Brian Woods PUP candidate – “Domestic violence is solely a woman’s choice”

Clive Palmer take note!…

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Here’s Brian Woods’ profile page on the PUP website, and his e mail address.

His Facebook page seems to have gone.

Here’s the reaction of one blogger to the Twitter we posted.


Woods was the Palmer United Party (PUP) candidate for Chisholm in last year’s Federal election.

We trust that Clive won’t be standing him again.

14 thoughts on “Brian Woods PUP candidate – “Domestic violence is solely a woman’s choice”

  1. Um… wow. I can’t begin to imagine the simplemindedness required to come up with a statement like that. I’m surprised he didn’t get in, he’s clearly well suited to politics.

  2. @Christian, this is the second time TODAY that I have read the simplistic comment about escaping from domestic violence from someone today (the other was from someone on YouTube who also thought DV was just a rural issue).

    Personally, I’ve learnt a lot from reading on the Web recently. Over 70 women murdered by their “loved ones” last year.

    • elwyn5150 i agree that it’s shocking that this happens at all, and I get that people in comfortable situations will have simplistic solutions. I’m sure he thinks he’s helping. 70 is too high. It’s also not many, compared to men murdered in the same time, or 20 million Australians. Every solution I’ve read suggested, is also simplistic. I think we need to reach women in abusive situations, and heavily fund ways for them to escape them. The numbers are too low to say men can somehow fix it by ‘speaking out’ or by less violence on TV or whatever. I’m sorry, but I have grown up in the same media and cultural environment and i’d both never do anything to harm my wife, or accept anyone who would into my circle. I believe this to be the overwhelming norm.

      This all troubles me and I wish it was not used to score cheap points ( which is the only explanation I have for stories about it that go on to talk about the ‘wage gap’ as if it were relevant ) and a chance to discuss pet theories about the patriarchy.

  3. YOUR BOX SAYS THIS” What do YOU think about this?” SO I’LL TELL YOU…YOU ARE A PERSON WITHOUT A LIFE, NO NAME, FULL OF HATRED OF LIFE, YOUR NOT LOVED, YOUR SEEKING LOVE THINKING TO KNOCK PEOPLE WITHOUT READING THE FULL STORY WILL MAKE YOU POPULAR. SO I READ THAT PERSONS MATERIAL ONLY TO FIND THE PROFESSIONALS SEEM TO HAVE DECIDED TO ADOPT HIS SUGGESTED CURES FOR THE MATTERS. YOU LOOK FOOLISH KNOCKING SOMEONE WHO WROTE THE THINGS YOU SAY ARE BAD, AS IT READS AS HELPFUL COMPARED TO WHAT YOUR WRITING Facebook the AGE newspapers..//Brian Woods: Too all those whom so easily misconstrue my words and points, some I since edited for better clarity. I understand more about these matters than accused of. The legislature, services, police and laws have done much to address the more complex issues some have raised, but I am sorry, it is not working for women whom stay out of fear, and to knock me is to knock our laws and our police, because, this is EXACTLY why police were finally given powers to make orders when they see it needs to be made but women fear to make it. They too know its complex but if they see any danger or threat, they shall themselves make the order. So why are you all not attacking that ? Yes I am aware of situations of men threatening to kill and do other things if a woman leaves, but just like the laws and services, I agree that one puts themselves in more danger tolerating those threats and letting the risks and misery build up, I further agree with professionals that this must be done moreso for children’s safety and mental well-being so as not to keep witnessing hostility, threats and violence hence putting fear into children, therefore it is my right to opinionate that kids must also be protected. How miserable to stay via threats? when taking action at least cuts out the misery even if one fears threats, and it gets children away from further risk and mental harm, but here are many women with self bias telling me that we should justify staying due to threats, this is so self defeatist to the whole situations. I am yet to read other comments that are as informative and aware as mine. Have not seen anyone whom knock me, make any good suggestions of solutions other than say its ok to stay under threat. the services, laws, police and legislature does not agree with those attitudes that feed the problem. THE POLICE WILL FORCE ACTION REGARDLESS OF YOUR FEARS, for yours and children’s safety. Police and services try their best, some knock me saying saying victims have a choice, it is clear law they do, and police can take that choice away from victims and make it themselves because they have seen ignorance of that choice is dangerous. I have had several women I know, dying to enter this debate and give people a serving for misrepresenting me by knowing and seeing how much I’ve helped them and others in these situations but I asked them not to, I can and will defend my own ground. That said, it is clear there is a choice even if under threat, and further supported by the fact police have a duty to force that choice if they feel there is danger or threats etc, to let people see that this is not only a choice, IT IS THE LAW. so don’t tell me i don’t understand, I do because i care, I’ve seen many victims, read of many also including deaths, and am disgusted in this day and age still seeing so many women saying its ok to stay out of fear or threats, well, police no longer allow this so get it right, and it seems many have not been adequately educated about this. You are better off away from it so are kids, the misery is not so bad and so on….Now why are my knockers not getting into the real issues, such as, one the victim or police make an order, then what stops access or stalking of the victim, as we have seen often orders are broken and danger and deaths and injuries have occurred, but the law and police say hey, trust us…Now, this brings relevance then to those of you claiming the fear and threat factor…YES YOUR RIGHT, don’t dare say I’m not aware of this problem, so are police, services and the legislatures, but nobody here but myself has made suggestions on trying to reduce this problem, they bite the hand trying to help victims…It is a catch 22 and I’m wearing huge flack for opening this ugly can of worms, but people are mistaking harsh realities and care as something else. Sure, its easy to say if you folks don’t care then maybe I shouldn’t care or help, but my conviction is not stopped by anyone’s ignorance, I am creating reality awarenesses, I’m pushing the debate for answers, getting people to think, to let off steam but share ideas, but nobody is suggesting any fixes other than me, the man under a nasty attack whom has remained reasonably calm considering the crap I have worn. I am aware it will get further twisted and placed in the media, i know an irresponsible media whom mis-reports this may cause people to set violence and threats upon me, but i have persisted, I have supported most I say, as the police and services and laws are what is guiding my inputs. However, unlike some, I am fighting for debate on what is really wrong, such as, why is the AVO period dangerous, what can be done to help remedy that, And not one person game enough to support me via fear they will wear what I’m wearing and oddly its only in facebook. Nobody nor any self know it all will help victims unless the remaining problems are addressed, safety during an AVO, as without it, then those claiming they stay out of fear and have no choice will hold a relevance even though it contradicts the law whereby police force the order themselves. Are they qualified to do it and if not done and assessed properly then the victim can be found and revenged. Let me elaborate some deeper experience. The system is having trouble with these issues, because some parts are virtually impossible to foresee or prevent, such as, a recent disgusting case, in fact worst case in my mind, of years later, unexpectedly a dad kills his junior son in public recently, this was not predicted or envisaged even by the mother, therefore hard to legislate upon. When an AVO is breached, that too unfortunately can not be predicted or prevented. However, courts and police in cohesion can sometimes access whom is most at risk of such if they put effort into it, but still no guarantees…So what if we propose everyone whom has an order be taken out on them, has to take a compulsory assessment, with a very smart psych theme of questioning, as most the bad apples will fail such test, so those whom fail are set far tougher scrutiny by the court and police, and victims put on police priority access. also increasing sentencing to breaching an AVO per assaults only, to a huge deterrent level may help and keep all other type breaches the same as they are.. but how can we stop those whom snap emotionally/mentally? well, the aforesaid assessment can lead to referral to specialised services to make them see it differently plus the consequences.
    most people or victims miss some critical information, that being, the release of psych reports on why people made serious and deadly AVO breaches, ask yourselves, did you hear why a man threw his toddler off the westgate, why did the man beat his son to death with a cricket bat, why did another kill his two kids this week, why another kill a woman at a busy shopping centre, did anyone get to hear the emotional thoughts, the mental thoughts, or if intoxication or drugs played a role? or did an AVO itself trigger them. WHAT REALLY DRIVES A BREACH OF AN AVO ? These factors should be made known and used in making first line assessments to test if any of the signs are showing under specially designed psych questioning formula. Thus, step one, AVO issued and conditions in force, then immediate mandatory govt paid special psych assessment to test the aforementioned plus other areas of why they committed the initial offences, then back to court within a week of the report and its recommendations and reasoning’s placed before the judge…the judge then has 3 levels to decide upon, 1 less likely to re-offend, likely to offend or extremely likely to offend, per psych reports informations. The higher the level from one to three has a fixed higher level of imprisonment if orders are breached as a deterrent, and everyone in level 2 or 3 are to do mandatory counselling, encompassing proofs and education that never ever has one case of violence or threats been productive for either party, diffuse and educate on known emotional and mental triggers, and the dangers of alcohol creating intoxicated breaches, educate them to accept its all over with the victim and how to best move on, give them many bad case histories to ponder in light of it has only losers no winners and educate that a breach is mandatory prison for assault breach, and educate them they will never keep a partner if not rectified. ..if they fail counselling, then it returns to court for 3rd assessment, those in level 2 go to level 3 extreme risk if they fail the counselling test, and a very large mandatory sentence for any breach, in force for 3 to 5 years.

    • I only got half way through your copy pasta, but key points:

      Brian Woods is deflecting blame: “If you disagree with me, you’re insulting the police!” not showing responsibility for his own actions.
      2- He is minimising the risk: “Oh I know they might die and stuff, but really, isn’t the risk of you or your children being murdered totally worth it in the small possibility you can improve the life of your children. IF they aren’t killed, they’ll be much happier without your abusive partner, so it’s just being you selfishly wanting to avoid your own murder stopping you”
      3- He is declaring he knows a lot, but not showing it. “I know a lot more than you do….so there”

      When he actually talks about what his plans, what he would like to happen comes up, he actually makes some sense. If he had started about this, instead of saying “Women can stop domestic violence” and putting the blame upon the vicitms, then doubling down later, this would not be getting as much hatred. If he had actually sad “Sorry for previous comments, I misspoke, this is what I wanted to say….” then this would be a different response. But he didn’t, he blamed women for domestic violence, coming from a point of extreme privilege, and then when he was rightfully called out for it, accepts no responsibility and tries to deflect.

      If you are interested in actually finding out more about DV and IPV, instead of blaming women for everything, here is a different article you can read at your leisure:

  4. You know, I wasn’t actively taught that I should consider the psychology of entrenched social problems before giving opinions on such… it just seemed like an obvious prerequisite if I hoped for any credibility.

    Brings to mind George Carlin’s comment on what ‘average intelligence’ *really* looks like.

  5. Hey Brian, would you like to come over here and stand in this pot of cold water for me? How about I make it warmer, just a little at a time. Oh, hey, look at that, you’re just getting used to it every time I make it hotter, good thing you love and trust me.
    What’s that? You’re burning? Well then, you should have jumped out the second I turned it up a single degree. My bad, oh but hey, you know it was your fault don’t you.

  6. I can’t decide if Brian is a dodo, or a turkey. Either way I’m appalled at his daring to spout theories on a subject of such a serious nature without first consulting a wide range of expert sources. People who work with DV victims for a start, and people who compile research based on scientifically assembled data.

    1. The most danger a DV victim is ever likely to be in is when devising, and executing an exit plan.

    2. DV shelters are often unavailable

    3. DV victimisation is almost never limited to physical violence. Generally there is a history of financial, mental, and emotional abuse, and her access to money within the partnership is tightly controlled.

    Imagine yourself with no access to money, or a secure home and tell me where you would go? And don’t assume there are will be willing relatives or friends to take them in. Often that’s not the case.

  7. I cant believe this PUP is a real human being – where has his head and heart been in the last 40 years? He hit a lot of raw nerves of still suffering women and children and WILL NOT BE A POLI! Get a job shovelling shite, mate, thats all you are good for. He has hurt so many people by this irresponsible and pathetic statement. This issue is so complex that it would be quite impossible for the bird brain to understand. Love, fear…my sole mate, my killer…my husband, my protector, my friend…………oh why bother, as long as he is sacked. Bet you are sorry you opened your stupid mouth. Pup, when you grow up you will turn into a Dog. Sorry for you, your mouth is putrid.

    • Judi – are you not in Australia ? PUP is not a name, it’s a political party. I bet that, like most Australians, he lives in a reality where this sort of thing seems impossible, because it’s so outside the sphere of how they live and what they see. However, he clearly lacks in empathy and common sense to take the leap to the statements he made.

      • Yes, he does bring out the worst in us, imagine if the whole political party did that? Ouch he so hit a raw nerve in us all. Anyway, think he gets the message now. Cheers

  8. Did I mention there is no where for the abused to go, if they could leave home home, ties that bind to the father hurt the family. Your job, Brain Surgeon, Dick Brain, is to find out about how many restraining orders end in death. Its difficult to manage your families life in these situations. Perhaps you didn’t mean what you said, but really are campaigning for safe housing for abused families, security from their tormentors, counselling for the kids, and money to start again. Oh really, bet you had wished you had shut your stupid mouth. You wont win on this, so get over it. Suck it up Princess.

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