Of riff raff, thugs, nutjobs and stolen flags

From SBS



However community leader Dr Jamal Rifi says the mosque had no intention of supporting the Islamic State.

“Probably this flag should not have been put for an auction,” Dr Rifi says.

“But the people made this a couple of months ago, well before the atrocities of the barbaric state. It was a gesture mainly to raise some funds for the Markaz Imam Ahmad mosque in Liverpool. In no way did they want to show any support for the barbaric state and in no way was it endorsing their atrocities.”

Dr Rifi says the flag has significance to all Muslims, and does not belong exclusively to the Islamic State.

“It is a flag that all Muslims aspire to because it is the first flag that flew with the name that there is no God but God, and the Prophet is the messenger of God.”

“It is a generic term. It is Shahada, which is the first pillar of all Muslims and it’s been hijacked by the Islamic State the same way the cross has been hijacked by the Ku Klux Klan and we should look at it in its entirety. This does not belong to them, it belongs to all of us.”

We can sympathise with Muslim community leader Dr Jamal Rifi when he condemns the misuse of the Shahada flag by the ratbag riff raff nutjob thugs of IS.

Because in this country we have the Eureka Flag, the symbol of the Eureka Stockade and long the banner of the labour movement,  which has been similarly hijacked and misused by ratbag riff raff nutjob thugs from “patriotic” far right organisations with ties to neo-Nazis.

Now NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird wants to ban the Shahada flag

So Mike, are you going to stop all those far right groups from trashing our Eureka flag? Or is it only important when you get a chance to sink the boot into the Muslim community?


The Muslims want their ancient Shahada flag back. And we want our Eureka flag back.



21 thoughts on “Of riff raff, thugs, nutjobs and stolen flags

  1. Yet, to if this piece of rag now suddenly means so fucking much to them now ? Then why have they not already shown a form of PROTEST or COMPLAINED to (WHOEVER THE FUCK IS USING IT,THEN ?) or got up and become So bloody ENRAGED AND ABUSIVE AS THEIR LOT HAVE DONE IN THE PAST,TOO ! As like;- their recent ” Sydney street march, of where they smashed up police cars & all thy other shit they do,eh ? About it being abused glaringly plain to all ……

    They are honestly supporting these isis murdering pig feral assholes ! Being their own brothers/sisters,BOYFRIENDS,uncles aunt’s etc FFS, let’s all start burning the fuckers now ! They do it to every other country’s flags, so let’s just do it,now.. I plan to arrange a big marsh party burning, with even using their Koreans to burn as many as I can… Let’s unite a AUSTRALIA WIDE SHOW OF DISPLAY TO SHOW THEM WHAT WE ALL THINK, WHOS IN for doing it too ?

    • Bigots like you make we real Australians nauseous.

      Your sort took our Eureka flag, the flag of the labour movement, and wrapped it round your smelly inbred over-privileged convict bodies on Nazi marches and at Cronulla.

      You Fascists don’t speak for us and never will.

      • What’s this then, ya really are now,calling thy kettle black eh ? Ya sure it’s mind made up FFS, look who’s the been BUSTED,CHARGED,NAILED FOR SO MUCH CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES in all of AUSTRALIA’S history to date,eh ?
        Also, ” FFS who removed the working system of illegals entering our lands,too ? ”
        Now, who’s fucking the PIG here…. And to what side you on here ? A do gooder for those mozlem invaders to destroying our AUSTRALIA THEN.. HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN PAID TO YOU, IN BENEFITS,BACKHAND UNDER THE TABLE STILL ? For there’s always a bunch of frucktards like you clearly showing right here in ya comments above ! Maybe we ( AUSTRALIAN’S with a it of PRIDE LEFT STILL TO SPEAK OUR MINDS TO ensure your 1way ticket out of here. To ensure NUTTERS and the FRUITCAKER as you are don’t hang around to see our Country sink to a 4th or 5 th classed world, in rating ! And be another Islamic shithole too

        • There’s always a conspiracy, isn’t there? ITs not enough that “You disagree with me” or even “You hate Australia”, there’s always “Someone is funding you”

          I mean, not that I wouldn’t mind someone funding me. I’ve got a mortgage and a child on the way..if someone wants to pay me for believing the stuff I already believe I wouldn’t say no. I’m kinda dissapointed when I’m accused of being paid for by the Islamo-commie alliance, or whoever it is that week, because the truth is I do all tihs for nothing!

    • I’m not going to attempt to decipher most of this comment, but:

      “why have they not already shown a form of PROTEST or COMPLAINED to (WHOEVER THE FUCK IS USING IT,THEN ?)”

      How do you know? If Australia’s entire Muslim community had “complained to ISIS”, why on earth would you have heard about it? Unless you were visiting a mosque regularly, it’s reasonable to think that an internal faction dispute wouldn’t have been announced if it wasn’t necessary. Was this auction a good idea? No, clearly not.

      Now, as to OUR hijacked symbols, I would add the Southern Cross, at least in tattoo form – it’s almost synonymous, now, with the type of Neanderthals that rioted in Cronulla.

  2. I agree with derbyiter. A big marsh party where we burn Koreans sounds wonderful. What that has to do with Islam and the shahada flag is beyond me though.

  3. That’s a bit cruel, Newspeaker. People like derbyiter can’t help it if they can’t spell good. Whether it’s because of a lack of education or cultural/genetic factors, they’re just not smart enough to realise that they’re stupid, so they don’t understand why they feel so inferior to others, and naturally look for something obvious and easily-recognisable to take their anger out on. And of course, because those of us who can actually think find them not worth associating with, they can only mix with people with similar levels of low intelligence, and they feed on each other’s ignorance. While they’re irritating to the rest of us, and possibly dangerous if they were smart enough to actually do anything other than rant, they deserve some amount of sympathy and compassion from those of us better able to cope with reality.

  4. When a bigoted co-worker first told me all about it, (selectively leaving out much information, and telling the story like it was a direct assault on Australia and directly funding Isis groups here and abroad) I quickly thought and replied that is this a specific flag that was made by this Isis mob, with a specific meaning for their extremist purposes?

    Or is this just an icon (much like the Swastika was) taken on by this extremist group and perverted for their own purpose? Meaning many others are using the icon for it’s intended initial use.

    It’s an embarrassing scenario when people don’t know or care to actually find out this information, and only hear and read what they want, because of their own bigoted intolerant views and agenda of hate.

    How I WISH people could stop and think, for just a few seconds before spreading the seed of hate and doubt towards an entire class of people.

  5. The Islamic Creed is related to Jihad, for Muhammad claimed that he was commanded to fight people until they submit to Islam by reciting the Shahada:

    Sahih al-Bukhari 6924—Allah’s Messenger said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: La ilaha illallah (There is no god but Allah), and whoever said La ilaha illahllah, Allah will save his property and his life from me.”

    Sahih Muslim 33—The Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and they establish prayer, and pay Zakat and if they do it, their blood and property are guaranteed protection on my behalf except when justified by law, and their affairs rest with Allah.

    Yes boys, too bad Dr Rifi Allah bo labba is a lying fucker.

    • Hey bigot

      Don’t quote hadith out of context. You make yourself look like the cut and paste fool you are.

      Jamal Rifi looks like a stand-out mensch to me. Unlike you “Michelle” who is a known troll.

      Now fuck off.


      IP Address:
      ISP: Optus
      Region: Ryde (AU)

      Looks like Niqi again :D. Shall I tell your new buddies over at SBS?

  6. and is it NOT AMUSING that certain hopeless plebs need to push dirty soil, ( THAT MEANS SHIT ON OTHERS! for thy stupid here) on hearing thy truth ! so many of them believe they know pisslam better than some of us that have actually spent thy time to research the old & true writtings, of this selfserving/admended koran, that many think ( but only cause it’s been incorrectly told by many a imam, as with those, that have ‘already HIJACKED THE FUCK OUT OF IT’ for their own EVIL REASONS + UNKNOWN causes) they have for doing it, too…..
    As with, those that want ‘ PROFESS ‘ to being a true mozlem, sure need a education on just ” WTF” was put to the true oringinal koran.. the more they talk the bigger & deeper HOLES they dig themselves into !

    yeah, maybe one day in ya crap life you live now (?) that a time will cum, where you will feel ashamed that a good proud ‘INFIDEL’ like us, had to put ya on thy right path of your own CULT sect, ya in….. so sucker, kiss my white ass, for you will never be porking me as you do to others ! :p…

  7. Long time reader/fan of this site, but I feel like the author’s reasoning on this article is a little flawed.

    If the Shahada flag is at risk of becoming solely associated with ISIS, then wouldn’t it be in the best interests of the wider Muslim community to avoid using it henceforth?

    I mean, it’s alleged (RE: known) that ISIS have committed acts of genocide. You don’t see anyone emblazoning Swastikas on their flags anymore, do you? Abandoning the flag would suck for the majority of Muslims, but it beats the negative associations and confusion that would no doubt come with “sticking to their guns”, so to speak.

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall a situation (at least not in recent memory) in which a Eureka flag enthusiast has decapitated someone, or more specifically, a Muslim.

    *Sorry if this is a double post. The original one I posted didn’t appear on the page, and I wasn’t sure if there was a “screening process”. The above comments would suggest the contrary, but you never know.

    • All new posts these days land in the Spam box. We aren’t around 24/7 to deal with them immediately.

      If the Shahada flag is at risk of becoming solely associated with ISIS, then wouldn’t it be in the best interests of the wider Muslim community to avoid using it henceforth?

      The Shahada flag is far older than ISIS.

      I have seen the Eureka flag carried and used by the far right in demonstrations. It appeared at Cronulla.

      The bogots who carry the Eureka flag have not yet beheaded anyone but they are happy to bail up Muslim women, even those with young children, and to vilify, bully and harass them.

      So just as there are laws governing the proper use of the Australian flag so there should be rules governing the use of the Eureka flag, which after all belongs to the left, not the right.

      Passing laws governing the Shahada flag would mean that other religious symbols would come under that definition on the basis that at some time they have been misused. This would include Crusader paraphenalia, crucifixes and crosses, crowns of thorns etc.

      The Nazis misused the Magen David by forcing Jews to sew them on their garments – yet Jews wear the Star proudly these days.

      No one has yet been decapitated in recent times by an extremist of any group in Australia (though it did happen at least during one of the many outbreaks of genocide against Indigenous people)

    • The Nazis tainted the Swastika so effectively that today it is solely associated with Nazism and genocide. I don’t think that has happened yet for the Shahada flag.

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