Asians Continue to Cop ‘Shit Driver’ Tag


I can’t believe a WOMAN is suggesting that it is somehow ‘standard’ that Asian drivers are shit. Women are equally lumped into that kind of assumption.

Statistically, cautious drivers cause less accidents than arrogant street-racers. But don’t let that get in the way of your public Facebook racism, Jac Barnes.

P.S – It’s spelled ‘terminal’.

18 thoughts on “Asians Continue to Cop ‘Shit Driver’ Tag

    • Why don’t you look at getting a collection of examples together and sending it to the Human Rights or Anti-Discrimination Board, instead of jumping on your judgemental high horse and causing problems. You and the rest of the admins on here are certainly not (judging by the comments and vitriol from them) the best judges of what is and isn’t racism or derogatory or bigoted. Send stuff to people who work in those fields and let them decide. All you are doing is voicing your opinion on other peoples opinions, whilst you have that freedom, you don’t have carte blanche to cause people to lose jobs, especially if they appeal and get their jobs back, you leave yourselves and your ISP hosts open to a shitload of litigation if the people concerned were so inclined.

      • Fuck you.

        We cause problems?

        We don’t fire people, employers fire people because they have in place company policies that are breached by people who are RE-PUBLISHED here.

        We’ve been open for years. Officers within Australian Federal Police frequently peruse the pages here and nobody has been able to conjure up legal action against us to suggest that perhaps what we do is illegal.

        Racism is the problem in society, not the people who blog about it.

      • Hi Mick,

        How exactly is TAB responsible if someone loses their job? Does TAB run companies, or have control over bosses?

        Let me put it this way, you can either believe that:
        A)-The comments made on this site are wrong, and not to be tolerated, and bosses are right to sack them because of these comments. In this case the person who has made the comment is responsible for their own actions, correct?

        B)-The comments are not wrong, should be tolerated, and do not deserve to be condemned, in which cases bosses were wrong to sack them. In this case, you should complain with the bosses.

        So which is it? Are the comments offensive or not offensive?

        • If that’s the case JM then why didn’t MMU state something similar in regards to Pearl Tan’s comments on Insight? They did a post on it and her comments were certainly just as bad. It’s a stupid comment, I’ll give you that, but surely it’s not enough to take steps to have someone fired from their job and that is what the first post from MMU is suggesting.

        • Pearl Tan didn’t bring her employer into disrepute by advertising them publicly.

          There are many many people who discriminate through blasé ignorance or fear and hate-driven opinionated shitestorms.

          We don’t have time for everybody and we don’t allow people to dictate what we choose to blog about.

        • But Gama, ultimately MMU is unable to get anyone fired from their job. The position ultimately lies with the employer.

          An example I like to give is that say you read a comment from me that is entirely harmless, say it was me stating how much I love pie (Which I do, incidentally). It doesn’t matter how many people call up my employer to say how much I like pie, nor how loudly they say it, I’m not going to lose my job over it.

          Now let’s step away from that to something more controversial. Let’s say I made an off colour joke online (also known to happen) in a public space (Not known to happen). If TAB reports it, the best they can do is let an employer know that they saw the comment and aren’t happy. It is then up to the employer to decide what to do with that information, which could extend anywhere between nothing, to dismissal, and everything in between.

        • I guess I agree in general but in the above case I just think that it would be a bit of overkill as the one comment seems very minor in comparison to what is usually posted on here. I would think that shamimg her would be good enough. If she retaliated with further racist comments then go for broke. I just don’t see the point in pursuing it with her employer and jeopardising her career without giving her an opportunity to respond. Facilitating in potentially having her fired when you don’t know her circumstances is a bit harsh, in my opinion.

        • I think that’s a fair comment, Gama, and personally I do hope that if her employer does complain to her, she receives a reprimand rather than a dismissal. However, that’s ultimately the decision of her employer.

  1. Do you think she should be fired from her job for that?

    That’s extremely harsh especially considering that on Insight Pearl Tan basically said she does the same thing and stereotypes Asian drivers. She put that out there on National TV so do believe she should lose her job also?

  2. GAMA – Let me spell it out for you:

    If you are going to make a flippant comment then suffer the consequenses.

    I accidentally drove at 80kmph in a 60 zone because I missed the sign. I got fined and lost points off my license.

    Such is life.

    Get over it.

    I made a mistake (under local laws) and paid the penalty.

    This was about the safety of children in a school zone. This was not about my ethics and whether or not I found it acceptable to denegrate people from ANOTHER background in a stereo-typical way.

    And no GAMA – you’ve got it wrong.

    If an Asian-Australian attempts to fit, in or better yet, disempower negativity by making a statement about their own cultural heritige then that’s perfectly acceptable.

    You want to get on your moral high-horse and tell African Americans that they can’t refer to each other with the n-word next?

    Simply put – you as an outsider cannot possibly tell people who suffer from racism how to deal with it. If ‘wogs’ wish to embrace the word to stop it being derogatory and set up a show called “Wogs out of Work” that is their imperative – but that does NOT allow you to embrace the term until it is truly disempowered.

    GAMA – go to Harlem and:

    a) criticise African-Americans for calling each other ‘nigger’; or
    b) say since they do it, it’s acceptable and call then ‘niggers’…

    …same result – you one dead-ass honky…

    • I wouldn’t say I’m the one on a moral high horse here. Suggesting that someone should be referred to their employer for such a flippant remark certainly indicates that they believe they have the moral high ground.
      So what you’re saying Terror is that Asians who may have been offended by Pearl Tan’s stereotyping and remarks should get over it because she’s Asian. Even if those remarks are considered racist and offensive. Does this mean that acts or comments which others would find offensive are ok as long they are done within your own race or nationality? Based on that same principle let’s take an extreme example. Anders Breivik attacked Norwegians; he didn’t attack Muslims, so using the same principles that should be ok, right? Offensive language or behaviour is just that, it doesn’t matter who it comes from. If people are hurt or insulted then it’s wrong.
      As for MMU not having the time to point out Pearl Tan’s similar racist comments but having the time to do a whole post on what Jac Barnes said that’s just crap. You were already doing a post on the Insight show. Why don’t you be occasionally honest with yourselves and say, “we like Pearl Tan and think she’s a good person so we won’t portray her in any negative light”.

      • I’ll also point out the obvious flaw in your argument Terror.
        Using terms like N***** ,G**k, Wog, maybe ok when referencing yourself and others within your race but stereotyping is not ok.

        For example it would not be ok for an African American to say, “that N*****, he’s a crack smoking drug dealer”, an Italian Australian to say, “that Wog he’s a Monaro driving sleaze bag” or for an Australian Asian to say “that stupid, useless driver, must be an Asian.”

        All the same type of stereotyping that is not acceptable to anyone, no matter who says it.

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