Murphy’s Lore

Every now and again we get unwanted correspondence from enemy sources. Some are just trolls cutting and pasting whatever rubbish they have gleaned from US or UK hate sites.

They go straight to the special disposal facility we have.

But this one was particularly amusing because it is always funny to see cretinous bigots assuming a lofty posture of supposed knowledge and posing as people who actually think.

In fact these idiots can sometimes fool the unwary because they have basic knowledge of spelling and grammar, which if it in fact denotes a semblance of normal intelligence. It makes you wonder how they get sucked into the black hole of hate politics.

Such was this missive:


Now the first bit that produced giggles was this one

You may want to reexamine history, rethink and rewrite you (sic) “blog” as you are factually incorrect.

Oh really

Murphy then expands

Neither the Maori’s (sic) or white New Zealanders are the original inhabitants. The Maori’s (sic) had already publicly stated that they invaded New Zealand and killed, and ate, the original inhabitants of the land.

Let’s examine this spurious and ungrammatical statement.

Firstly the plural of Maori  is Maori. Not “Maoris”. Not “Maori’s” either.

Secondly the first humans to reach Te Ateoroa were the Maori in about the 12th Century CE.

There is no credible evidence of any human presence before the arrival of the Maori

Unless of course he thinks the giant Moas (extinct flightless birds indigenous to New Zealand) were in fact humans. Nothing would suprise us on looking at his timeline, where one finds a mish-mash of anti-Muslim cut-and-pastes, Holocaust denial and pseudo-history.

“Evidence” consists of artifacts, remains, records and other evidence accepted by legitimate researchers. The only evidence found so far is that which indicates humans have lived in Te Ateoroa since about the 12th Century – as we (and the link) have stated.

Murphy’s next explosion:

You like to take the high horse pointing out that others are wrong, when in your argument you are using wrong information.

Err no


I will not call it facts, because as a rule, facts are correct.

Facts are always correct. That is why we call them facts. Facts are not conjecture, opinions, feelpinions or theories. They are not sudden brain-farts from the uninformed.

Also in the blog you call a “tattoo covered trogdolyte” racist from(sic) telling his girlfriend ‘You’re in Australia: Speak English’ when I have heard this same statement said as a matter of courtesy, and intergration (sic).

Sadly Murphy does not get that Australia has always been a country of many cultures and many tongues, even before white settlers arrived. It is important that people who do not speak English have the opportunity and resources to learn to do so but we wonder how many languages Philip Murphy speaks. Some Indigenous people speak four or five languages as well as English.

So will Murphy be demanding that all Indigenous people speak English at all times?

To me, reading your ‘blog’ you show your own racism towards people who either take pride in this country, or extend a simple courtesy they would expect from others if the situation was reversed.

We do not confuse mindless $2 yobbo “patriotism” with pride in one’s country. Pride in one’s country does not include racism and bigotry.

And here’s Philip. Or his avatar. Complete with misappropriated Eureka flag and hate group membership.



5 thoughts on “Murphy’s Lore

  1. Where Philip is getting confused is the Moriori. They were a Polynesian co-culture to the Maori (and were originally part of the same 12C immigration to New Zealand as other Maori). This group became geographically and culturally separated because they took up residence on the Chatham Islands (off the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island).
    The Moriori developed a cultural philosophy of non-violence – which meant that invading Maori tribes in the 1800’s found them quite easy to wipe out. Cannibalism was a feature of Maori culture at times (symbolic eating of your enemy to gain his strength). But they weren’t hunting other tribes just for meat.

  2. “reading your ‘blog’ you show your own racism towards people who either take pride in this country, or extend a simple courtesy they would expect from others if the situation was reversed.”

    Exactly! And the contempt shown towards the pride shown by our indigenous brothers and sisters, is exactly why we call him racist.

    Also, Integration*.

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