86 thoughts on “Just Another Australian Nazi With A Collection of Guns… No Big Deal

  1. Piece of shit, wanna-be interwebz tough-guy. What a cocksucking piece of filth…
    What is with the ‘city c***/country c***’ stuff? He lives in fucking Melbourne… :/
    Anyone can be a man on the net, but most idiots who mouth off like this all the time are just that… only a man on the internet. He seems that sort.
    Fuck that Nazi ‘1488’ shit.
    Fucking moron.

  2. I pretend that I don’t care about this blog, and I put myself way above it.

    But I’ve got a small dick, and not too many close friends. So I continue to come here and troll, and have my comments edited to make people laugh at me even more than they normally would.

    Please admire my braindead persistence. Please entertainment my otherwise empty life.

    • It’s funny, because Hitler actually considered the Japanese to be “honorary Aryans”, and expressed admiration for their “racially pure ways” and quiet efficiency before he had even gained power, let alone formed wartime alliances with them.

      Andy is an just an ignorant, overgrown adolescent with a huge ego and a pressing need to seek attention.

      • “Andy is an just an ignorant, overgrown adolescent with a huge ego and a pressing need to seek attention”

        And no knowledge of history.
        Seriously, you’d think someone who’s so into Hitler and Nazis would actually know a little bit about what they stood for, other than the typical “White Power” rubbish.

        • Yep, you’d think.

          My husband told me about this Neo-Nazi guy he knew back in the States who was convinced that he was quintessentially, completely uber-Aryan, with awesomeazingly pure ancestry from…POLAND.

          Aye, Poland, that super-Nazi country whose people suffered the highest death toll in the Holocaust after Jews and Russians.

          This guy actually went around with a Swastika tattooed on his arm, wearing a Polish Pride T-Shirt with the Polish White Eagle coat of arms emblazoned on it! The coat of arms alone would get him thrown into a Ghetto by any self-respecting Nazi dictatorship.

          It’s amazing how stupid these people can be.

  3. Considering the fact that (for all his famous countryside intellect) Andy cannot write a single coherent, grammatically correct sentence in his own native language, I sincerely doubt that any government practicing Nazi-style eugenics would consider him fit to survive and pass on his genes.

    As it is, he is very unlikely to be in any kind of lasting romantic relationship with a reasonably sane woman, so mother nature might be taking care of that aspect anyway.

    Also, I find it deliciously ironic that people who are against neo-nazis know far more about nazism and its underpinning ideologies than its self-styled supporters.

  4. What odd thinking to take a photo of your guns, your iPod and your mac?
    Must be everything he owns.
    Tasty doona cover though, really complements the manly-manly guns. His mum must be so happy, there’s one Christmas present that didn’t go to waste. She probably still buys his underpants too.

    • It’s like the Guns’n’Ammo version of one of those Epic Parenting Fails, where some fake-tan duck-face bimbette is so self-absorbed that she takes a photo of herself in a mirror & uploads it, all the while oblivious to the 2yo sitting in the doorway.

  5. I think it important to note that he likes 1488 which means he is a lot more learned that we are giving him credit for.

    1488 (MCDLXXXVIII) was a leap year starting on Tuesday and is deeply significant because on February 28 – Ch’oe Pu (1454–1504), the Korean Commissioner of Registers for the island of Cheju, shipwrecked on the southeast coast of China in Taizhou, Zhejiang, during the Ming Dynasty. From then until July 12 he and his crew are hosted by Chinese military courier officers to travel along the Grand Canal of China, all the way to Beijing, and then finally back across the Yalu River into Korea. His written commentary on Chinese customs, foreign and domestic trade, and transport in places such as Hangzhou and Suzhou are valuable records of Ming era culture and commerce.

    • They look like semi-automatic military assault rifles. Here I was thinking, “wow, this guy is dumb enough to show off his collection of illegal firearms.”

        • Advice from my firearms specialist:

          The weapons shown above are an MP5 knock-off, generic Kalashnikov, and AR15. They can be held under a restricted firearms licence, which are exceedingly difficult to get. If you can’t legitimately prove why you need a firearm like that, you’re shit out of luck.

          Also, firearm replicas are illegal in Australia. If the replica could be reasonably mistaken for the real deal, it’s illegal.

        • If you can’t legitimately prove why you need a firearm like that, you’re shit out of luck

          Just out of curiosity, what kind of reasons are acceptable?

          What kind of people, apart from maybe some police officers and military types, could need assault rifles in the course of a day?

        • Samriddhi, I don’t see that anyone who isn’t in the police or military would have a legitimate reason to own an assault rifle.

        • Samriddhi: To obtain a cat C semi auto rim fire, using the classificatory set out in the National firearms agreement 1996 (the same around the states, just different letters), you need to have a geniuen business reason, and the only reason that I have ever heard of that works is livestock culler doing such large amounts of work that a bolt action is insufficient, and then limited to magazines of less then 10 rounds. Also if you are a firearms dealer you can get them a lot easier.

        • So, unless you’re a firearms dealer or a large-scale livestock culler, it’s probably illegal.

          Not very smart to put up pictures of assault rifles and claim they are yours, then. Kind of like standing up in a plane and saying “hey, look at me, I’m a hijacker”, just to gain some attention.


          I know most bigots aren’t exactly Mensa material, but…

    • So who’s doona cover is it? Surely you could find a more impressive photo of a gun stash on the internet(s). That’s the problem with Nazis, poor information retrieval skills.

  6. Well do something about it you impotent fuckers. All talk, and NO action. Only on the net. Not one single one of you has ever had 1 iota of real world effect and never ever will.

    • I’m sure your balls are very big, and that you get all the ladies. But we’re not into starting gun-wars, and we’re not running for parliament.

      So the blog stays, and you can continue to keep pulling your hair out. And the day that your brain completely disappears into itself and you use violence and bloodshed to make some retarded point, you’ll be locked up and the Australian public will shake their heads at you and those like you.

    • “Not one single one of you has ever had 1 iota of real world effect and never ever will.”

      So what are you doing here? Why have you posted six comments?

      • You hit the nail on the head, Greg. Posted six messages in quick succession…doesn’t that qualify as an effect?

        I mean, what sort of effect does this wanker (And that, to a person who worships a child murderer, is me being complimentary) think he’s achieved? The only thing I can think of is that by jerking at home in his mom’s basement about the white race takeover, he’s at least preventing some sperm from turning into babies.

  7. It’s very very easy to qualify for any semi-auto. They hold up a couple of very easily negotiated hoops and we get as many legal guns as we like. Once again though, nothing you can do about it, especially since the Greens and Labor are now effectively confined to history.

  8. ” And the day that your brain completely disappears into itself and you use violence and bloodshed to make some retarded point,”

    Oh you mean like The Breivik Action? Well, the Government of Norway have implemented most of his demands, and he’ll walk free in 14 years. So “retarded point”? It seems to have been very successful to me. As will the next action, and the one after and so on.

    • “and he’ll walk free in 14 years”

      Except he won’t. Norway has already put in place conditions, making sure that as long as he remains a threat to people, he will remain in doors.

      And just to be clear, you’re approving of the murder of children? Under what circumstances is it okay to kill children?

        • What basis do you have for stating that? On what basis do you say the perpertrator of the worst act of mass murder in Norway since the second world war will be released in 14 years?

          While we’re at it, what exactly did his actions achieve? Specific examples please. And was it worth the murder of children?

          And I repeat: you’re approving of the murder of children? Under what circumstances is it okay to kill children?

    • http://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/-/world/13442602/breivik-defiant-as-norway-massacre-trial-opens/

      breivik this is as of today…. read it and weep… as far as they are concerned either way he will be locked away for a very long time… n no he wasnt able to plead insanity n for tht fact was found mentally stable to stand trial… his mistake was the 1500 page manifest n video he posted just before going out n killing 69 youths at a camp on a little island n 8 adults walking down the street… oh n he couldnt even do a car bomb properly coz the buidling he was aiming for wasnt damaged…

      10 weeks from now will be the last time tht man sees the outside world…

      • “10 weeks from now will be the last time tht man sees the outside world…”, so it is a forgone conclusion is it Princeza, isn’t that a bi of a presumption on your behalf, I mean innocent until proven guilty right, he has pled not guilty, but admitted the deaths so not quite straight forward. Just saying like!

        • Well, the case is actually to determine whether or not he is insane. I’m looking forward, Mick, to hearing how you could consider a self-professed murderer of children to be innocent.

        • We don’t care about Breivik. He is nothing.

          His victims deserve every ounce of sympathy and compassion for their grieving families. They also deserve to see justice done and the killer locked up for the rest of his life.

        • Not being in possession of all the facts, same as your good self I would never presume to make that judgement. I don’t consider him innocent as he has admitted the killings, but he is pleading not guilty and that is grounds for him to have a fair trial and defence (isn’t it, or is that a selective thing based on what TAB and Co. think?), I just find it incongruous that people post that he is done and dusted before the jury is out, so to speak.

        • Mick,

          He is not pleading “not guilty”. He now claims that he committed the murders in “self-defense” against a supposed Islamic invasion that his government has brought upon him.

          I personally find it extremely unlikely that a court would sustain a self-defense claim from a man who does not deny that after detonating a bomb in downtown Oslo which killed 8 and injured dozens, he went to an island with an assault rifle and murdered 69 unarmed people in cold blood.

          In the eyes of the law, he is innocent until proven guilty, but considering the evidence, I am personally convinced that he is indeed guilty, the same way that I am convinced Osama Bin Laden (who was never tried by a court) was guilty.

          It is fair to say that this man’s incarceration is a foregone conclusion. It may not be technically kosher to say so, but a realistic view of things does demand precisely that conclusion.

  9. OOOPSEE !!! All references to [NAME AND ADDRESS REDACTED] are banned I see? Too late [NAME REDACTED]. You’re getting “banned” yourself at some stage.

  10. Oh [NAME REDACTED], you can’t keep up can you. [NAME REDACTED] is no stranger. We’ve met. Like I said, the breivik action was a very effective means to an end. Heroic? I wouldn’t use that word. Effective though?. Yes. Very.

  11. Oh my gosh, I hope you don’t lump all country people in with him. I’m from a small country town and I hate the way he’s talking. Ugh, he makes us sound like absolute idiots.

    • Don’t I know it, my small town, 700 odd people, and on average, they are not racist, conservatives for sure but far from racist. I truly believe that it is because we have a fairly diverse little town, and I always say racism dies with exposure.

    • Actually there was a problem with what you posted:

      1. You made an assumption that you were talking to a person that you’re not;
      2. You made an attempt to intimidate ME on the basis that you know some information about the workplace and residence of another one of our members, as well as names of several of our other members;
      3. You made a mistake by posting a legitimate threat to the safety and well-being of children and the police will be alerted now that the person you referred to has been made aware of the threat.

      It’s nothing new. You’re not the first to make threats towards authors and members of our pages. And by using a fake proxy, you’ve proven that you don’t have any more guts than those who post here who want to protect their anonymity. In fact, you have proven that you don’t have the guts to actually meet me, but would rather rest on the self-gratification you gain by making threats to people you’ve previously threatened with no repercussions. I can guarantee that if you go after one of us, you make yourself an enemy of a lot of people.

      Continue to attack one person. That translates to me that you know nothing about who I am, and that you know nothing about the many new people who have signed up to this cause. And that makes me feel quite confident. Same old threats to the same old people. The offer to meet remains – name the time and place.

    • You know, there are a few people posting at the moment who are discussing the issues of debate. Otto Hoffman is annoying the shit out of us, but at least he’s discussing the topics and not making mindless threats. And yes, we know he has been made aware of the assumptions relating to the names and whereabouts of the TAB admin. Yet he sticks to the discussion and we don’t give a shit that he uses a pseudonym – it’s a healthy, lively debate. He’s a bigger person than you, ‘Breivik’.

    • Breivik,

      Surry Hills Police Station – Friday 12pm – Bring your weapons visibly.

      Go on sunshine – I fucking dare you.

    • Breivik,

      12 pm Friday – Surry Hills (Sydney) Police Station – bring your weapons visible.

      I fucking dare you, you intestinal worm.

      Go ahead sunshine.

      Oh wait – you’re a gutless internet nematode who wants to make big fucking statements when you know that you are a piece of horseshit with no chance of changing the status-quo.

      Go ahead hero – try to do a ‘Breivik’ rather than talking about it. See you at Surry Hills then shall we?

      …Oh bugger – you’re a gutless wimp who can’t match it with the law enforcement – fucking coward.

      I personally would love to see the likes of you initiating death-by-cop, you suicidal twat.

  12. I like that he doesn’t seem to have any friends. Only two other idiots have posted on all of his Facebook posts.

    Breivik, keyboard warrior. The actions of the person you find as ‘effective’ were not effective at all, it would seem. I mean, he got caught didn’t he? Surely if killing people was an effective means to an end of his beliefs, he would have been able to do a whole lot more? Killing people due to some psychotic belief doesn’t prove anything (other than your own insanity), nor does it change anything. All it does is cause pain and suffering, but it never lasts.

    I am baffled about how some people can sleep well at night. I believe some humans are just hateful, evil, and therefore inferior.

  13. Off topic like crazy, so I understand if a mod gets rid of it, but I would like to hear about your opinions on the current firearms legislation, specifically all the appearance based regulations. For example, if your air rifle or paintball marker looks like a modern assault rifle it is categorised the same as a real one.

    • Guns can achieve an outcome whether they are discharged or not. If they look real enough to intimidate a person to do something, or not to do something, then it may as well be the real thing.

    • I don’t see any real reason that civlians would need firearms. Farmers, etc sure I can see a few reasons they may need a rifle. But otherwise? No. You want home defence? That’s what a police force is for. Giving untrained panicky members of the public guns is a recipe for disaster.

      • Zulu – Untrained Joe Q. Paranoids can’t impulse-buy a weapon at their local gun shop. Shooting here is more of a hobby and less about paranoid people sleeping with rifles next to their beds.

        Anyway, here are the steps:

        1. Successfully complete a firearms safety course.

        2. Buy a weapons locker, and a professional has to come to your house and bolt it to the floor. The locker needs to have separate lockable
        compartments for the firearms and bullets, and weapons need to be unloaded before storing them. The cops can spot-check firearms owners’ setups at random.

        3. You need to be able to demonstrate why you want a licence. That can be achieved by joining a gun club and once you have your firearm, having regular training sessions in your preferred mode of shooting, marksmanship for example.

        4. Apply for the firearms licence.

        5. If your application is successful, you can go shopping for the firearm type/s you’re allowed to have.

      • Over the top? Yeah maybe. Ludicrous? I don’t think so. If you walk into a pub holding something that looks that real, and make demands, the pub owner will be frightened enough to give you the run of the place.

        If you walk into a pub holding a mini flouro green water pistol and make demands, the owner will be more empowered to kick you to the curb.

        As I said before – in most cases of robbery, the gun isn’t even discharged. It’s just there to intimidate. If it looks real enough, it has the same power as the real gun.

        • That is only if your intent is to simply intimidate and that speaks volumes about the stupidity of nazi wankers.

    • Heh, are you kidding?

      Half the ammunition factories used by the Nazis used were in Slavic/East European countries, and were run by local slave labor as well as captured communists. The artillery used by the Wehrmacht during the later years of World War II war extensively utilized design elements copied from captured Czech and Polish pieces, because they were simpler and cheaper to produce.

      The Wehrmacht did not give a blip about ideology when it came to weaponry. Anyone, anything that could help their mad quest for world domination was fair game. The Neo-Nazis are similar, with the difference that they do not have the an advanced, industrialized economy or huge numbers at their disposal to achieve their ridiculous goals, which makes them seem dangerously delusional.

  14. Traitors like this moron are schisms of a free society. If our values were of a similar context to theirs they would not be free to express their retarded backward views. The guns pictured are non-guns, replicas that have never been functional, a bit like this bloke’s brain. He is like a Star trek fan, in love with Captain Kirk, rapturous over episodes and collecting phasers. Irrelevant and inferior. I mean, dumb shit-kicker seems a bit generous. And yes, Horst Wessel WAS a nazi, a nazi famous for being dead. And the only good nazi….

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