21 thoughts on “Room for rent – racists and bigots only

  1. Remember, people have a right to be bigots, and I won’t argue with that if this is his private property, nowhere does it say you can’t discriminate on your own property, for whatever reason, to the best of my knowledge anyway.

  2. Pretty sure s.12 of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 has been breached… I think the religious discrimination in this add would also be considered unlawful. But that’s not for me to decide, but the Australian Human Rights Commission…

  3. I used to work in classified advertising and I know we couldn’t print, eg. ‘Only Thai people should apply’ for a waiting job at a Thai restaurant. It had to be changed to ‘only Thai speaking people should apply’. The argument was that it added authenticity to the restaurant. Semantics maybe but that’s the law.
    Similar for share accommodation ads. If someone wanted to publish a similar ad to this one, we would suggest that the advertiser write more about themesleves to put off any ‘undesirable’ potential applicants, eg “to share with white right wing xenophobe”. Almost as honest than no Indians or Muslims but it’s not breaking the law.

    • Well we would like some screenshots.

      Female only or male only is a legitimate accommodation specification for safety reasons. If you are offering to share a house with strangers or offering boarding house accommodation for welfare recipients it might be wise to segregate your tenants by gender.

      We have never seen accommodation ads which specify ethnicity.

      • I really, really feel dirty saying something that could possibly back up a dumbshit bogan’s point, but those ads do exist. It’s mostly international students looking to share accommodation with other international students of a similar background.

        I suppose it’s in breach of the same anti-discrimination laws, but I find it hard to get too upset by them.

        • I should probably clarify they’re worded differently – they don’t actually say “asians / indians / whatever only” , they’ll usually say something like “international student of Chinese background looking to share with similar”

  4. Hey at my university there’s all these fliers advertising rooms for rent that say ‘asians only’, can you please write an article about this digusting racist bigotry?

    Oh, what’s what, only white people can be racist? Ohhhh silly me almost forgot.

      • Probably parroting scott here, but James does have a point, mmu. Ads that discriminate on race no matter what their race are racist. Now, for gender, I agree there is a reason that a woman would request to only live with another woman, and a male vice versa, so these are completely defensible. But in terms of flatmates, race should not be a criteria, or at least not one people flag openly.

        Of course, when it comes to job advertisements in other languages I think James and I would completely disagree with.

        • I can, however, definitely understand international students wanting to share with people of a similar background.

          That said, I did share with a bunch of Chinese students a while back and it was an interesting experience. Broadened my cultural horizons quite a bit.

  5. Get a life and leave this guy alone,it’s his choice who he wants living in his home.We all have boundaries and they should be respected.The guy can lease the room to whom ever he wishes and he inevitably will, one way or another so accept that.

  6. There is no proof this guy was inciting any hatred towards these people,and racism may not be the reason he excuded these groups in his ad.Both of these groups,[muslim and Indian,if Hindu] have special dietry and religious requirements,which may not suit his living arrangements.Personally I do not think it was a wise thing he did on gumtree and he could have been more discreet about it, but at the end of the day this is quiet common in accomadation ads and one needs to take all possibilities into account before judging and labeling a person,especially before whipping up hatred against them then providing their phone number.

    • So where did we post his phone number?

      And if someone complains we are happy to provide his phone number to the police or to the courts, though they do not need us in order to obtain it.

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