Aussie Flag Desecration

A bit hard to read, I know. Surely these fuckers should be abiding by the ‘speak English or fuck off’ rule. Nonetheless, Brad is merely reporting on a story.

Here’s another story for you Brad: wearing the flag around your shoulders, spilling your beer on it, treading on it and letting it drag through the dirt behind you while you physically and verbally abuse non-whites is also desecration of the flag.

Illegally taking down the flag isn’t supported by anyone here, but it hardly warrants blatant racism and threats of violence…

‘Death to sand niggers’

‘…freddo frog looking dogz’

‘Fuck em indeed’

9 thoughts on “Aussie Flag Desecration

  1. Good to see you back so quick

    I hate how our flag is being used as a symbol for racism, the racists have pretty much destroyed the Southern Cross symbol and all it used to represent, can’t they leave the flag alone….

  2. Can someone explain the sequence of events here please, I don’t quite understand what these guys have got their panties in a bunch about… it seems that:
    – some muslims took the flag down at a high school
    – then some aussie kids took the flag down (how did it get back up there?)
    – the aussie kids then returned the flag to its rightful position which was grounds for expulsion, WTF?

    Some of the stories spewing from these illiterate fucks as justification for their racism often seem so ludicrous that you’re left asking if anything really happened at all???

  3. What about wearing flag boxers? Surely having the Union Jack and/or the Southern Cross symbol touching your balls is also a desecration.

  4. Did they take a flag down or was it just something those fools heard and took at face value? Regardless it’s no reason to start hurling abuse.

    • It’s a story I’ve heard a lot, but does smack of something that was either entirely made up, or didn’t happen in Australia.

      Wouldn’t be the first time, after all.

  5. Its a stupid email thats going around that any one with half a brain can check out on the net and see the original came from the USA. Some twat has just change the wording to make it sound Australian. One of the changes is School in Texas to NSW.

  6. “The Muslims took down OUR Aussie flag.” Because for some reason “Aussie” and “Muslim” are mutually exclusive. ???

  7. Is JaMiie his little sister? I prefer my older brother to hers. I remember one kid at my high school defending the bashings of people of Middle Eastern appearance during the Cronulla Riots by telling a story about a group of Muslim Lebanese men burning an Australian flag on the beach.

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