Forget foreign fighters, we grow them in Straya mate

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Remember back in 2011 when ASIO itself identified the major terrorist threat to Australia?

TAB ADL terrorists5

Nothing has changed

Forget ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Provos or anyone else.

So want to see a bunch of pathetic wannabe terrorists, just as sick and warped in intent but laughably incompetent in execution?

Here’s the ADL.

The main activity of the  ADL seems to be attempts at  intelligence gathering.

We know intelligence mentioned in the same breath as ADL is an oxymoron but we note that the various ADLs (there are many: they have fungoid characteristics) love to take pictures and share them.

They also like to steal pictures from unsuspecting Facebook and Twitter users, and to drool over pictures stolen by their fellow rejects.


TAB ADL terrorists3

 And here’s what passes for ideology amidst the Keyboard Cadres.

TAB ADL terrorists1


Oh and here’s Trevor. Scary right?.

TAB ADL terrorists2

Trevor Smith – believed to be an early hominid dug up by prehistorians somewhere nasty. Or an oxy moron.

And just to remind you, here’s some more about their obsessive stalking and here’s the 7:30 story on these wackos.

7 thoughts on “Forget foreign fighters, we grow them in Straya mate

  1. It’s encouraging to think that whenever these dickheads take to the streets, they’re outnumbered ten to one by people telling them to fuck off with their racist bullshit.

  2. That’s effing disgusting. Made me literally sick to my stomach just to READ that hatefilled violent garbage!

    I hope they get reported to the police, and that the slack arse of the law actually DOES something about these c^nts.

    I’m so outraged and upset right now. Furious that these pieces of shit dare call themselves Australian.

  3. I can see why some people get up tight about the effect that islam and muslims are having on Australia and our culture.A Royal Commission into islam in Australia would be the way to go .Patrick.HM Naval Vet 1957-1981

    • Old man I don’t like the cut of your jib and having traced a few far right and neo-Nazi groups where you post I’ll put your nonsense up so that our regulars can enjoy tearing you to pieces.

    • How would that even work?

      “So, the next submission is from Muhammad. He is a banker from Queensland. Hi Muhammad”
      “So, you’re a banker from Queensland?”
      “Yes, that’s correct”
      “And a Muslim?”
      “Also correct”
      “Do you have anything to add about that?”
      “Not really”

      Repeat times how many Muslims are in Australia.

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