Bernard Gaynor – handling the truth?

No doubt about it, Bernard Gaynor, former Katter’s Australia Party Senate candidate and Army Reserve Intelligence officer has a lot of hates.

They include homosexuals, left-wingers, women in the military, women in general, abortion, Muslims and Islam… tell us if we have left anything out.

Former Katter Australian Party senate candidate Bernard Gaynor claims he has been charged by the Australian Defence Force over comments he made about Muslim immigration and terrorism.

Mr Gaynor, an Army Reserve Intelligence Officer, has posted a series of blogs arguing Islam immigration should be limited and in the wake of the Boston bombings re-aired his views.

He said he was charged on Monday by the ADF for bringing the organisation into disrepute and responded by saying it was proof political correctness was hampering the ADF’s ability to fight against Islamic violence.


Anyway it looks like Bob Katter has a bit more military intelligence than does his erstwhile candidate because he has decided to drop the smoking grenade.

We went through Bernard’s blogs and decided not to link any of them here, but readers are free to do their own Google search.

We must say we find the delusional rants strongly held ultra-conservative views unusual for someone in such a close-mouthed sector as military intelligence. Even a 10 year old knows from watching James Bond movies that a good spy never gives himself/herself away.

Nancy Wake, probably Australia’s greatest wartime agent, no doubt is turning in her grave.

And one wonders how Bernard would cope with his fervently overwhelming desire to reveal all on Twitter and in the blogosphere if we were actually at war.


Here’s a selection of tweets





And look who are two of his Twitter besties – the repugnant slug and fake “GregJessop1” and whoever is now heading the Pathetic Party now that Niqi Folkes has launched his very own leaky vessel.

Such low quality  bosom buddies are to be expected when you bathe in the stagnant pools of the worst of Twitter.


Oh dear…

In other theatres of war

Generalissimo Ben Pobjie takes Bernard to task.

As does Field Marshal Sal Piracha who writes

Far far worse than Alan Jones is former Katter’s Australia Party serial pest Bernard Gaynor. He seems to believe that his righteous Catholicism gives him some kind of permission to belittle people who offend his beliefs. On April 30, after a string of anti-gay tweets, he offered this gem:

“The prancing pansy parade processing down Oxford Street for gay marriage can thank Henry VIII for starting their cause.”

His colleague in the KAP is Steve Smith, who tweeted his agreement:

“Yep. His liberal church was founded on divorce. Now they have gay bishops. Next they’ll be baptizing animals”

Disregarding the complete lack of both facts and sanity in these tweets, the tone is similar. They could have made their point without resorting to scorn, yet Mr Gaynor and Mr Smith chose the option most likely to cause offence. The conversation also caused a fair amount of laughing on Twitter, so it got what it deserved.

“Steve Smith” (fake name) is also an intimate friend of the GregJessop1/SergeiSaratov hydra.

Carry on chaps…

15 thoughts on “Bernard Gaynor – handling the truth?

  1. This mindless idiot gives proof to the saying that Military Intelligence is an oxymoron.

    What concerns me is that he has five children who he will be brainwashing. It is child abuse.

  2. A good military officer knows to keep his personal opinions to himself, a trait most vital in being able to perform the duties expected of such. Bernard, clearly, is not a good officer.

    • But what happens when you are forced to do things or support things that are against your belief? I could understand your point if he was giving away military secrets but he wasn’t. He is allowed to have opinions, this is a free country isn’t it? he is allowed to express his opinion’s isn’t he? In this age of rainbow coalitions and anything goes do whatever the hell you want, we need people to stand up and say something when things go to far. You may not agree with him, but we should be willing to fight, if need be, for the right to have our own views and opinions and the right to express them. The right that people would deny him, the right that we all have was paid for by people like Bernard in wars past.

      If you think the tweets from bernard that have been quoted in the article are bad, why not condemn the bogans using foul language who harassed, threatened and assaulted the people last weekend protesting the abortion laws in melbourne. They were peaceful, some had children there yet these pro choice hooligans who looked like they had never worked a day in their life or had a bath for weeks, stalked and harrassed these people expressing their opinion.

      It seems there is only one opinion that is allowed, the progressive ( sorry socialist) view and any other view should be destroyed.

      Incidentally, bernard was cleared of any wrongdoing.

      • He was not compelled to remain in the ADF. If he had views which were so incompatible with those of the ADF no-one forced him to stay – you can resign from the Reserves any time.

        Unfortunately Bernard is one of those sad dopes who thinks that everyone else on the planet has to believe things as he does – even when they are things that time and time again have been proven to be nonsense. He’s a one-man Taliban.

        Abortion is a private decision best left to a woman and her doctor, not a stalking horse for religious ratbags.

        Don’t bang on about Bernard’s supposed service in war – that does not entitle him to interfere with the rights of others. I don’t come and force his wife to have an abortion.

        If you do not want to have an abortion or marry someone of the same sex then don’t. But don’t expect and demand others follow you because we won’t.

  3. If he has been charged then his little and short stint in thinking he is on the inside track of ADF security and secrecy will be coming to an end very soon. Oh and a shout out to Sergai, haven’t seen you on The Conversation blog, not since I put some names forward that you like to pretend to be, and as well, I know where you live!

  4. Bernard was in fact my Troop Commander when I was in the military. He was so useless we used to call him ‘The Twit’.

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  6. “Even a 10 year old knows from watching James Bond movies that a good spy never gives himself/herself away.” Apparently you haven’t watched many James Bond movies of late. 😉

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  8. Three days before CDF’s Appeal against the (temporary) reinstatement of his ADF Reserve Commission, Bernard Gaynor’s brother Patrick was killed in a car accident.
    Up until 25 January 2016, ‘Bern’ had railed on about his pet hates; most recently the two ex-ADF “Australian of the Year” nominees.
    He contemptuously dismissed the winner Morrison.
    His (and his Father’s) campaign against/with Catherine McGregor is in abeyance.
    His campaign for a Qld Senate seat for the Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd, is at ease for a moment.
    His god has allowed his enlisted brother to stand down, early, on Australia Day.
    God, What a Family !

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