What Is a ‘Go Home’? And Where Can I Get One?

Oh damn this is so confusing.

Either Joshiie is talking about a guy called Arab who has a ‘go home’ – whatever that is… Or he is talking about how Arab IS a ‘go home’.

Apostrophes are so damn challenging when there’s more than use for them.

Thank goodness there are people like Justin Honeywill though. There’s nothing like spreading the message of interracial love. Yes Justin, having sex with non-white people is just as satisfying. Good on you for being so open about it.

Owen Wills Hates Non-Whites and Muslims, But Loves Wu-Tang… And Hitler… WTF?

Hitler for Prime Minister? 14/88? Put anyone who isn’t white on the moon? Muslims are only from foreign countries and blow people up? Black people are subhuman criminals?