Another Racist, Homophobic, Womanising APP Lunatic? Enter Greg Deane

Meet Greg Deane, aka Grygor Dienski, aka Grag Dane. Almost effecting an oxymoron, he claims he is a member of both Mensa, and the Australian Protectionist Party:

Self proclaimed academic, he must surely go against the grain of the unwritten APP party platform, which is to hate University students and graduates based on their ‘lack of real world understanding and experience’.

He sure has a way with words, particularly when discussing Obama, Gillard and homosexuals. He also has a real charm when talking with females in general:

But don’t get him started on terrorism or the role Australia plays in accepting asylum seekers and refugees…

Yes, the torpedo theme runs deep in the embattled Australian Protectionist Party – a ‘party’ that can’t seem to agree with itself when it comes to publicly calling for the murder of those fleeing persecution

Greg Deane also believes that white genocide is happening in Australia, and that the federal government endorses drug addiction, pedophilia, rape and theft.

Huh?? What’s this crackpot ‘Rising Sun’ on about?

He shows nothing but kindness towards young girls. In fact, he’s got lots of them as friends, so it just goes to show that ‘Rising Sun’ is just talking crap. Sorry – please ignore that distraction from what this post is about.

He has many neo-Nazi, white nationalist friends and he lambasts multiculturalism and harmony while praising the White Australia Policy!

Oh well, he seems to know what he’s doing. In a magisterial kinda way.

Or not.

24 thoughts on “Another Racist, Homophobic, Womanising APP Lunatic? Enter Greg Deane

  1. Just look at that elder statesman like poise, that not-at-all pedo-like thin lipped smirk and hats that scream suave and refined. Definatly the kind of 70 year old i want reciting hate filled poems to my underage daughters.

    • Prejudiced against thin lips? Considering your poor spelling, Shoei, your daughters aren’t learning much of benefit from you. From what I see those who are so ready to accuse others of paedophilia are the ones most likely to take a perverted and improper interest in their own children’s sex education.

      • It is not improper for a parent to take an interest in any aspect of their child’s education.

        It is improper for a stranger to suddenly show an intense interest in a woman and her family whom he has never met.

        You were saying…?

      • One spelling mistake. I am glad that with your five degrees you were able to pick up on it. I can understand why you focus on building friendships with vulnerable children, after all, you admit to being rejected by the adult population who don’t have time for your hatred towards women, homosexuals and immigrants. There is nothing quite like the adoring love of your own child but thankfully it seems the world has decided you don’t get to breed.

  2. Mindmadeup certainly suits a dogmatic, uninformed malignant like you. And of course you are just the sort who will tell those with opinions you don’t like that they shouldn’t judge, while you pass judgement on me without any substantial evidence for your presumption.

  3. Wow a Birther that still exists – even after it was proven beyond doubt that Barack Obama is neither a muslim nor was he born in Kenya. Frootloop!

  4. ̃Let me get this straight, greg, if someone disagrees with you on anything, including whether or not it is okay for a much older man to contact and ask for webcam contact with underage girls, you call them sluts, old hags, and victims of child abuse. You call entire groups in society paedophiles, drug dealers and terrorists, and for all of this you don’t need proof.

    However, if a site states you are a hateful person based on your own comments, and that you have a creepy preoccupation on little girls, again based on your own words and deeds, that is demonstrating a lack of proof?

    Please tell me greg, what is on this site which is incorrect? give me specific examples.

    And while you’re at it, tell us what a 50+ year old man is doing going after 15 year olds. i think parents everywhere would like to know.

    And if it is perfectly innocent, as I’m sure it is, tell me, if a muslim guy was doing the exact same thing you’re doing with a 15 year old girl, would yoube giving them the benefit of the doubt, or calling them paedophiles, as you have in the above comments?

  5. Greg- or Grag, or Gygar, whatever it is you call yourself. Your attitudes are disgusting. No wonder the academic community spurns you.

  6. Hows your boat program going boys?

    Another one lost at sea.

    You have blood on your hands.

    It seems that John Howards pacific solution was infinitely more humane than your current fiasco. LOL.

    • But Grant-you’re not humane at all. Your party calls for the murder of children, celebrates the death of asylum seekers, and calls the murder of other people they disagree with.

      Why are you now pretending that you’re suddenly hurt by the loss of asylum seekers? If you really were hurt, you’d be trying to improve the ways asylum seekers can seek asylum in the region-rather than cheering when they die, and saying they’re all terrorists anyway.

      But, while you’re here, how about the topic at hand. How do you stand on an APP member going after 15 year old girls, trying to get them on webcam? You happy to be in the same group as this guy? Is it the sort of behaviour you’d tolerate if it were done by a Muslim?

    • How many dead from the latest sinking arsehole?

      As if you lot would really care. You are happy to use the dead for your nasty hate campaigns.

      Glad to see the APP disappearing up its own anus.

  7. greg deane is just another social media slime … a typical socially inadequate bogan … rejected by everyone who has ever encountered him … even his family rejects him but he continues to abusively stalk and sexually harass anyone he thinks is vulnerable … a total coward who dwells in the dark afraid of the light and unable to experience the human emotion of love … as his mentor trump would say … ‘ sad , very sad ‘

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