“Racism against Strayans”

Recently the Australian Human Rights Commission announced a number of initiatives for public consultation on strategies for the promotion of anti-racism.

National Anti-racism Strategy

Here’s the Australian Pathetic Protectionist Facebook group Party in full chorus.

Pathetics reverse racism

And not to be outdone, of course Facebook hate group Australia IsDying was right onto it as well, urging its members to send their privileged self-centred whinges and moans grievances to Canberra.

Dopy bogots 1

We are sure that amongst the ensuing correspondence will be an outline of the sort of “final solution” the bogots favour – accompanied by the usual flurry of finger-pointing at all their favourite hate targets.

Gunsmoke 1

And we think that the AHRC may be having an uphill battle if this Q&A question is going to be typical of public understandings and perceptions. Though it is good to know that the need to support and promote the languages of Indigenous Australians was felt to be so important…oh wait…

Q&A question

And here’s Scott Pengelly adding his two cents’ worth

Scott Pengelly

Mistaking the many who ignored his dumb comment as signalling agreement, he then continues

Scott Pengelly 2



A year ago serial whinging blog troll Niqi “Grant” made the following observation

Whingy Grant

Anyone with any personal ethics or feelings of self-worth would have ceased visiting this blog after that if it were such an affront to their beliefs. Not so “Grant”, since he possesses neither. He keeps coming back, just like virulent herpes or a persistent and odorous fungus.

And it’s not just on Facebook where you can find hard-done-by downtrodden white Strayans complaining about all that racism supposedly directed at them and their kind.

Whingy Robert

Note the standard line taken by “Robert”. He raises the spectre of a rash of race-based crime against white people but tantalisingly offers absolutely no evidence. As usual.

Back to Facebook for a minute where Christine Bailey and someone we assume is really called Kim Gibb are moaning and whinging about the mythical benefits supposedly paid to asylum seekers. As usual facts are not allowed to get in the way of yet another Strayan myth. At this rate the bogots will be rivalling the Greeks and the Scandinavians in the sheer volume of their fairy tales – except ancient mythologies are far more interesting.

Whingy Kim

And it looks like the bogots have even strayed over to that excellent Australian site Whirlpool Forums in order to share their tantrums with an unwilling audience of tech-heads, who in this instance were discussing the SBS reality show Housos.


Bogots have even managed to infiltrate the Fairfax parenting blog Essential Baby, specifically a forum discussing the recent ABC-TV series The Slap.

Who’d have thought that Mumma Bogot would actually have read an acclaimed Australian novel – though we best warn her that it was written by a gay man of Greek background before she plunges too enthusiastically into the heady waters of moaning about immigrants analysing contemporary literature.

Essential Baby whinge

We will let Angry Aussie have the last word, as he highlights Straya’s Whinger in Chief and steel-jawed inspiration for hate-mongers and whiney bogots everywhere – Andrew Bolt.


This Blog is Racist Against Whites… Or Is It?

Uluru Nonsense

2 thoughts on ““Racism against Strayans”

  1. “The mainstream media is guilty of trying to cover up acts of racism against White people”


    In the Facebook Bogan’s alternate reality:

    **At an office in the ABC headquarters**

    Operative: …so this guy just found out about racism against Whites.

    Boss: *cocks head slightly*

    Operative: Yes, sir.

    Gets on the phone immediately –
    “Get me Anderson…Yeah…wet team…5 minutes…Sydney…coordinates uploaded…plausible deniability….what?…okay, let them finish their curry; can’t go on a mission with an empty stomach…confirm when done…okay…get the chopper ready now….good…godspeed”

    To the boss: Done, sir.

    Boss: Good, now leave me alone; I’ve got to work on some more anti-white stories. By the way, your benefits coming along okay?

    Operative: Yes sir, I’m an asylum seeker.

    Boss: Oh, that’s fine then. I wish I was one too.

    Operative: *sneer*

  2. Yep Samriddhi – that’s pretty much 100% accurate.

    I was walking down the street the other day and one of the Indo-Chinese Hindu-Muslamic PorkChicken eaters that now make up 67% of the Australian population, couldn’t contain themselves anymore – walked up to a white bloke and said:

    “You retarded white mongrel of a piece of Anglo trash. Why don’t you go back to your cold desolate pathetic little island in the Atlantic and get back to worrying about your severe lack of food culture and your drunken hooliganism at sporting events.”

    Sure enough, the ABC/SBS operatives were quickly on-hand to move in and settle the situation down by buying the white person a lamington smothered in vegemite whilst playing Slim Dusty in the background, thereby distracting them sufficiently to help ensure that the cover-up was maintained.

    Unfortunately I was on hand to witness the whole thing and was taken away for questioning to prevent me spreading the word about how serious this anti-white racism really is.

    Fortunately, I was freed by Today Tonight/2UE operatives so that I am now able to broadcast the TRUTH to you.

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