The March of the Wee Willies

The Muslim-hating bogotry often get excited for no apparent reason.

Maybe they’ve discovered yet another US hate site. Maybe some tin-pot Eurofash has somehow circumvented our anti-terrorism laws and is about to visit. Maybe there’s another Photoshopped horror pic to gasp over. Maybe they’ve discovered that the whole of Warragamba Dam is filled to the brim with Halal water.

In this case the page admin suddenly had a psychotic episode brain storm. Something to do with advertising in the Strine.


So every widow’s mite these clowns manage to collect will be forwarded to their idols Bolt and/or Bernardi. Sure beats putting it under the bed with the collection of tin foil hats and terrorist fridge magnets.


Well, share with some of the usual suspects


Bogots? Zzzzzzzz

9 thoughts on “The March of the Wee Willies

  1. <> i’ve decided to petition the meat industry n have all meat (including pork) to be halal… tht way all these bogots have to eat is halal or they could just starve….

  2. These people are utterly hilarious but completely terrifying all at the same time.

    I wonder if they know what halal actually means? Clearly not. But then again, they are stupid enough to think that a full page ad in a newspaper is going to suddenly awake my inner bogot, why would they think to find out what halal means?

    Ugh. Racists. SMH.

  3. LOL. I have to laugh when I read this sort of post.

    -Worried about ‘illegals’
    -Worried about being ‘force fed’ halal food. (I imagine this is like the gluttony scene in the movie Se7en)
    -and to top it off- won’t someone think of teh pensioners!!!?

    You should post the picture of the dozen people the ADL managed to get together for their Sydney rally. Lots of lol’s.

    In other news the ADL’s ‘Victoria branch'(?? they hardly have an Australian ‘branch’) is trying to organise something down here and they even want ten bucks off everyone to attend! Ha it’s going to cover ‘some food and drink’ though so that’s good. Judging by some of the porkers at the last Melbourne demo they could get hungry.

    Fuck them all. Antifa will crush em!

  4. “Sure beats putting it under the bed with the collection of tin foil hats and terrorist fridge magnets.”


  5. Food for thought for the likes of this lot;

    Your car is German, your vodka is Russian, your pizza is Italian, that kebab is Turkish, your democracy is Greek, and your coffee is Brazilian.
    Your movies are American, your tea is Tamil. Your shirt is Indian and your oil is Saudi. Your electronics are Asian, the numbers you use are Arabic and the letters Latin.
    Yet you complain your neighbour is an immigrant? Get your shit together.

  6. Who wants to even send $2 to an unregistered cause, and a non real identity called “we will march”? Newspapers can refuse any ad how they wish. Seems like we will march will march off with your money so he can spend on pokies and cigarettes. A one off ad is hardly going to change politicians’ minds. The stupidity of this idea has knocked me over.

  7. Cory Bernardi???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Even Abbott considers him to be a complete loon 🙂

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