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[All those pictured have made extremely derogatory, sexist remarks towards Muslim and non-Muslim women]
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“We Should Sell Our Trucks And Come Back On A Boat”


$1000 per week and 8 Labor-voting children per family? Is that really true? This link might help:

One of these men is lying. Either these asylum seeking scum are procreating at a rate of 8 children per family, or 14 children per family. Darren Beatle Bailey DJ Rock Doctor Morris offers us some ‘well-known statistics’ at 0:43.

You decide who knows their shit, and who knows they’re shit.

The Manchurian Brisbanian Candidate

Angry Goblin

Raymond Shaw Walter Mitty Darren Beatle Bailey-Morris is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

Or so he thinks.

Darren loves men

Yes he does. In a mannish sort of way of course. None of that preverty stuff with Goblin. Goblin wants to preserve his precious bodily fluids. He’s a man’s man and never gets sick of telling everyone ad nauseam.

At least he loves sending them messages on Facebook then blocking them so they cannot tell him what a dickhead he is. Like this unfortunate guy for example.

Message 1

Message 2

Goblin message 3

But Goblin couldn’t resist. Seems like he couldn’t wait to meet his quarry and bring his sister along as chaperone – just so there wouldn’t be any funny business. Goblin is like that with funny business.

Goblin in love

Darren loves women

He is so concerned that one of his targets needs some action that he offers to introduce her to some men in the ADL with whom he seems to be on intimate terms.

Goblin wants to meet

Darren loves Straya

He loves Straya so much he has managed to imagine an alternative universe into existence where he served in the SASR some time in the early to mid 80s, when Australia was not actually engaged in major hostilities.

So not only has General Goblin imagined a warrior role for himself but he has also imagined a conflict which never took place.

Stephen Hawking would like to talk to you Gobs. Err…no he wouldn’t…

Goblin SAS1

Goblin SAS2

Goblin service

Darren also loves new technology

He is an early adapter and uses his freshly honed Twitter skills to contact his target to discuss his media appearances.

Get over it Gobbles. No such thing as bad publicity.

Goblin wants to sue

But notwithstanding all the above we hate to discourage the lad. After all it is rare to find such batshit craziness fervent patriotism coupled with such willingness to use social media to stalk and threaten pursue positive social relationships.

So we repeat the mantra

Raymond Shaw Walter Mitty Darren Beatle Bailey-Morris is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

More Achievements

Anti-Racism Memes

Nutzis in Love Part 1

A Man For No Seasons

The Chocolate Soldier Melts

The APDM hates women

The ADL Fail Again – Under A Different Name

Nutzis in Love Part 1

We assume that given the amount of time the bogots spend on social media sites posting hate in forums, or stalking their enemies, or carefully crafting anti-Muslim videos, erotic encounters do not happen all that often.

We are often puzzled as to how bogots manage to hook up with the opposite sex when they are so socially lacking and when they all hate most of the rest of humanity (including women) – (see Sex and the Single Bogot )

Not to mention mostly being butt-ugly somewhat lacking in attractiveness. And any virulent bogotry is always a big passion-killer unless you are putting the hard word on one of your own. Which in the Bogotopia means you’d inevitably have to be gay, because psychologically normal women are non-existent somewhat thin on the ground in the dank swamps of Bogotopia. Of course being gay is a big no-no and liable to score you a bashing.

In fact, finding love for bogots is probably akin to what occurs among Giant Pandas, who without a substantial amount of medical intervention are well on the way to extinction.

Except we are all for the continuation of the Giant Panda.


Alternatively the bogot can make a lifelong commitment to solo sex (see Scott Pengelly).

Or even seek love in cyberspace.

In fact we have evidence that some of the hardest of the hard-core have done so. Let’s take a peek at our case files.

1. Dr Jim Saleam

For those youngsters who do not know, Jim Saleam is the head of a tiny neo-Nazi “white nationalist” party known as Australia First. Blogger slackbastard has some information about his current political activities. A search on the slackbastard site will also reveal a treasure trove of info about the good doc, his colourful associates and allies, many of whom are known to the readers of Facebook hate sites as well as to the police.

Saleam is allegedly a little stingy parsimonious in his usage of social networks, which appears to match what we know about his courtship behaviour, so it is understandable that some people may not have encountered him online.

We hope for his sake and everyone else’s that things stay that way.

It has recently been reported to us that Dr Jim (yes ladies he really has a real Ph.D from the University of Sydney no less!) was availing himself of the services of the online dating site  RSVP about a year ago. He was apparently somewhat coy about his somewhat colourful past and present activities, realising what a passion killer full-blown neo-Nazism is, and thus preferring to woo with what we gather was the force of his personality (??)

The problem with nutzi dating

A recent search of RSVP however failed to reveal any trace of Dr Jim. We assume he may have met the woman of his dreams.

Is this the Saleam Dream girl?

2. Darren Bailey-Morris

Bailey-Morris, known to us here as Goblin, does not have a Ph.D, or anything very much else for that matter.  A minor functionary in an obscure government department by day, he seems to morph like a latter-day Clark Kent into – a minor functionary of a miniscule Facebook group. His brilliant career is detailed here and if you hunger for more there is a first helping here

Goblin seems to specialise in stalking anti-racist women and making them offers he thinks they cannot refuse. Strangely enough (or maybe not) he does the same with anti-racist men. Since Goblin is apparently married, the only reason we can think of that he would indulge in such vigorous and polymorphously perverse activities is that he feels himself to be such a man that he needs a variety of experiences.

Or maybe he just likes feeling himself.

And there’s no wussy online dating sites or introduction agencies for Goblin. Not when you have such a dynamic trio as Scott Neale, Dane Roberts and Tamelka O’ Rorke running their own “intelligence outfit” and willing to provide information to him. Even if it is totally wrong.

The APDM "intelligence unit" at work


APDM shares info on women

Now having received this “information” Goblin wastes no time in getting in touch with the object of his affections and letting her know How It Will Be. No time-wasting courtship stuff with flowers and bottles of plonk. Not even the suggestion of a walk on the beach though he does mention something about Sandy.


"Darren stop talking about me! I am not to be mentioned! Stop it! Repor...err stop it!"

Disclaimer: This is a stock porn image associated with a certain person.

That will be den mother and tea lady to the APDM Sandy Rogic – right? Who seems to be doing her own cosying up to the dreaded antifa if Goblin is to be believed – right?

Love letter

Looks like the Goblin still has the weird delusion that every anti-racist is a “Muslim”. He also seems to think his beloved is divorced from someone she has never met. He is also terribly excited by the idea of whipping someone.

You could almost construct your own dating profile for desperate Dazz. Interested in the law, loves a bit of S&M,  never shuts up great conversationalist, likes to fight with strangers and send aggro messages to women he has never met…and never will meet.

Then again sound and healthy mental processes have never been a feature of the bogots. Dream on Dazz.

Darren Bailey-Morris

The Chocolate Soldier Melts

Whenever the wind is in the wrong direction and a warm surge of outraged testosterone gathers in the bogot groin, the bogot forms a patriotic group.

The outrage doesn’t have to have a reason behind it that any normal person can understand because it’s all about feelings.


This comment was made in response to someone who had asked for…gasp…evidence and just about sums up the whole thought process behind hate politics.

Can’t get a job? Blame Muslims/overseas students/asylum seekers. Pressures of modern life?  Blame asylum seekers/overseas students/Muslims. Kids slacking off at school? Family problems? Blame all three.

Don’t forget to add a liberal dash of homophobia, gynophobia and harebrained foil-hattedness as well.

We have seen a number of these groups rush onto Facebook, erupt like a mass outbreak of pustules then subside into festering cystic hate.

Find a suitably hairy-chested title, elevate some loser or a group of losers to be the official faces, precede your action with a flurry of obscenity-ridden posts designed to inflame your followers and to establish your credentials as a hard man then set a date for your “action”.

Occasionally these Facebook hate-festers spill into the real world. A small bunch of whiners will scrape together an ill-thought-out demonstration. They will then strenuously manage to control their mutual distrust and hatred for a couple of hours to loudly proclaim their message to a usually bemused public. In the process of course, they manage to publicly vilify religious and ethnic minorities while desperately and unsuccessfully  trying to convey an impression of mainstream positive activism and consensus.

One such recent group is the self-styled “ Australian Patriotic Defence Movement” (APDM).  One of its stalwarts is Darren Bailey-Morris, self-styled “SAS veteran”.

Obviously if our goblin friend is ex-SAS he would be familiar with a range of lethal weaponry which could be deployed against a dangerous enemy, not to mention techniques of unarmed combat. Furthermore, the SAS has a very stringent checklist of personal qualities which it demands of its soldiers, including the ability to be effective communicators. Applicants are also subjected to psychological evaluation.

So it is revealing indeed to see how our hero dealt with a clear and present danger to his own person.

It turns out that at a recent demonstration in Brisbane, Goblin was apparently getting close and intimate with someone he calls a “fag”. Well Darren, you know it’s not illegal to be attracted to the same sex. We are not going to condemn you for that.

Darren Bailey-Morris

Goblin has even managed to rouse alcohol fan John Winter from his self-induced haze, while Sandra Rogic is as usual getting very excited about very little.

However the hot coffee over the balcony was not really very manly was it now? Not what a real soldier would do.  Especially not someone who says he was in the SAS. Especially not when you could end up in court on a charge of common assault after mentioning it twice on a page with a potential audience of 4 billion people.

Darren Bailey-Morris

We thought you might like to see more of the Goblin Warrior’s soldierly qualities on show. Enjoy.

The APDM hates women

The far right have always hated women. Of course they won’t come out and say that because they would then be even less successful than they already are at recruiting women, whom they desperately need in their minute groups, firstly to give others the illusion that these failed men are real men and socially adept, secondly to open the beers and most importantly to massage their poor shrivelled little…egos.

Take the so-called “Australian Patriots Defence Movement” for instance. It is a small anti-Muslim Facebook group with an even smaller number of followers “on the ground”. The APDM makes a great show of beating its little collection of puny chests and pretending that they are concerned about women’s rights. However we were able to obtain evidence of what they really think.

Misogynist drongos

Note the participants. Firstly, pin-up boy and self-styled legal expert Luke Jenkins . Luke has featured many times here at TAB, both for his unsavoury comments and the indignant squawks which ensue when he is featured. But he has no qualms about posting a photo up of a young mum whose only “crime” is to be an anti-racist Muslim.

Luke’s a real man isn’t he ladies? Wouldn’t you be proud to bring him home to Mum? Just tell her to hide the family pics.

Luke Jenkins

We have showcased  Wyatt Wharton and his fantasies before but now he has taken fairy tales to a new high…or low.

Wyatt Derp has taken exception to the fact that someone is Muslim. So imagining he has her contact details, this intellectual pygmy proposes to *gasp – give it to the admin of the junk page he has posted on

While Wyatt and his fellow cave-dwellers slowly chew that one over, an anti-racist, also female, whose anonymity we also respect succinctly points out what we all know:

“Wyatt you are full of shit”

Indeed, and in Wyatt’s case it emanates copiously from the rear end of a horse.

horse' s arse

Wart prepares to speak

Wyatt you are full of shit

Darren Bailey-Morris, goblin activist, then chimes in with his deep insights into the fair sex, obviously being refreshingly indifferent to his own distinct lack of eye appeal.

He is followed by Jayden Smedley who is apparently a female (??) but who enjoys a bit of a yarn with the lads, especially those with the intellectual leanings of Wart and his Posse of Pindicks.

Now pay attention ladies, here is Scott Hartley, giving us the benefits of his awesome sexual knowledge derived from almost 60 years spent in solo wanking. Note the position of the right hand. He must be dreaming.

scott hartley


He coyly lets on that he is in an “open relationship (translation – his missus can’t stand him so she lets him wander the streets off the leash while she goes and enjoys herself) probably hoping to get it on with Jayden or Wart or even Goblin.

But there’s more…

Facebook resident psycho Batty Burqa has helpfully posted yet another photograph stolen from a Facebook page in its relentless quest to prove that the unnamed anti-racist in the conversation  is a *gasp…moooooslem

ADL rubbish

This is accompanied by squeals of excitement from one Marcus Jenkins, who displays an intimate knowledge of dog testicles as well as conspicuous talents as a spy photographer. ASIO should sign him up, since he has the knack of staying clear of the camera lens himself while capturing the humble features of his fellow bigots “patriots” in loving detail – and tagging them wrongly.

Maybe ASIO already have.

Marcus is very bashful as befits someone who is so impaired he thinks a picture of a Welsh dragon represents Anglo-Saxon culture. Marcus likes to post at memorial sites for dead babies, a rather creepy activity for someone with no connection to either the deceased or to the real people grieving there.

And it turns out that Luke and Batty had the wrong person all the time in both cases. Plus by publishing hijacked photos of one woman to attempt to intimidate another that they have no problem having their misogyny (look it up boys!) paraded for the world to see.

We remind these clowns that a prominent journalist has just been found guilty of racism in court. It’s not the anti-racists who need to fear the law.

And the screenshots? Sorry fellas, they are on their way to the police.


Of course Wart has form on this sort of thing. Never mind that wherever he gets his info is totally wrong – maybe Marcus Jenkins, G-man?

Wart threat

Australian Patriots Defence Movement of the Bowels

Maybe you should have told Darren, Wyatt! Beatle doesn’t mind a bit of slap and tickle with unknown women – you really should have had him on a leash.

Ah, that’s the spirit Scott. Stand up against Darren’s violent ways. At least Darren understands that racist (and sexist) remarks are just going to paint you as rednecks.

Oh Darren, it seems you couldn’t control your racist, violent or sexist ways on the day of the first official rally for the APDM (Australian Patriots Defence Movement). Perhaps you should grow up and fill that fat head of yours with some intelligence! Pick up a book sometime!

Nothing like a bit of street-lit, eh Beatle? Especially when it’s all about ‘peeeee-dophilia’!

As you were. Over and out.