shaking . It feels like i have been dropped into a deep, dark well of filth. Surely they can be punished and then educated , it can be done, there are programs that work with white supremicists in the us . I fear with the growth of social media sites that this race hate is growing . The government needs to act and with determination .

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