“We Should Sell Our Trucks And Come Back On A Boat”


$1000 per week and 8 Labor-voting children per family? Is that really true? This link might help:


One of these men is lying. Either these asylum seeking scum are procreating at a rate of 8 children per family, or 14 children per family. Darren Beatle Bailey DJ Rock Doctor Morris offers us some ‘well-known statistics’ at 0:43.

You decide who knows their shit, and who knows they’re shit.

9 thoughts on ““We Should Sell Our Trucks And Come Back On A Boat”

  1. LOL! “The Australian race will be bred out!” Two stupid fat bastards chortling about being part of the master-race. His lot were saying this about the Irish 100 years ago.

      • I’m sorry, I just Can’t Get My Head Around That Stupidity! How hard would that be to type, capitalising every word? Wouldn’t one realise that something was amiss when they are the only ones holding Shift down at the start of every word?? For fuck’s sake….

  2. It seems that the bogot statistics heavily lean towards truckies.

    I’m sure bogot truck drivers are in the minority, but they are making decent, tolerant drivers look bad.

  3. Wait, was he serious? I thought that was pure comedy. “True Australian Hero” ROFL

    “Australian race will be bred out.” If he has so much problem making his own kids, why doesn’t he try adoption?

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