Wannabe Cr David Donis and His Anti Gay, Anti Feminist, Pro Rape, Pro Nazi Rant

David Donis, on the people murdered by Anders Brievik:

“After causing the destruction of their own civilisation I’m [sic] sure those people on that island had a moment of regret when the gun was pointed at their faces. Same goes for the feminists when they get gang raped, same goes for the gays when they get aids [sic]…”

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45 thoughts on “Wannabe Cr David Donis and His Anti Gay, Anti Feminist, Pro Rape, Pro Nazi Rant

  1. David Donis – how dumbingly funny – this dweeb and his wee little mates just had me banned for 12 hours from FB

      • They certainly seem to which is strange considering the owner of FB, Mark Zuckerberg, was raised Jewish, despite now claiming to be an atheist.

        Have noticed myself FB is very slow to close such sites but quick to ban others who protest these dreadful pages. FB definitely does not enforce its own rules in that respect.

        • @Joy Cooper : Its quite possible for people to be cultural Jews I gather; i.e. following Jewish customs and culture but w/o actually believing in God. So Jewish atheist isn’t so much of a contradiction as “Christian atheist” would be. (Although that reminds me of a joke set in Northern Ireland – Catholic atheist or Protestant one!)

  2. Good grief, this obnoxious little loud-mouth, know-it-all, pathetic excuse, could only persuade 18.07%, of the 21.96% of the Central Ward voters, that bothered to turn out for this council election, to vote for him. It was probably the donkey vote too. This was an epic fail on his behalf & I cannot see his political life being that earth-shattering despite his claims to have “actively represented Wannaroo for an extensive number of years …… local, state, federal”. What a load of bullshit.

    Life long resident of the Central Ward in Wannaroo??? Boy, does it show.

  3. he’s a funny little loon eh?

    I especially liked the use of ‘dumbingly’ and the insistence that atheists don’t attack Islam. He mustn’t have heard of Richard Dawkins and his recent bigoted crap against that religion.

  4. This germ is why politics in Australia remains totally non-representative. The class of person becoming involved in politics are useful for little else and wrong even for that. We are being led by our worst and lowest.

    • Like many on the extreme right he is full of hot air & BS. Many such people tend to be short on life experience but this doesn’t stop them from telling the rest of us how we should live our lives. This idiot hasn’t lived anywhere else other than Wannaroo , knows nothing of life but thinks he knows it all.

      Do pity his girlfriend. I’ll bet she doesn’t know he’ll (?) “be having as many children as possible”. May be she’s as thick as he is.

  5. He really is a disgusting person. Hopefully this site will help him to remain a disguisting member of the community, never anything more than that (Though there are a fair few racist counsellors I know of, though not bad as this guy).

    But after he causes the destruction of his own career, I’m sure he’ll have a moment of regret, as he looks around at his friends and family, and realises there’s no one there. Same goes for the APP and ADL members at their next abortive rally, and the misogynists and women haters who can’t find a date.

    • The people of Wanneroo dodged a bullet. Laughing Boy missed out on election to Council. I wondered what that collective sigh from the West was – obviously relief from the elected Councillors

      Local Government unfortunately tends to attract a few nutters as candidates because the bar is set deliberately low to enable genuine community independents and smaller parties like the Greens to stand candidates.

      Maybe we need a psych test for public office?

  6. This is a sad little creature,a big fan of Putin and claims to be a good Christian too.Trolls in small groups of facebook friends on SBS,Q&A,ABC,ABC24.If you look at who likes its posts they are all friends of his?Highly toxic,advocates violence against gays and non white Christians .

    • It’s his girlfriend who carries the surname of a well-known deceased Australian politician.

      Hope it’s not his grand-daughter. The old boy would be spinning in his grave.

    • Bugger, you beat me to it…Old Colin “Barney” Barnett looks just like a muppet standing next to that thin lipped stoned looking arrogant POS.

  7. I never knew that Confucianism or Taoism were actually religions – I thought they were different schools of thought. This gentleman’s ranting and raving makes me question why we moved back to Western Australia. To see him standing to Premier Colin Barnett is very disturbing, although not really surprising considering he is a nutter too.

    • You don’t want to know. There is an explanation that misogyny/MRA groups use, but you really don’t want to know it.

      To not go into much detail (Because it’s a Friday, it’s early, and I would like to enjoy my weekend, not scrubbing myself clean with steel wool), Misogynist groups state that rape is a way to teach a woman a lesson about their place in society.

  8. wtf ? why is he so upset about everything?
    how old is he even ? not much profile on the webs yet. David Donis that comes up first is a black boxer. lol

  9. Poor little angry lad, his career in ‘politics’ was over before it even began. Unfortunately we won’t get more opportunities to laugh at his funny little attempts at notoriety in the big wide world of Wanneroo policy.

    • Ha! That is too funny. Obviously a lot of (random) things ‘get this guy’s goat’ Mate, best steer clear of anything rated M+, foreign movies (why your interest in Cannes winner anyway?) and anything that does not portray and adhere to your opinion alone.. Definitely narrows the field. But then, you’re making comments about Cannes winner on social media. Your contribution in pointing out this film via FB

      • Is most likely a wonderful new audience or your ‘friends’ for this film. I guarantee lots of your stoic mates will secretly watch this film at the first opportunity. Some advice, ignore any foreign movie awards or alternative arts festivals that pop up in your daily life..the winner will make you angry

  10. I’ve had plenty of personal insults hurled at me on facebook by Donis (and his mate Garrick Garvey). However, that’s small bickies compared to many of his rants:
    1) This one on a trans-sexual (Carmen Rupe):

    “Alyssa – I come on here especially to keep you spastic leftists in check. To remind you that you people are just 10% of the population in your little do-gooder bubbles. The rest of the country despises the ABC – and for good reason – It’s constant leftist ramblings are not getting through to the REAL AUSTRALIANS so see the agenda for what it truly is – immoral filth.

    Let people live their lives? This ‘thing’ – has no life. She should be thrown in jail for inciting public discourse!

    I have plenty of love for those that deserve it – not men who think they are woman, visa versa, or people that support mentally unstable people like that.

    Wake up you silly woman.”

    2) Or this one (perhaps his worst ever effort) – on the recovery of the young Pakistani girl, who was shot by Islamic extremists, upset at her for espousing the rights of girls to an education:

    “Inspiring… No.

    Stories like this are just soapboxes for leftist activists – aka dregs of society.”

  11. Ashitaki, his total empathy deficiency makes the Donis creep an ideal candidate for the Liberals. An empathy bypass is a requirement for their pollies.

  12. Dave D, it’s a shame you choose to give yourself to such a negative and dim disposition. You obviously have drive and ability, why waste your ability/ambitions on unacceptance? You could (obviously) have more appeal to the masses, to ‘all’ for that matter, if you ditched the extreme bias, opened your mind and heart (imagine yourself as the object of your ridicule and disgust, how would you feel in your self)? Why degrade people who were born into their existence, with no say about it, who manage to overcome any number of adversities and obstacles. Please don’t blame all for the actions of few. Such a waste that you seek to appeal to the angry folk, they will no doubt desert you because, they are mostly intolerant and as a young person now, you will evolve. I’m not implying that you will change your views/mind. Just saying.. If you focused your energy and dedication to a more worldly, peaceful, and positive mythos..you could go far.

  13. I happen to know this guy very well and torment him daily the truth is about this guy is that he is soo insecure that he secretly needs all our approval on a daily basis while putting on an image of prestige i play pranks on him he sees has immature but im happy to say there working and oh is it sweet send me 100$ and ill make his address public

  14. The sad little child has not learnt a thing: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=658912124128440

    Thankfully the internet is forever and he’ll never amount to anything more than a faceless government office worker at most. He’ll never have any real power in office because his opponents now have pages of hate and spiteful posts from him.

    On the other hand he may simply be a masterful troll whose sole purpose is to discredit those on the right side of politics. He’s certainly doing them no favours or portraying them in any kind of positive light … and I voted for the local LNP representative in the 2013 election. Don’t blame me for Abbott! Blame my local ALP representative being a corrupt clown instead.

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