11 thoughts on ““Australia Should Be For Whites” – Michael Lynch

  1. My brain is spinning…. By his “logic” whites should GO BACK TO EUROPE, BUT Europe is “for everyone” but Australia isn’t? What????

  2. The reason that after “all whites did for them” they are “disrespectful”, would be because of all the bad things too, ie, stolen generation, mile creek etc. And the bad stuff tends to stick in peoples memories more than the good stuff, which we are really only implementing now, to correct for past wrongs.

    • Kitzah, you’ll be surprised to learn that he’s quite the expert in Law as well.
      Ask him, he’ll tell you that his many dealings with the Family Court (!) qualify him to advise on Defamation matters. Oh yes. See, the first thing you do is go to the Police…………..

  3. Michael’s doin’ it right. He’s fast-tracking himself to lung/throat/mouth cancer, and hopefully to an early death. A self-correcting problem, really.

  4. And his opinion on Afrikaaners and Anglo-Africans? And what the hell does he think Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are? Chop liver?

  5. Lolz, humans first emerges in Africa, maybe we should all go back and live there?
    Michael Lynch; another pathetic attempt at an ‘argument’.

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