Bogot Bingo: theantibogan interactive

Let’s play a game!

It’s well documented that the Bogotariat have little in the way of original thought or imagination, and thus have a tendency to repeat things they have heard other bogots saying.  The bogot does this without ever questioning the veracity of what they are spewing forth onto the internet or how nonsensical it sounds to normal people.

We’ve collected some of the most predictable, common, ignorant and moronic comments and topics raised by the average bogot in full rant, and now we want to see just how predictable the Bogotariat is.

And so we present you with:

Bogot Bingo



  1. Download and/or print the bingo card above
  2. Browse the internet as normal
  3. Should you stumble across a fetid, teeming nest of bogots, pull out your bingo card and start checking off any of the words, phrases, grammatical quirks and nutty fantasies that appear in a comment or thread of comments.
    Please note: The words and phrases don’t have to be verbatim, they just need to be reasonably close in wording and/or sentiment.
  4. If you manage to make a straight line across 5 boxes on your bingo card in any direction, screenshot the comment or thread and send it back to us (via private message to our Facebook page).

We will then sift through the submissions and find the best, worst and funniest Bogot Bingo wins and present them in a blog in a few weeks time.  (Rest assured we will keep the identities of all players completely secret.)

Ready to play?

Go forth and bingo!

3 thoughts on “Bogot Bingo: theantibogan interactive

  1. How about some latte sipping loony lefty bingo?

    1. ‘compassion’ ( to boat invader muslim assholes)
    2. ‘safe pathways’ ( lefty code for jetting aforementiuoned turds in from Jakarta)
    3. ‘BDS’ ( lefty code for lefty racism)
    4. ‘Redneck’ ( more lefty racism against whites)
    5. ‘globull warming’ ( lefty bed wetters call for pointless carbon tax)
    6. ‘sustainability’ ( lefties kiss UN ass.)
    7. ‘inclusion’ (these morons couldn’t even define this BS) ( lefty code for kissing minority group ass-holes)
    8. NBN ( the white elephant lefties said we had to have.)
    Gonski ( throwing good money after bad at a system they broke
    9. Áust was built on multiculturalism”‘

  2. What do I think? I have my right wing nut job (NWNJ) Bingo Card at the ready. It’s already been filled thanks to Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison, George Brandis, Greg Hunt and the rest of the front bench of this festering turd of a government I am forced to endure for another couple of years lest there be a double dissolution.

    I would however like to add something new yet ever so familiar to your bingo card which has arisen since the bogotariat became aware of the ICJ’s decision to ban Japanese whaling in the antarctic (thanks to nobody of course nobody except lefties and greenies) and that is stuff in the realm of “Bloody Japs” “Dirty Japs” “Can’t trust Japs” – a throwback of course to the second world war, of which the bogan commentariat would not have a fucking dirty clue. But stupid bogans gotta keep scrunching up their faces and hitting their keyboards and keep on hating on, right? Fuck they’d hate the whales if the whales suddenly all donned burqua’s. That’s how fucking stupid they are. Happy Ishtar everybody!

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